15 Must-Follow Career Coach Instagram Influencers In 2024

Career coaches would traditionally meet and consult with their clients face-to-face in a room. In modern times, things have changed. With the advent of social media, the reach of career coach influencers on Instagram has been far wider and deeper than ever before.

Instagram has become a powerful platform that has used the power of the image and created several influencers. Coaches have leveraged these opportunities to build their influence network.         

It widens your reach and allows you to access the entire world. Using Instagram also permits a smart influencer to monetize their influence. Instagram also provides tools and services to its users. This takes a lot of time and effort. For instance, most leading influencers have tried out various methods, dropped some and fine-tuned others. Experimentation is the name of the game.

Career Coach Instagram Influencers act as role models by sharing their practices and influencing their followers to them. A few of them also call themselves as Career Counsellor Influencers or Career Guide Influencers. So, others seeking career guidance or even the peers of these influencers learn from them by following them. The field is very dynamic. So we constantly see coaches use the platform to widen their reach. These career coaches have tremendously influenced the career coaching industry.

I have recently started my journey as a career coach. My aim is to bring in best practices across the industry and widen its reach. So that career coaching can reach the common man and woman. By following simple practices on a regular basis, one can lift a person’s career trajectory and influence the person’s life.

Top 3 Reasons to learn from Career Coach Influencers

Act as Role Models:

Firstly, Coaches act as your idols or role models. They are thought leaders in their field. You emulate some of their habits and life-style choices.

Help you identify the gap between best market practices and your skills:

Secondly, Coaches guide you on the skills required by the market and your skills. They help you define a learning path for you to acquire the required skills over a period.

Zoom ahead at work:

Thirdly, a Coach can guide you to develop networks within and outside your organization and develop skills required to build entrepreneurial qualities to accelerate the growth in your current role.

15 Best Career Coach on Instagram (in no particular order):

I have marked the top career coach influencers, who have used the platform to widen the reach and create a global presence. So that their achievements would inspire you to emulate them.

 1.   Sanjay Arora

career coach instagram

Provides productivity coaching services. His services are meant for those who have a clear goal and are aware of their own skills and capabilities, yet do not know how to reach their goals. Also, Sanjay provides systems to create habits and discipline, to create a defined routine. He also conducts research on parenting and employability.

Key Achievements: Interviewed by magazines and newspapers.

Insta Handle: Maven Career Coaching


Takeaway: Provides a road-map to those clear about their career goals.

2. Sho Dewan

career coach instagram

Sho Dewan is an entrepreneur, career coach, and content creator who founded and serves as CEO of Workhap, a company focused on providing digital tools and resources to help job seekers. Through Workhap, Sho and his team have created guides, LinkedIn Learning courses, and an online job search program called Get Hired Academy that have empowered thousands to find and get hired into careers they love.

In addition to leading Workhap, Sho is a prolific creator of career-related content across social media platforms like LinkedIn, garnering over 1.5 million followers. He draws on over 10 years of experience as a former head of talent development, recruiter, and management consultant to provide advice on topics like job search strategies, salary negotiations, and entrepreneurship.

With his extensive experience and large following, Sho Dewan has established himself as an influential thought leader in the career development space.

Key Achievements: Featured on Forbes, CNBC, Bloomberg, and more.

Insta Handle: workhap

Email: Form available on site

Takeaway: Help people GET HIRED & PAID in careers they love 

3. Shankar Mallapur

career coach instagram

After a long career in technology, Shankar has moved to become a career coach. Shankar mainly concentrates on mid and senior level technology executives. Also, he has developed his own methodology in determining career choice and advancement. Has regular posts in social media providing his perspective on various career related matters.

Key Achievements: Interviewed by Economic Times, a leading business paper for his views on finance and long term planning.

Insta Handle: shankarmallapur


Takeaway: On a mission to help 1 lakh people to achieve their purpose, goal of a successful career.

4. Ashley Stahl

career coach instagram

Ashley is an author and a speaker in addition to being a career coach. She provides a questionnaire that you could use to determine an ideal career. She uses quotes and posters in her posts to provide her perspective on career coaching. Also uses social media extensively for her messaging.

Key Achievements: Author of a book You Turn

Insta Handle: ashleystahl


Takeaway: Use of social media to provide her perspective on careers and career coaching.

5. Charisse

career coach instagram

Charisse specializes in helping her clients survive corporate life. She owns a consulting and recruitment firm. And helps her clients design their resume. Charisse provides both personal and professional development coaching. Conducts workshops on stress management and goal setting.

Key Achievements: Has been mentioned on on career coaching.

Insta Handle: careercoachcharisse

Email: NA  

Takeaway: Helps clients transition from corporate career to running their own business.

6. Mirella

img 5745

Specializes in the travel industry. Mirella provides guidance to people in the travel and fashion industries. In addition, she has past experience in the travel industry and helps airline crew in finding the right fit to their abilities. And in the fashion industry,

Key Achievements: Has been interviewed by various travel related blogs and TV stations.

