10 Fun Ways to Start a Meeting: Energize Your Team with These Creative Ideas!

Over 70% of managers don’t think meetings are a great idea. However, they are still an important part of corporate work and oftentimes required by the higher-ups. So instead of fighting to stop these meetings, why not jazz it up so everyone has some fun while at it? 

Now, as with almost everything we dread doing, taking the first step is the hardest part. So I’ve put together 10 fun ways to kickstart your meetings to energize the whole team and set the stage for a productive meeting. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into these 10 fun ways to start a meeting! 

10 Fun Ways to Kickstart Your Meetings 

  1. Icebreaker Questions
  2. Quick Games
  3. Theme Days
  4. Show and Tell
  5. Group Stretch or Exercise
  6. Fun Fact Sharing
  7. Two Truths and a Lie
  8. Mini Meditation or Breathing Exercises
  9. Pop Quiz
  10. Celebration Moments

1. Icebreaker Questions

You know how meetings can sometimes feel a bit…awkward? Especially if you’ve got new team members or folks don’t really know each other too well outside of work. That’s where icebreaker questions come in to save the day!

These little beauties are the perfect way to kick things off on a fun note and get everyone feeling loose and engaged right from the get-go. Here’s the game plan:

First up, have some icebreaker questions ready to go beforehand. But don’t go getting too personal or controversial here – keep it light and fun.

When the meeting starts, let everyone know you’ll be doing a quick icebreaker round to break the ice (pun totally intended). Go around the room and have people introduce themselves if needed, then answer the icebreaker question.

As the host, you can start things off and set the tone by answering first. Get those creative juices flowing and don’t be afraid to get a little silly with your response!

Some sample questions to get you started:

  • If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?
  • What’s the coolest place you’ve ever traveled to?
  • If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be?
  • What’s your favorite childhood memory?
  • Lotto winner! If you hit the jackpot, what would you do first?

The key things to remember are to keep it fun and positive, be an engaging host, and encourage some back-and-forth. Get people riffing off each other’s funny/interesting answers.

An icebreaker round is such a simple but powerful way to transform those painfully awkward meetings into lively, engaging experiences. Give it a try and watch that good energy spread!

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2. Quick Games

Meetings getting you down? Feeling that mid-afternoon slump hit hard? Time to shake things up with some quick games! I’m telling you, injecting a little fun and friendly competition is a surefire way to re-energize your team and get those creative juices flowing.

The game plan is simple: have 2-3 solid game options in your back pocket ahead of time. That way, you can read the vibe and pick something that fits the group size, energy levels, and overall dynamics. Games that can scale up or down for different crew sizes are clutch.

Once you’ve picked your battle, lay out the rules clearly but keep the explanation snappy – maybe 60 seconds tops. Ain’t nobody got time for a 10-minute preamble, am I right?

Now it’s showtime! As the host, your job is to dial up the enthusiasm and get everyone actively participating. Dangle some silly prizes in front of them like stickers, candy, or temporary office bragging rights. You know us working folks will do just about anything for cheap plastic trophies!

I’d recommend rotating between individual games, team games, and full-group shindigs to keep the dynamics fresh. And don’t be afraid to put your own quirky spin on the classics – gotta cater to your team’s unique flavor!

Some crowd-pleasing game options to consider:

Team Sculpting

Break into teams, 3-5 folks per squad. One person per team is the “sculptor” who steps out while the rest secretly agree on an object, scene, whatever for them to recreate using just their bodies when they return. No talking allowed! Other teams try to guess what’s being sculpted amid a frenzy of confused arm-flailing.

20 Questions

One person (or team) thinks of an object – could be anything from a celeb to an animal to a household item. Everyone else fires off yes/no questions trying to guess it within 20 questions. Adjust the rules as needed like allowing hints after 10 questions or banning super obscure topics.


The old acting-it-out classic, but make it office-appropriate! Split into two teams, have a stack of prompts ready (movies, books, TV quotes, etc.), and award points for correct guesses. As host, ham it up with your best drama teacher energy: “WORK IT! I’m FEELIN’ it!”


Fire up those neurons by challenging folks to rapid-fire name things within a certain category like animals, cities, foods, etc. Take turns going around the circle until someone draws a blank or repeats something. The more niche the category, the quicker things devolve into panic!

