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What To Do When You Discover Your Job Is Being Advertised For More Money?

You are looking through job postings on various sites, and you see a post for a job that seems exactly like your current job. Then you look at the salary and think my job is being advertised for more money.

You probably feel upset by this and wonder what to do about it. The most important thing is to take a deep breath because you need to think clearly.

Is This Really Your Job?

When you think my job is being advertised for more money, you want first to determine if it is your job or another position at your company. It would be best if you did not immediately assume this posting is for your exact job. You do want to find out more information. However, it would be best if you did so calmly and without emotion. 

While it is easy to do, do not assume the worst. First, you need to determine if this is your exact job and if so, are you being paid too little? Or is the job posting offering too high a salary? Another point to consider is that this is a job posting and not the actual salary someone is paid. This could be the maximum the company will pay for the job, but a newly hired person may not receive it. It is vital to keep these points in mind before you take your next step.

What To Do Next

There are two options available to you. You can have an open conversation with your management or look for a new job elsewhere. Both options have consequences. It would help if you decided which option feels more stressful for you.

Before Talking to Management

If you opt to have a conversation with management, they may ask you to leave right away, especially if you seem hostile. But, on the other hand, it may also provide the opportunity for you to have a serious conversation with management about your performance and job status. However, before you schedule a meeting with your boss, you should do some homework. 

Before you meet with your management, do not appear disgruntled or change your attitude toward your co-workers. They have not asked to earn more than you. Instead, you should be happy for your colleagues and continue to contribute to a positive work environment and team.

When you have a conversation with your management, it presents you with an opportunity to express what you bring to the organization. Perhaps your boss does not know all the work you do.

It would be best if you came prepared with a list of accomplishments. These must be real examples that are meaningful to the organization. Remember, you are fighting to get what the salary you feel you deserve. 

Consider creating a spreadsheet or journal that outlines the tasks you have completed or, in some other way, measures what you bring to the company. You want this to reflect the work you provide for the company honestly. 

Think about all the days you stayed late or came in early or on the weekend to complete a task. If you are the person that is depended upon to complete critical tasks, mention those as well.

If you feel that your daily tasks go above and beyond what someone in your position does, perhaps you want to consider asking for a promotion. During this meeting, the focus should be on what you have accomplished for the company. 

You want this interaction to be positive and not a session of you complaining about what the company is not doing for you. Therefore, you want to tread carefully. This meeting can become emotional but do your best to stay clear of that. 

It could also upset your management because they may feel you are making demands, and many managers do not like that. So you want to approach this from the perspective of you wanting to be compensated for your work.

Do not threaten or make ultimatums. Even if you are considering looking elsewhere for a job, it is in your best interest not to bring that up. This may not be the climate where you can easily find a new job. You do not want to put yourself in a position of losing the one you have.

Do Your Research

If you believe you are not paid fairly for your work, research market data about what people in similar positions are earning. It is crucial to remember that education and experience can make a significant difference when it comes to salary. 

This research can help you understand why to adjust your understanding when you think my job is being advertised for more money.

It is critical that you look not only for a similar job position but also for similar education and experience. This helps to set your expectations realistically and guides you as to how much you should earn. 

Not only does this research help you during negotiations with your current employer, but it can help you determine if you should consider changing jobs. During your search, you may realize that this is not the best career path for you. 

Professional Skills

Your company may be looking for someone with a more expanded skill set. Now is the time to strengthen your abilities. First, get any certifications that you do not currently have. 

If there are refresher classes you can take or new technologies you can learn, do so. Sharpening your professional skills can make you more profitable to your employer and increase your chances of a raise.

Enhancing your skills also shows your employer that you are committed to growing and learning in your field. This shows initiative and makes you valuable. While you may not need to have completed these professional development tasks, you should have them started before talking to management. 

Look For A New Job

If you feel you are being underpaid and deserve to work for a company that values you, you should begin looking for a new job. It is good practice to always have your resume up to date. If you do not, now is the time.

Update your resume with your current job and details about what you do. It would be best to create profiles on professional sites and with professional organizations. A good rule of thumb is to apply for about five jobs per week. 

Best Way to Begin a Job Search

Depending on how long you have been with your current employer, you may be uncertain about how to begin a job search. It is easy to feel secure at a company and be out of practice looking for a new one.

Look for companies that are interesting to you. Reviews their website to find out if they have any positions available. You want to find out as much as you can about the company. 

If you cannot find job postings they have open, you can send them a letter of interest with your resume. Determine which departments are relevant to you and send your information to the manager. You never know when they may have an open position. It is good practice to have your updated resume on file with them, just in case. 

Networking is critical for you when on the hunt for a new job. You never know when a contact may turn into a job opportunity. In addition, your family, friends, and colleagues can be excellent resources for sharing information about job openings. 

If you are not a member of professional organizations, find them and join them. Networking with these types of organizations can be a great way to find out about open positions. But, again, meeting someone in a casual environment is an excellent way to get your foot in the door of an organization. 

If you already belong to professional organizations, increase your activity in the. You should consider attending meetings, conferences, and workshops. If they have social activities, you want to attend those. Anything you can do to increase your visibility within these groups is suggested. 

Final Thoughts

You are not going to find 100% job security at any position you have. However, that does not mean you should feel like you are not being appropriately compensated for your work. When you see your job posted for a higher salary, it could be time for you to take action.

This very well could be the impetus you need to do something about your current position. That may mean having a long-overdue conversation with your management. On the other hand, it may mean looking for a new job. Whichever path you choose, you need to decide which is best for you and commit to it to further your career.

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