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Doing This Helps You Master Job Search Skills in 2 Hours

Looking for a new job can be a time-consuming and tedious venture if you’re not sure how to utilize the many available online tools. However, with a bit of direction and a few tips, you can be on your way to a better job. So, if you’re ready to master job search techniques and find the career of your dreams, then follow the steps below and take charge of your future!

Step 1 – Research

1. Identify your dream job

Before you start on the rest of the steps, you first need to identify your ideal job. Is it working at a wild animal park? Being a top seller at a leading real estate firm? Teaching children in underserved communities? Whatever it is, write it down and include a few descriptive words to help you stay focused on why it’s perfect for you.

2. Perform a search on a job-finding website

Going to a site where jobs are posted is a great way to locate the types of companies that are looking for someone with your particular skill set and interests. Make a list of these companies and leave yourself room for additional notes so you can follow up with more detailed research later.

3. Do your own search

If you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for on a job website, a quick online search using either the job title (if you know it) or a few keywords from the job description will provide you with a brief look at which companies offer positions in your dream field. Write down the names and website addresses of those companies. Be sure to leave yourself space for notes under each and get ready to do some research!    

4. Research your dream job and the individuals who currently hold it

A search through each company’s website should provide you with a list of job titles and the employees who currently fill them. Find the title of your dream job and read up on it. Then read up on the person who currently holds it. What degrees do they have? How many years of industry experience? This information will give you a starting point in obtaining that type of position for yourself.  

Step 2 – Reach Out

Once you’ve done this initial work, you’ll be able to start actively pursuing your dream job. To master job search tools, do the following:

1. Utilize social media

Follow companies that have your dream position on social media platforms and interact with their posts. Make comments, ask questions, and generally observe the vibe of their corporate community. Doing this will allow you to understand their company culture and know what kind of individual they are looking for.

2. Follow people who already hold your dream job

Though not every company will have employees post about their company activities, some may require that certain employees maintain an active company-based social media account. Follow these individuals for a more in-depth look at their job-based responsibilities. Reach out via their public account and ask them how they obtained their position and if they have any tips for obtaining such a job yourself.

3. Do a social media search for your dream job

If your dream job is a little more obscure, try a social media search of the job title or some of its keywords. This may link you to individuals who have similar interests, job histories, job positions, or educations. One of them may even have a connection with an employer currently hiring for your dream job!

4. Maximize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform to utilize as you master job search sites. More than a simple social media company, LinkedIn profiles your work history, education, and current job search interests. Not only can you contact others in your desired profession, those hiring for your dream positions can also contact you. Keep your information and resume current so you attract the best employers.

5. Reach out to friends and family

Friends, family, and former co-workers can often provide you with a lead on a new job. Reach out to them and let them know what you’re looking for in your dream position. Ask if they have any current contacts who could help you obtain that position or if they have any information that can get you moving in the right direction. The more people you talk to, the more likely you are to find what you’re looking for!

Step 3 – Contact

Now you’re at the part of your master job search journey where you can finally start contacting the people who can turn your dream into reality. When you have the names, titles, and contact information of the individuals in or hiring for your dream job, follow these steps before reaching out to them in an email.

1. Keep your emails brief and to the point

The person you’re contacting is more than likely quite busy and won’t have time to read a lengthy email. You may need to write several drafts of your message, cutting it down each time, until only the essential components remain. Set a goal of keeping your email between 75-100 words.

2. If you have a personal connection, tell them early

If you’re reaching out to a friend of your Grandpa Joe’s, make sure you mention how you’re related to him early in your email. Learning that you have a personal connection will presumably make the person you’re contacting more interested in you and your email. It will also make them more likely to follow through with any advice or assistance they can provide.

3. Ask a specific question

If you’re looking for insight into how to obtain your dream job or would like advice on how you can make yourself a better fit for that position, ask for those things clearly and concisely. Make sure that your contact understands why you are reaching out to them and what you hope to gain from their correspondence.

4. Make the email more about them and less about you

Despite your mutual association with Grandpa Joe, the person you’re emailing may wonder why you have chosen to reach out to them specifically. Answer that question early on by explaining how their credentials, education, work history, or current job title make them the ideal person for you to turn to. Expressing this information also shows that you have taken the time to do your research and that you are serious about obtaining your dream job.

#Bonus Tips

Once you’ve completed the master job search tips from the preceding paragraphs and have applied for your dream job, you should be at the point of preparing for interviews. Here a few last tips for securing your dream career!

1. That’s right…more research

Yep. It’s time to start researching the individual or individuals who will be participating in your interview. Often times, you’ll receive an interview invitation which includes language such as: “You’ll be meeting with the VP of Sales, the Marketing Director, and the Area Supervisor.” Though specific names may not be mentioned, a search of the company website will help you identify the people who hold the titles named.

2. And more research again

Read up on the company on their own website but also through external sources such as the BBB, newspaper or magazine articles, or even customer reviews. Familiarize yourself with company trends, competitors, and current goals. Educating yourself on overall industry trends, terms, and conditions will also prepare you for a well-informed interview.

3. Inquire about assignments or projects you would be asked to tackle right away

Your dream job will come with responsibilities and some will be more urgent than others. Ask your potential employers which projects they’d like you to address first if you were hired. This will give you an idea of what your potential employer is looking for and also let them know you’re serious about filling the role they have in mind.      

4. Ask about the company’s future direction, not just about your prospective pay

Yes, pay is important. But you’re interviewing for your dream job which means that pay may not be the only motivator. To demonstrate to your interviewers that you’re a team player and not only focused on your own financial status, ask questions about the company’s growth, future goals, and direction. Show them you’re there for the long-haul and not just for the short-term.

While pursuing master job search skills may sound labor-intensive, remember your goal. You’re looking for your dream career, not just a position to get you by for the next few months. Ultimately, your time, efforts, and research will pay off as you begin applying for positions that will start you on your long-term path and bring you fulfillment and joy for many years to come. By following the master job search tips from above, you’ll be prepared for find and obtain the job of your dreams!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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