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Top 10 YouTube Channels to Help with Job Coaching

Are you searching for a reliable job coach to help you remove hurdles in your profession? YouTube videos could be just what you need. Apart from being free, YouTube job coaching channels offer career advice on video. Moreover, you can easily find educational videos on any career topic on YouTube.

According to the statistics available on YouTube for Press, the platform now boasts over 2 billion users. With these huge numbers, mainstream businesses are starting to realize the potential of YouTube. Job coaches have also not been left behind. Today, you can easily find educational videos on any career topic on YouTube.

Why do you need a job coach?

A job coach is also known as a career counselor or job consultant. Just like a sports coach trains athletes, a job consultant provides career guidance. Also, they prepare both students and adults for employment. 

Today, several state vocational rehabilitation agencies seek the services of career professionals. Job coaching is now part of the roles played by their vocational rehabilitation counselors. These organizations are now rooted in our communities. They may include agencies that provide services to people with developmental disabilities, mental health providers, goodwill industries, and many more.

Organizations such as the Autism Society of America, Epilepsy Foundation of America, and the National Multiple Sclerosis now offer career coaching to people with specific abilities. This clearly shows that career counselors play a critical role in the lives of disabled individuals looking to secure employment.

Job coaches work with all types of people including intellectually disabled individuals, veterans, and people who are struggling to find employment. In most cases, career counselors work for higher education institutions and private firms. They strive to offer on-the-job training that is beneficial to both the employer and employee.

Advantages of seeking job coaching

If you seek job coaching services, you are guaranteed:

  • Relevant information about your career of choice
  • Both job and social skills preparation
  • Assessment test on your talent to help you apply for a job that suits you
  • If you are already employed, a career counselor can help you with career development and changing careers

Job specialists also offer job-related support services to adults who are developmentally disabled. Some of these services include:

  • Monitoring how the clients use tools and other equipment that are required at the workplace
  • Driving them to and from work

Recent studies have shown that job coaching done by professionals is quite effective. Individuals who have passed the program are said to be excelling in interviews and jobs. Career experts are also employed by firms to help identify unmet business needs to customize and develop new jobs.

Which are the top 10 careers coaching YouTube Channels?

The past decade has seen YouTube grow into a resourceful platform for career education. Now, YouTube not only offers creative videos that make you laugh, but also informative content that can help you with your career. A 2020 global digital report by Hootsuite ranks YouTube as the second most visited site after Google.

If you are planning to kick start your career, free YouTube career videos can come in handy. You can now find almost everything career-related within the confines of YouTube. Right from the basics of mastering the perfect handshake to answering interview questions and writing an award-winning resume.

However, the most daunting part is finding the right channel from the many available. You do not have to worry about experiencing a YouTube black hole. We have compiled a list of ten job coaching channels that can help you advance or start your career on the right foot.

We have tried to provide a mix that suits different types of job seekers. So it doesn’t matter if you are all about college course-like energy or an upbeat vibe. We are sure that you will find top-notch career advice from our list of professionals.

1. Linda Rayner


Linda Raynier is a successful YouTube creator. She offers career advice on finding a new job, salary negotiation, and how to land that promotion you have been dreaming about. Rayner boasts of an impressive 747,000 subscribers and 45 million-plus views.

On her website,, Raynier brands herself as an intuitive personal coach, speaker, and career strategist. She holds a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) designation.

Linda’s videos run between 6-9 minutes. She usually posts new videos once a week on her YouTube channel. Her videos cover a variety of topics ranging from “why can’t I find a job?” to “how to deal with rejection.”

You should check out this channel if you are looking for tips and strategies that are related to job interviews, interpersonal skills, and personal branding.

2. Andrew LaCivita

Andrew is one of the leading job coaches. He is dedicated to helping professionals build a career they love. Besides providing career advice, Andrew LaCivita is also an author, speaker, trainer, and blogger. 

Mr. LaCivita has authored two award-winning books, The Hiring Prophecies, and The Interview Intervention. According to his YouTube channel description, he has helped more than 600 people secure new jobs and negotiate better deals. Also, he has provided consultancy services to more than 200 companies.

Andrew LaCivita has 190,000 subscribers and over 12 million views on his YouTube channel.

3. Work It Daily


Work it Daily is an online career growth club that offers one on one career coaching, a plethora of networking opportunities, and career material reviews to its members. This channel guides and supports professionals towards their job searching goals.

