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How To Describe “I Am A Quick Learner And Hard Worker” In a Resume

At some point, you may decide that you would like to try your hand at a career change. You may do this after spending several decades in the workforce. This process can be challenging if you do not have any experience in the field you desire to enter, or you’ve been following a different career for so many years that your former experience is no longer relevant.

You may also need to obtain a promotion at your current job to improve your quality of life. Maybe you don’t have any experience in the job position you’re requesting to be promoted to.

In that situation, you’ll need to give the employer a good reason to choose you over the competition. There is a way that you can get a prospective employer to take a chance on you.

You can convince the employer that you are a hard worker and fast learner. Every employer loves to have hard workers and fast learners on board. These are some tips for how to say, “I am a quick learner and hard worker” in a resume and in other stages of the hiring process:

Put It Directly on Your Resume

One of the most effective ways to let a potential employer know that you are a fast learner and a hard worker is to make it clear on your resume. The resume submission is the first step in the employment process. Why not start there?

You can create a unique resume that includes a section called “relevant skills and attributes.” There, you can list all the professional and personal skills you have that may qualify you for the job. The smart way to do it is to put the list somewhere at the beginning of your resume so that the first thing they see is that information.

You can use a variety of terminology to say that you’re a hard worker and that you’re a quick learner. You could say that you have a fast-track learning capability or adapt well to new procedures and processes. You could even write that you excel in mastering new job tasks swiftly.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with simply putting “fast learner” in the list as it is. That could be the best solution because it’s straight to the point and and fluff-free.

You can express that you are hardworking in many ways as well. One way to say that is that you have a highly dedicated and motivated mindset. Job-energetic or job-obsessed is another way to put it.

The main goal is to put the information on the resume front and center to see that you are someone they will definitely need to hire. Adding the above-mentioned terminology screams, “I am a quick learner and hard worker.”

Hard workers might be something they’re looking for. In a survey conducted by Ol Partners, 57 percent of employers said that working hard was a quality they sought in employees. Thus, you need to take a chance and add it to your list.

Stating that you’re a fast learner is a smart move as well. That will let them know before you even have your interview that they can feel confident about giving you a chance.

Many employers use software to sift through job applications. The words you put in your skills list might be the keywords they want to see. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too complex when choosing terms to describe your abilities.

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Answer Assessment Questions Appropriately

You can say, “I am a quick learner and hard worker” in other stages of the employment process as well. For example, certain employers request that their applicants take assessments as a part of the hiring process. It’s a series of questions that ask you about your behavioral attributes.

Such assessments may also provide you with scenarios and then ask how you would handle them. Many employers conduct this second step of the process to weed out disqualified applicants and shorten the interview stack.

You may be asked questions related to your work ethic. You can let them know that you are a hard worker by answering the questions in a way that indicates that you are.

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Discuss It in Your Interview

The interview is the perfect opportunity for you to express your most precious attributes to the prospective employer. You can wait until the interviewer asks you what qualifies you for the position to provide the information. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to the interviewer for a while and explain to him or her that you dedicate yourself fully to your employers, and you catch on to new information very quickly.

You can also ask the interviewer about the training process and how long it takes. Some employers offer extensive training to people to have everything they need to succeed. You might get fortunate and come across an employer who is willing to put in the time to help you become the best at the new job as possible.

Talk About Incidents That Show Those Attributes

You can also bring up some specific incidents during the interview when you showed how much of a hard worker you were. For example, you can tell the interviewer about how you filled the shift for other workers when they called out, or you came in every time the company was short-staffed, and they asked you to stay.

You can tell them about how quickly you learned your job when you first started if you want to express how much of a quick learner you are. Alternatively, you could talk about when your employer moved you into a different role and how you learned that role faster than other workers did. That will shine a light on your abilities, and it may put you in the position to get hired.

Bring Out the Papers With the Numbers

Another thing you can do is bring some physical proof that you are hardworking and learn fast. An official reference from a supervisor who trained you is a good idea that you might want to consider. A manager’s words about you can go a very long way.

You can also bring sales reports or awards that show how you achieved greatness during your last position. Those can help you prove to the prospective employer that you are very much worth hiring. You may want to consider bringing that to the table.

Tell Them About a Time When …

You’re halfway there if you’ve made it to the interview, and some employers use the STAR format to conduct them. Prospective employees are asked to tell the prospective employers about a specific challenging situation, how they handled that situation, and what result came from their way of handling it. You can use that as a perfect opportunity to tell them about a time when hard work was required of you, and you performed it to meet the company’s needs.

You can also explain how you learned a new task or skill within a short span of time so that they know you’re a quick learner. Employers love people who understand quickly almost as much as they love hardworking employees.

You may succeed in convincing the prospective employer to hire you for a job in which you have limited experience using the previously mentioned techniques. The employer may be willing to give you a chance for a probationary period, as in most other positions. Try some of the strategies mentioned above and continue to improve your resume to receive a call from a prospective employer.

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