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7 Best Retail Jobs You Can Get Started With Fast

Retail is an excellent industry to get into if you’re looking to grab a job fast. It’s a steady workforce that has continued to stay afloat despite the continuing rise in online stores. The United States Census Bureau reported that more than 9.8 million people worked retail jobs in the U.S. in 2018. 

You may want to consider applying for a retail job to gain quick employment. Many retail positions don’t require any experience or college education. The hiring process can take as little as a few days or as long as two weeks. 

The following are the seven of the most favorable retail jobs you can get started with fast. You’ll learn about the job tasks, income potential, and the projected future of the jobs if you’re interested in making a career out of them. 

Best Retail Jobs #1: Stock Person

A job as a stock person might be perfect for you if you’re a little bit introverted and would rather keep customer contact low. It can also be a great job for you if you want to get in shape, as it often requires constant movement. 

The main function of a stock person is to ensure that all aisles have an adequate amount of inventory for the customers. They take items from the receiving area and place them into the various parts of the store. Some stock persons use handheld devices to help them perform their jobs faster. 

Your hours could vary depending on which establishment you work for. Some businesses prefer their stock people to work in the early hours of the morning, while others prefer to have them work overnight. Therefore, you may enjoy this job because it offers a flexible work shift.

You do not need to have any formal education to become a stock person. You also don’t need any experience. Your new employer will most likely finish training you in one day. 

The income for a stock person is surprisingly fair. The median income for such a position is $27 380, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau also projects a 1 percent increase in these jobs between now and 2029. 

Best Retail Jobs #2: Cashier

Cashiering jobs are abundant throughout the retail industry. There always seems to be a shortage of such workers. Therefore, you’ll most likely get hired fast if you apply for a cashier’s position. 

Cashiering might be right for you if you’re good with numbers and like to have contact with customers. It may also be a perfect fit if you’re a patient and empathetic person. It’s a position that will give you many opportunities to meet new people every day. 

The main role of a cashier is to handle cash. This person works on the frontline and has day-to-day contact with customers. The cashier rings out products and takes a variety of payment types. 

As a cashier, you can work in any retail location. You can work a variety of shifts, as well. Other tasks that you might have to perform as a cashier include merchandising, cleaning, upselling, and occasional stock work. 

Cashiering jobs are a bit more difficult to grab than stock person jobs. However, you don’t need a tremendous amount of education or experience. The employer will provide the appropriate training before you work on register, and you’ll have in-depth on-the-job training. 

The median salary for a cashier is $23,650. The BLS expects a slight dip of 7 percent in cashiering jobs between now and 2029. This is mostly due to the rise in the number of self-checkout stations.  

Best Retail Jobs #3: Sales Representative

You might enjoy a job as a sales representative if you’re a persuasive person who likes a good challenge. As a salesperson, your job will always challenge you to improve your presentation skills and learn how to align with customers. It will help you to grow if you’re a shy person, as well. 

Your main function as a salesperson is to find out what the customers need and then find the best solutions for them. A sales job may have a straight salary, a quota, or both, and you’ll need to meet the employer’s expectations. You may also be responsible for performing cash handling tasks and some light computer work.

Sales associates sometimes work long hours. Your schedule will depend on the type of establishment in which you choose to work. 

You might start your day at 11 a.m. and not get off until 9 p.m. if you’re a cell phone sales representative. You may have shorter hours if you work in a department store. You’ll generally have a choice of being an opener or a closer, and you may have to perform some light managerial tasks. 

You can get a sales job without a formal education. It might be challenging to get a job with no experience if the job is with a prominent retail institution. However, you should have no problem landing a sales job at a popular department store or discount goods store. 

Your income as a salesperson will vary greatly depending on the type of retail location in which you work. General retail salespersons have a salary of $29,630. However, you could earn as much as $70,000 or more if you work in a retail smartphone store.

The outlook for sales representative jobs is fair. According to U.S. News, jobs will increase by .9 percent from now until 2029.

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Best Retail Jobs #4: Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are the heart of many retail institutions. They perform a number of tasks, such as answering telephones, taking payments, solving problems, and more. You’ll need to have patience, compassion, and empathy to survive as a customer service representative. 