One-Word Story

For when you really want to watch your team’s minds break. Kick things off by shouting out a random word like “zamboni.” Then, each person adds ONE new word to collectively build an inevitably nonsensical story. Award bonus points for the funniest contributions before it all unravels.

The keys are clear instructions, an engaged and enthusiastic host, and making it a judgement-free zone for everyone to get delightfully silly. Most importantly, have fun with it! Your team will feed off that loose, playful energy. Games are the ultimate meeting re-charge.

3. Theme Days

Routine putting your team into a slump? Shake things up with a themed meeting day! I’m talking going all-out with costumes, decorations, music – the whole nine yards. It’s a surefire way to inject some silliness and fresh energy.

Here’s how to pull off a can’t-miss theme day extravaganza:

First up, you’ll want to pick a fun, engaging theme that gives folks some creative wiggle room. Lay down the law on dress code – is it costume mandatory or just encouraged? Themed decorations and snacks are an A+ move to really set the vibe. Oh, and 100% mandatory cheesy theme music is to be played at all costs.

Some killer theme day ideas to consider:

Decades Day

Travel through time by having everyone dress in costume from their favorite decade. 60s hippies? 80s rockstars? 20s flappers? Let your freak flags fly! Cue up era-appropriate tunes and decorations to fully immerse.

Professional Cosplay

Admit it, we’ve all fantasized about what our dream career would be outside of our 9-to-5. Let loose by dressing up as your fantasy profession – athletes, pirates, park rangers, you name it. Give awards for best costume!

School House Rock

Tap into the nostalgia by turning the office into an elementary school for a day. Science fair displays, snacks like juice boxes and animal crackers, and maybe even a spelling bee or algebra pop quiz to strike fear into everyone’s hearts.

Tourist Trap

Embrace the cheese by dressing as tacky tourists in bucket hats, fanny packs, visors, the full monty. Decorate with tacky souvenir tchotchkes and play background sounds of cawing seagulls or subway announcements.

Let your freak flag fly and get as delightfully extra as possible – it’s all about leaning into the silliness! Nominate a designated hype person to pump up the energy and fully commit to the bit.

A well-executed theme day is an easy win for bonding teams, boosting morale, and creating a fun little respite from the daily grind. Just don’t be surprised when you catch people still wearing their costumes at the grocery store afterward – the joy was just too strong to contain!

4. Show and Tell

Oh man, we’re taking it wayyyy back to elementary school days with this one! But trust me, show and tell is a primo pre-meeting energizer to wake up those sleepy teams.

Here’s how to run a can’t-miss show and tell session: A week or so beforehand, put out the rallying cry for everyone to bring in something random but meaningful from their lives outside the office. Could be a treasured possession, silly knick-knack, family photo – literally whatever, as long as it sparks joy.

On meeting day, prime the vibe with some upbeat tunes as folks trickle in brandishing their show and tell items. Once everyone’s settled, it’s time for the real fun!

The name of the game is demoing these prized possessions to the group while giving a quick rundown on why it’s so near and dear. Watch the friendly roasts commence as soon as someone inevitably whips out their decade-old stuffed animal or collection of cassette tapes. No sacred cows here, folks!

To really take it up a notch, award superlative titles like “Most Likely to End Up on Antiques Roadshow” or “Most Niche Hobby.” But the real prize is getting a brief peek into your teammates’ other identities outside the cubicle.

Some surefire show and tell hit ideas:

  • Childhood toys, books, or games that awaken the nostalgia
  • Quirky collected memorabilia from vacations or concerts
  • Family heirlooms or traditional cultural items
  • Weird thrift store finds or gag gifts
  • Homemade creations like drawings, knitting, woodwork, etc.
  • Photos from hobbies, adventures, or life milestones

The hosting keys are fostering an open, judgement-free zone for people to lean into the silliness while still celebrating what makes everyone unique. It’s all about surprising your team by revealing unexpected sides of each other.

Admit it, you’re already mentally mapping out which prized relic you’ll dust off and demo for the squad! Show and tell is a guaranteed way to energize meetings with laughter, team bonding, and just enough awkwardness to keep things interesting.

5. Group Stretch or Exercise

Sometimes you just need to get those endorphins pumping before a meeting, am I right? A quick group exercise sesh is the perfect way to wake up your team’s minds and bodies. It’s energizing, it’s team building, it’s…probably a little awkward at first. But we lean into the awkwardness here!