This channel boasts of immense experience. It was founded in March 2008 and has 247k subscribers. Work It Daily has free videos on most situations that you might encounter in your job hunting process. Some of these situations include writing resumes and cover letters, job interview preparation tips, use of social media in career advancement, etc.

Work It Daily charges nearly $3500 for all their services. You can check out their packages here:

4. Big Interview


Big Interview is an online interview training platform founded by Pamela Skillings. This channel has videos that help jobseekers prepare well for their next job interview. Initially, the company used to offer live interview coaching.

Big Interview has an A.I. practice tool that enables clients to customize and practice on specific interviews. The company created this platform because they believe that interviews cannot be mastered through theory alone. Potential professionals should practice fine-tuning their interview skills.

If you are looking for the quickest and easiest way to prepare for a job interview, then visit Big Interview’s YouTube channel. This interview system is used by libraries, government agencies, and more than 500 universities.

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5. Self-made Millennial


Self-made Millennial is a YouTube channel that dives in deep into interview questions and answers. The founder, Madeline Mann, claims to have a signature approach she calls “The Story Toolbox” that helps individuals ace interview questions. Mann also has answers to topics related to how to ask for a raise, impressing your boss, etc.

The channel was created in 2017 but has already been featured on the Business Insider Newsweek, Forbes. Madeline Mann has enough work experience in human resource management and recruiting. She uses her insider’s perspective to help job seekers land successful careers.

Self-made Millennial has 66k plus subscribers. Their videos have been viewed over 2 million times.

6. Standout CV


Standout CV is a YouTube channel that offers reliable advice on online business, work, and making money. The Channel was created by Andrew Fennell, a former recruitment consultant. Andrew is also the founder of, one of the leading CV websites in the UK.

This channel features videos on job hunting, CV writing, and interview tips. Andrew also shares tips on how he built a successful and profitable website and making money online. Furthermore, he is also a regular contributor to renowned websites like the Guardian, Fast Company, and The CV Library.

If you are trying to find a job, launch an online business, or searching for tips to make your CV stand out, then this channel is for you. The Standout CV has amassed over 57K subscribers and 3 million views on YouTube.

7. EMOTION By Marat


EMOTION By Marat shares career and personal related growth content. The channel is owned by Marat Chavtayarev, a human resource and recruitment professional from Spain. His agency EMOTION, help people find successful careers.

Marat has shared videos on a myriad of topics including dealing with corporate politics, how to gain confidence as a professional or candidate, and impressing in job interviews. Also, Emotion by Marat creates videos that help you focus on the positive aspects of your life and getting rid of toxic thoughts.

8. The Career Force


If your dream is to become a data scientist, data analyst, or business analyst then The Career Force is your Channel. Jen Hood, the founder of this channel, uses her analytical skills to help professionals and job candidates take on different challenges. She also offers one on one job coaching on her website

Hood creates content on building the best resume, landing your dream job, and nailing that interview at the first attempt. She uploads weekly videos on the skills that you need to venture into the field of data science. With over 15 years of experience, Jenn has demystified the hiring process and helped hundreds of people secure jobs.

9. 101 Mentor


101 Mentor is run by Brian Yam, a competent executive who has held multiple positions in various public-traded companies. Yam offers consultancy services to firms in North America. He also boasts of over 15 years of experience in the food and health product domain.

Brian Yam founded to help graduates launch successful careers. His YouTube videos feature various topics related to career growth and job search insights. His content is also based on lessons from the personal mistakes he made in the past.

Yam Started mentoring in 2008. He has worked with ivy-league academic institutions such as the University of Columbia and Simon Fraser University. He can help you develop professional skills that will help you in your career and life journey.

10. Afzal Hussein


Afzal Hussein is a top-rated career coach. He creates content on career advice, productivity, and lifestyle. He is the founder of Simpley (, a platform that provides reliable career advice.

Hussein started his career at Goldman Sachs. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and social mobility enthusiast. His YouTube channel has over 58K subscribers and 3M+ views.


There are a plethora of situations that happen in the workplace. A job coach simulates these scenarios and takes the client through them. A top-rated career counselor knows that intellectually disabled people are different. Therefore, training and interviews should be carried out in a manner that suits the candidate.

Before settling for a counselor, you should look for one whose training suits your needs. The coach will first research the job duties of your preferred career, before developing a plan that will best train you until you are self-sufficient. A good career coach will stick with you until you can perform your job duties accurately and without assistance.

The best thing about YouTube videos is that you can watch them almost anywhere. We hope that you find actionable advice that will keep your job search productive. Remember “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”- Confucius.

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