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15 Insanely Useful Physical Productivity Tools You Wish You Had Sooner

Productivity tools are items that make working and life processes faster and more efficient. Physical productivity tools are tangible items you can touch and grab if you need something to help you manage your work time and efforts better. The following are some information about 15 physical productivity tools you wish you had sooner.

Productivity Tool Stats

Statistics were taken from Wainhouse Research and Polycom surveys, and more. These are some of the results of those surveys:

  • 92 percent of workers feel that using technology increases their productivity.
  • 53 percent of those people use mobile apps.
  • Businesses that use a unified phone system have the most success and highest productivity numbers.
  • Ninety-four percent of employees value and use video conferencing as a tool to boost their productivity.

Physical Productivity Tools You Need

You know from the stats that physical productivity tools can help you succeed, no matter your position or whether you use them at home or in the office. These are 15 items you might want to consider using to give yourself the boost you need:

1. A Bluetooth Keyboard

Physical productivity tools

You could benefit immensely from a Bluetooth keyboard if you’re used to typing on a laptop. A good Bluetooth keyboard will give you the freedom you need to move around the home or office. You can also get a large keyboard to support your hands if you like having a lot of space to type on.

The average Bluetooth keyboard can be as affordable as $20 or go up in price depending on the features you want. You can get a gorgeous slim backlit keyboard by Logitech for about $46. This keyboard does not require batteries, and it comes with the ability to recharge rapidly.

2. A Wireless Headset

Physical productivity tools 1

You can also vastly benefit from investing in a wireless headset. A wireless headset is a fantastic productivity tool for customer service work, podcasts, and the like. You can also use the wireless headset so that you can get on your phone and take care of important tasks while you work.

You won’t have to skip a beat if you have a great headset. Jlab sells an attractive headset with features such as a boom mic, quick mute, and a long-lasting charge.

3. A Massage Chair

Physical productivity tools 2

Stress is something that can pop up at any time if you’re not careful about controlling it. That’s why you might need to invest in a massage chair. A reliable massage chair can work your muscles and rejuvenate you so that you can get back to your hard day’s work after your massage.

You don’t have to spend a gigantic fortune to purchase a massage chair. This recliner has a five-star rating, for example.

It also has at least seven vibrational settings and can massage your lower back. Its quality is high from what the customers say as well.

4. Stress Toys

Physical productivity tools 3

Stress toys can help you feel grounded and focused even when you’re overwhelmed with work and various challenges. They have risen about 35 percent in popularity since 2013, according to First Toy Reviews. Therefore, they must be effective in helping people to relieve their stress.

The amazing news is that you can try stress toys for a low price and not have to worry about losing much money. The average stress ball is less than $10, and most times, you can get additional toys as well. Scientoy offers a 35-piece pack of fidget toys for a little over $15.

5. Rapid Chargers

Physical productivity tools 4

Rapid chargers are great productivity tools because they can keep you productive at all times. Your phone, tablets, and other essential devices will charge in a few minutes instead of hours. That could make a huge difference for you if you use your technology to work inside of applications and such.

6. A Portable Scanner

Physical productivity tools 5

A portable scanner is an excellent productivity tool to have in your possession. You can use it to scan important documents when you’re on the go.

This type of device is typically inexpensive and will cost you about $180 for a high-quality one. The Doxie Go SE has more than four starts and has been purchased and used by thousands of people.

7. A Flash Drive

Physical productivity tools 6

A flash drive can possibly be your best friend when you have to move information from one computer to another. It can even be useful in your home office when you have to move essential projects between computers.

Investing in one now can save you the aggravation of having to figure it out later. You can get a good USB stick like this one for only $30, and it can fit 1,000 GB of information on it.

8. A Posture Coaching Device

Physical productivity tools 7

It can be easy to slack on posture when sitting at a computer desk all day. Fortunately, you can invest in a posture correcting device like the Upright 2 Go Posture Trainer. This device will let you know when your posture is slacking so that you can correct it before it causes you any problems.

The device works with your smartphone to let you know if your posture is good. If not, it will remind you of what you need to do to improve the situation. The product goes for about $80 and is well worth the investment.

9. Sit-To-Stand Desk Converter

Physical productivity tools 8

A sit-to-stand desk converter is another productivity tool you can use to work from home. This easy-to-use device can help you transfer from a sitting to a standing position quickly and effortlessly so that you can get the most out of your day.

Adapting swiftly from a sitting to a standing position can keep you energized and ensure that you do not develop postural problems and gluteal muscle retardation. You can invest under $100 and get a converter with a five-star rating.

10. Portable Under-Desk Fitness Machine

Physical productivity tools 9

An under-desk fitness machine might be just what you need if you want to work out and save time while you’re doing it. Some machines like this one will allow you to ride a stationary bike while you type on your computer.

11. A USB Hub Splitter

Physical productivity tools 10

A USB hub splitter can help you increase your productivity by allowing you to connect your most valuable devices to your computer or laptop. For example, you may need to connect a microphone, a Bluetooth keyboard, a headset, and other devices to help you successfully go about your day.

Bluetooth hubs usually allow users to connect up to four devices. Atolla carries one for the low price of $13.99. You can grab it if you want to enhance your productivity right away.

12. Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Physical productivity tools 11

An orthopedic seat cushion can be a productivity tool if you spend long hours sitting down. The seat cushion can help ensure that the muscles in your back and rear stay strong. It can also ensure that all of your muscles remain firm.

You can find one of these cushions for about $45, and it will help you in a variety of situations. The WAOAW is $30 and claims to relieve pressure on the buttocks. It’s worth trying to see if it helps you stay alert, comfortable, and productive.

13. A Card Reader

Physical productivity tools 12

A card reader is something you’re going to make your business more productive if you are always on the go. A good card reader can attach to your tablet so that you can easily take payments from your patrons when you are out and about. Card readers are usually between $13 and $20 in cost unless one has a special feature you desire.

For example, the Sum Up Pro credit card reader is a standalone device, for example. You don’t need to connect it to a smartphone or anything else. It has a built-in SIM card that allows it to read and transmit data over Wi-Fi.

14. An Old-Fashioned Journal

Physical productivity tools 13

Using an old-fashioned diary or journal can help you be more productive by allowing you to purge your negative feelings if you need to. You can also use it as a daily planner or task sheet to help yourself keep track of important events. Sometimes, it’s best to write things down on a paper sheet and keep them near to yourself so that you can stay productive.

Komal has an interesting journal for under $20. It has an excellent design and can be secured with its leather strings. It’s currently on sale and has five-star ratings from thousands of clients.

15. A Wall Calendar

Physical productivity tools 14

Finally, you have all the technology in the world for keeping track of important dates and tasks. You can take advantage of advanced apps for your mobile phone or computer. However, sometimes, the simplest things are the most productive and helpful.

Consider investing in a wall calendar if you have trouble remembering important dates and meetings. Sometimes, seeing the information on the wall helps bring more attention to it. You can use bright highlights to color in the days where you have highly important tasks and meetings and then write the details inside the date’s square with a regular pen.

A survey by Belotti andSmith in 2000 revealed that 76 percent of workers had a printed calendar on their walls to support their time management efforts.

Now you know which productivity tools are most likely to help you get more of your work finished in the quickest amount of time. You can gather your collection of the items mentioned above if you want to improve your performance.

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