As the esteemed exercise instructor, here’s how you’ll lead this fitness fiesta:

Give ample warning ahead of time so folks can dress appropriately – you don’t want anyone busting out downward dogs in slacks and oxfords. Pick a meeting room with enough open space to spread out. If you’re really committing, you can lay down some yoga mats or towels. But the economical option is just scooting some chairs out of the way.

Once your crew is assembled, it’s time to awaken those muscles with some dynamic stretches to get the blood flowing. Slowly guide everyone through arm circles, neck rolls, body twists – the whole shebang. Loosen up those hinges! You’ll inevitably get some comedic groaning from your less limber colleagues.

Now that you’re all stretched out, it’s go time for the real sweat sesh! Lead some light aerobic exercises like jumping jacks, high knees, or bodyweight squats and lunges. Keep it simple with 30-60 second bursts so nobody overexerts. Crank up an upbeat playlist to set the vibe (and drown out any panting).

The key is balancing getting folks energized without completely gassing them out before the actual meeting. End on a high note with some deep breathing exercises to center everyone’s refocused minds.

Some other fun exercise activity ideas:

  • Classic gym class games like freeze dance or muscles&bones
  • Light yoga flow or relaxing cool-down stretches
  • Mirroring exercises where everyone has to follow your moves
  • Team competitions like plank contests or push up challenges

Really sell the silliness and bring high energy as the host. Give out superlative awards like “Most Likely to Pull a Hammy” or actually hand out cheap plastic medals. The laughter and endorphins will be flowing!

It may feel a little cringeworthy at first, but a pre-meeting group exercise is a fantastic way to wake up your team, increase those feel-good vibes, and build some camaraderie through communal awkwardness. Just try not to let Dave from accounting throw out his back!

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6. Fun Fact Sharing

Need a little icebreaker to kick those team meetings into high gear? Fun fact sharing is an easy win to get everyone engaged and learn a few delightfully random things about your coworkers.

Here’s how to run a seamless fun fact session as one of your go-to fun ways to start a meeting: In the week leading up, put out an office-wide call for teammates to submit anonymous fun facts about themselves. Could be anything from useless talents to childhood tales to bucket list ambitions. Collect ’em all and get ready to manifest some serious water cooler talk.

When it’s showtime, warm up those gregarious host chops and explain you’ll be sharing anonymous fun facts to start things off. Have folks eat their hearts out guessing which hilarious factoid belongs to which mild-mannered team member. Was it Sharon who once accidentally walked across the entire state of Pennsylvania? Did Dave really get attacked by a swan as a child? The mystique will build!

For an extra burst of energy, make it into a game by giving points when someone correctly identifies the fact-sharer. Award prizes like nominal gift cards or just the coveted crown of water cooler legend. You can even rate the facts on a scale from “Huh, neat” to “Rhett, get the camera, this one’s going viral!”

This format is primo for virtual meetings too – just have teammates submit facts ahead of time and share your screen to reveal them dramatically. The guessing games and friendly roasting are guaranteed to liven up any Zoom call.

Some A+ fun fact examples to get those wheels turning:

  • Weird jobs or experiences from their pre-corporate days
  • Unique traditions or cultural anecdotes
  • Obscure phobias like Being afraid of bubble wrap or Michael Buble
  • Embarrassing childhood tales or nicknames
  • Outrageous whitelie-worthy bucket list ambitions

The keys are fostering a judgment-free vibe for oversharing and not being afraid to put your own quirks on display first. Laughter and bonding are guaranteed when those professional facades start slipping!

Fun fact sharing is an easy lift for injecting personality and energy into any team meeting. Who knows, you might just unearth the office legend of how Terry Jeffords once wrestled a Siberian bear.

7. Two Truths and a Lie

Need a fresh meeting idea to breathe some life into your fun team? Two Truths and a Lie is a classic icebreaker that never fails to spark laughter, friendly competition, and just enough awkwardness to keep things interesting.

Here’s how you’ll run this meeting agenda showstopper: A week out, give your colleagues a heads up that they’ll need to come prepared with two truthful statements about themselves and one bold-faced lie. The weirder and more outlandish, the better! This puzzle of personal anecdotes will be the fun pre-meeting topic to get everyone engaged.