Each employer’s description of a customer service representative can vary. A money center customer service representative will have heavy cash handling duties and not as many tasks out in the department store. A grocery store CSR might work primarily as a stock person who assists customers when they need to find products. 

You will most likely be able to find a CSR job that accommodates your family obligations and other responsibilities. Many retail establishments offer part-time positions that can fit nicely into a school schedule or a busy parenting obligation. The hours of work can be anytime from 6 a.m. to midnight. 

No experience or secondary education is required for most CSR jobs. You’ll most likely receive on-the-job training, and you may also have to take online modules to learn operational procedures. On a scale of 1 to 10, landing a CSR job is probably around a 4 in difficulty.

The median salary for a customer service representative is $34,710. BLS expects such jobs to decline by 2 percent between now and 2029. The expected decline is small enough to where you can still feel secure landing a job in the field. 

Best Retail Jobs #5: Receiving Associate

You may thoroughly enjoy working a job as a receiving associate if you prefer to avoid the spotlight. Receiving associates work in the backroom performing a variety of tasks. Some receiving positions require physical labor while others require a knowledge of computer systems. 

Receiving associates perform tasks such as unloading trucks, picking orders, creating pallets, and checking shipments for accuracy. You may have to learn to drive a forklift as a receiving associate. However, your employer might be willing to help you to get the training. 

You might bear the responsibility of keeping records of all outgoing and incoming inventory. You may have to create bales or pallets of goods. Furthermore, might have to play a part in keeping the backroom clean and tidy.

You can get a receiving associate job without a college degree and experience in the field. However, your prospective employer may expect you to have forklift certification. You’ll have to work something out with the employer if you do not have such certification. 

The average annual income for a receiving associate in 2021 is $29,844. BLS refers to receiving associates as “hand laborer and material movers.” They expect jobs in this area to increase by 3 percent from now and 2029. 

Best Retail Jobs #6: Maintenance Associate

A maintenance worker position might be right for you if you like working with your hands and not serving customers directly. Maintenance workers perform a variety of handy tasks within various retail establishments. Some tasks include sweeping and mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the parking lot, and performing light repairs. 

As a maintenance worker, you’ll always be on the go. You’ll get a chance to move around to different parts of the location and keep to yourself. You’ll also most likely earn more pay than the average workers. 

The hours that you work could vary depending on whether the establishment is open all night. Therefore, you will most likely be able to tailor your schedule the way you need it. 

You do not need to have a college degree to become a maintenance worker, as a high-school education is sufficient. The median salary for maintenance workers is $39,080. The BLS expects a 4 percent increase in such jobs from now to 2029. 

Best Retail Job #7: Retail Host/Greeter

Greeter and host jobs are interesting positions because they allow you to meet the customers and direct them to where they need to go. A greeter’s main job is to invite each customer in with a smile and make that person feel special. 

Greeters don’t have the burden of cashiering or meeting sales goals. They don’t have to do a lot of physical labor either. Therefore, it might be perfect for you if you’re looking for a relaxing job that’s easy to get. 

As a greeter, you will be the face of the company for which you work. You will set the mode for each consumer’s experience. You will have the power to cause clients to have a wonderful experience. 

You do not need anything more than a high school diploma to get a job as a greeter. You don’t have to have any job experience either. The training that you’ll receive for the job will most likely not be very extensive. 

A greeter earns an annual salary of about $24,377. Job opportunities for host and greeter positions are expected to rise 8 percent, according to Career OneStep. It might be a great opportunity for you, and it seems like it has a bright future. 

The Benefit of Working Retail Jobs

Retail workers and customers are the lifeline of the economy. You’re making an enormous contribution to the community by considering a job in retail. By contributing in a retail setting, you are making other people happy and helping your employer at the same time. 

There are many benefits to working a job in retail. One is the success potential it can give you. 

An entry-level retail job can lead to a rewarding career in management. It can even give you the skills you need to change fields if that’s what you decide to do. 

Retail jobs are also very dependable. You can always count on being able to find a job in retail easily, especially if you want to work as a cashier. Applying for a retail job would be a very smart choice for you to make. 

Start Applying for Retail Jobs Today

Now you know of at least seven of the most beneficial retail jobs you can grab if you need fast employment. You can start searching for opportunities on popular employment sites and find something perfect for yourself. You’ll be working in a retail job in no time. 

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