Insta Handle:


Takeaway: Brings to bear her experience in the travel industry.

7. Tiffany Uman


Tiffany Uman empowers ambitious professionals to accelerate their careers to the top 1% – without burning out. With rapid promotions at L’Oreal to Senior Director in under 10 years, Tiffany combines her corporate expertise with research-backed strategies to quantum leap her clients’ confidence, growth and income. Now, as an award-winning career strategist, she guides high-achievers globally on crafting Fulfilling Careers of Impact.

Key Achievements: featured in Business Insider, BBC, The Globe and Mail, Medium, and LA Weekly and she’s been recognized as one of the Top 15 LinkedIn Experts in Montreal

Insta Handle: tiffany.uman

Email: NA

Takeaway: Coaching high achievers to fast track their careers so they 2-3x their promotions, secure 5-6 figure salary raises and land dream jobs in record time.

8. Diane Mcmahon

img 5746

Diane helps in bringing a work life balance. So she brings clarity and meaning to work life. And specializes in return to work and career change. She is a qualified career development practitioner.

Key Achievements: Works with local bodies in Australia to promote career choices.

Insta Handle: careerintentions


Takeaway: Offers workshops in work life balance to women.

9. Austin Belcak

img 5752

Austin Belcak teaches professionals how to land dream jobs without traditional experience or online applications. After graduating college with poor grades, he leveraged an unconventional system to gain interviews and a $70,000 raise at Microsoft. Now, through personalized coaching, Belcak’s method has helped thousands secure roles at top companies, averaging $43,000+ raises and 5/5 satisfaction.

Key Achievements: developed a system that has helped thousands of job seekers land offers at places like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Uber, Spotify, Deloitte, Accenture, Sequoia Capital, Tesla, SpaceX, ESPN, The NFL, & more..

Insta Handle: cultivated.culture

Email: Form available on site

Takeaway: Teach people how to land amazing jobs without applying online

10. Shivangi Narula

img 5754

Shivangi Narula is a passionate soft skills coach and corporate trainer focused on motivating professionals to succeed. On her Instagram account, she provides practical tips and tricks to build key workplace competencies like communication, teamwork, and confidence. With an upbeat, personal approach, Narula aims to be your cheerleader for professional growth by sharing real-world advice drawn from her experience grooming talent for the corporate environment.

Key Achievements: Most Powerful Linkedin Profile in 2020

Insta Handle: her_royal_salad


Takeaway: Trained and accredited professional with excellence in teaching and training young learners.

11. Joana Orvalho

img 5747

Joana is a career change coach. Also, she helps women identify and get a career that they are interested in. Provides a free career change workbook.

Key Achievements: Uses a guide to help you understand if you need a career change.

Insta Handle: find_your_passion_now

Email: Form available on site 

Takeaway: A mindset coach who helps women escape the corporate world and get a career they are passionate about.

12. Julia Toothacre

img 5755

With over 10 years of experience, career coach Julia has guided thousands in discovering career clarity and taking action to achieve their goals. Recognizing most professionals fall into unsatisfying roles, Julia leverages assessments and personalized strategies to help clients pivot based on what they value now. Through coaching, her podcast, and free resources, she enables professionals to take control and advance in fulfilling careers.

Key Achievements: 2022 Top Career Coach by

Insta Handle: ridethetidecollective

Email: Form available on site 

Takeaway: Career Coach for ambitious professionals who want to control their career.

13. Domonique Worship

img 5758

Domonique helps ambitious women design a life and career they love. And she helps them shift from living someone else’s dream to landing their dream career.

Key Achievements: Helps create a starting point and steps to create a dream career.

Insta Handle: coach_domonique

Email: NA

Takeaway: Guides you through the steps to be taken to gain clarity on dream career and create an actionable roadmap to make that dream a reality.

14. Mike Bird

img 5749

Mike helps those completing school transition to the working world. He is a co-host of a podcast with a world wide following. Mike is widely travelled and writes a weekly newsletter that delivers tips on job searching, interview preparation, and networking.

Key Achievements: Uses various media like newsletter and podcast to reach his audience.

Insta Handle: coachoiseau


Takeaway: Provides a flying start to students transitioning from school to work.

15. Sara Camilo

img 5756

Certified career coach Sara Camilo empowers professionals who feel stuck and unhappy to find fulfilling new jobs and careers. Drawing on her expertise, she helps clients navigate frustrating job searches through customized strategies including resume Optimization, interview coaching, proven negotiation tactics, and more. Sara partners with clients to design a tailored career planning approach to secure their ideal next role

Key Achievements: Develop the CHARM code to stand out in a highly competitive market and make you memorable with the Recruiters you connect with and the interviewers you meet.

Insta Handle: camilocareers

Email: Form available on site

Takeaway: ACE the interview & get the job you WANT

Summary – Career Coach Instagram Influencers

In conclusion, Career coaches can serve as guides in navigating your career journey. If you have dealt with any Career Coach, please share your experience in the comments.

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