When it’s go time, you’ll take on the revered role of Game Show Host. Cue up your finest TV voiceover voice as you dramatically explain the rules and stakes…which could be nominal prizes like gift cards or just the glory of dethroning the regional lie champion.

Call on willing participants to present their three statements to the group while the rest of your fun team listens attentively for any whiff of deception. After each set of three, everyone casts their vote on which one they think is the lie. Cue the friendly heckling and roasting when unconvincing fibs get exposed!

The real magic happens when Brenda from accounting tries to pass off a tale about being a former lumberjack, or your boss claims he once caddied for Tiger Woods. Watching your team’s interest peak as they try to suss out the fabrications? Comedy gold.

For an added twist, you can make things a true corporate integrity test by having players rate how plausible each statement seems on a scale of 1-10. Those with the best poker faces will reign supreme!

Pro-hosting tips? Keep the momentum rolling by calling on new presenters rapidly. Playfully call out any obvious fibs with dramatic gasps. And make sure to bring those sparkly game show energy levels – this is your chance to be Regis Philbin for the day!

Two Truths and a Lie is a guaranteed way to breathe fresh air into those stale meetings. You’ll have your fun team bonding over awkward oversharing and getting those creative conspiracy theory muscles flexed. Just be prepared for Brian to finally admit his deep love of ferret racing.

8. Mini Meditation or Breathing Exercises

Sometimes we all need a lil’ moment of zen before diving into another fun meeting, am I right? A quick meditation or some simple breathing exercises can be a game-changer for centering your team and getting those good vibes flowing.

As the self-appointed mindfulness guru, here’s how you’ll lead this calm before the corporate storm:

Give your crew a heads-up in advance so they know what chill meeting topic is on deck. Have them settle in somewhere distraction-free – you don’t want Karen’s rampant reply guys derailing the inner peace quest. For remote teams, make sure everyone has their video on to really vibe together.

Once assembled, initiate some deep belly breaths to relax the body and clear any lingering mind clutter. You can even put on a gentle meditation soundtrack if you’re really leaning into the #SpiritsJourney aesthetic.

From there, you’ve got a few options for activities:

Body Scan Meditation – Systematically tense and relax each muscle group one-by-one, culminating in a state of total physical quietude.

Breathwork – Try box breathing (inhale 4 counts, hold 4, exhale 4, repeat) or oceanic breathing patterns to sync up.

Mantra Meditation – Choose an inspiring mantra or intention and have everyone sync up their exhales by chanting it rhythmically.

Mindful Stretches – Guide some gentle seated twists, forward folds, or neck/shoulder releases to unwind any tension.

The flow is up to you, just make sure to bring those Richard Simmons-level soothing vibes as the guru leading the journey inward. Gently encourage presence over perfection – anyone who starts snoring is just taking it to the next level!

End the session with a moment of interpersonal bonding by having everyone share how they’re feeling. You’ll be amazed at the sense of calm and connection a few minutes of mindfulness can create.

As eccentric as it may seem, intentional breathwork is scientifically proven to boost focus, reduce stress, and bring your fun team together through a uniquely vulnerable experience. Just have the medic on speed dial in case Brian astral projects a little too hard.

9. Pop Quiz

Want to really put those corporate brain muscles to the test before a meeting? Pop quizzes are the way to go! A little friendly competition, a sprinkle of stress-induced panic…what’s not to love?

As the self-appointed Professor of Pop Culture (or really any subject you deem worthy), here’s how you’ll administer this pre-meeting mind melter: A few days out, give your students/coworkers a subtle warning that they should study up on a particular topic. Could be company trivia, random factoids, you name it. Let the dread and anticipation build.

When it’s quiz time, make a deliciously dramatic entrance, rapping a pop quiz booklet against your palm. Lay down the gravity of the situation (“This counted for 30% of your final grade!”) while dangling nominal prizes for the winners like candy or bragging rights.

Then? Thunderdome. Rapid fire those questions and demand to see everyone’s pencils moving! Make a show of wandering the aisles, peering over shoulders to crank up the pressure. If you’re really leaning into the bit, get a tiny red grading pen for making tsk-ing noises.

As the great Albus Dumbledore once said,

“It does not do to dwell on pop quizzes and forget to live.”

Wait, I’m being told that was not his quote. Nevermind!

For written quizzes, get creative by scrambling questions or forcing teammates to answer in weird formats like rhyming couplets or saucy limericks. For the bold, you can even make it a live “raise your hand if you know it” affair to foster some competitive hot swapping.

Don’t sleep on opportunities for fun multimedia prompts either! Play songs or movie clips and have folks identify them. Toss up random objects and let the nonsense associations flow.

The goal isn’t really the material, it’s getting those improvisational juices flowing and bringing back that giddy fear from childhood of getting a question embarrassingly wrong in front of your peers. Trauma bonding at its finest!

So buck up and get ready for public failure, team! A surprise pop quiz is a surefire way to wake everyone up before the dull meeting realities set in. Just don’t accidentally ask Karen about her biggest workplace crush – things could get messy!

10. Celebration Moments

You know what they say – it’s the little wins that get you through the daily grind! Before diving headfirst into another meeting agenda, why not take a hot second to celebrate some recent wins and accomplishments?

Run a quick “Celebration Moments” icebreaker to start things off on a positive note and get those feel-good vibes flowing. Here’s how it’ll go down:

Give teammates a heads-up in advance that they should come prepared to share a recent personal or professional win. Could be anything from closing a huge deal to finally besting Wordle to remembering to use your reusable bags at the grocery store. No accomplishment is too small!

Once everyone is assembled, it’s time for you to channel those Richard Simmons-level enthusiasm reserves. Explain that you’ll be going around the room for everyone to share their celebratory deets while the rest of the team hoots, hollers, and showers them with affirmations.

For an extra jolt of energy, you can incorporate some classic celebration rituals too:

  • A goofy theme song like “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang to sing along to
  • Noisemakers like kazoos, thundersticks, or just aggressive desk drumming
  • A ceremonial baton, scepter, or crown to pass amongst winners
  • Spontaneous choreographed dances for the brave souls

The sillier and more excessive the revelry, the better! This is about embodying the unadulterated joy of childhood birthday party levels of celebration. No accomplishment is too small, no cheer is too extra.

Imagine Karen excitedly sharing her Duolingo streak and everyone losing their minds like she just won an Olympic gold medal. Or Jamal receiving a standing ovation for remembering to take out the office bathroom trash for once. The bonding! The camaraderie! The relentless affirmations!

When the dust settles, you’ll have successfully uplifted everyone’s spirits, validated their hard work, and created an atmosphere of infectious positivity. All before diving into the usual meeting drudgery!

Celebration Moments are the perfect pre-game to amp up engagement and put your team in the right headspace. Who knows, it may inspire someone to finally chase that lifelong dream of becoming a professional whoopee cushion model.

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The Wrap Up

We’ve explored a smorgasbord of wildly out of the box meeting ideas for employees to start shaking up those monotonous routines. From getting the blood pumping with group exercises to putting courage to the test with pop quizzes and two truths and a lie – the arsenal of fun ways to start a team meeting is fully stocked.

The throughline? Ditching those corporate shackles for a few glorious minutes and giving your inner weirdo free rein to run amok. You’ll bear witness as your colleagues ditch their professional facades, revealing the kids they still are at heart. Case in point: who knew Sharon was concealing world-class beatboxing skills all this time?

As the ringleader, it’s your solemn duty to cultivate a sacred space of zero judgment or awkwardness hangovers. Bring that same boundless enthusiasm as a camp counselor who chugged a Xtreme energy drink for breakfast. Don’t be afraid to award makeshift trophies or dole out superlative titles like “Most Likely to Get Dragged on Dance Dance Revolution.”

Because at their core, these fun ways to start a meeting are all about fostering human connection through the beautiful buffoonery of shared experiences. Sure, some cringeworthy moments will happen – that’s all just part of the intimate bonding process. It builds invaluable character! Trust the process.

More critically, cracking open the Pandora’s Box of silly, out of the box meeting ideas for employees could spark the inspirational tinder for your team to start chasing their wildest dreams again. Reigniting forgotten passions, Finally achieving long-abandoned bucket list ambitions, or simply realizing we’re all just delightfully weird souls stumbling through this crazy clown world together.

So run buck wild with it! Get aggressively zany, painfully mortifying, and make sure to capture all the debacle celebrations on video. Those clips of pure chaotic energy will be the warming lamps that light up even the dreariest meetings for years to come while Janet struggles with the AV cables. Life’s too short not to embrace the silly!

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