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Why You Will Pick the WRONG Career

Have you ever thought whether you have chosen the wrong career?

Meet Nicole, a recent graduate with a Computer Science degree, who after tireless effort has been presented with two job offers: one as a Software Engineer and the other as a Data Scientist. While software engineering provides her a sense of familiarity and a more defined career path, data science piques her interest due to the fast-paced growth in the field and her fascination with machine learning.

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The dilemma lies in choosing a path and the fear of missing out on the other. This apprehension is understandable, especially when career choices often seem like a lifelong commitment, the fear of choosing wrong can be paralyzing.

Choosing Wrong is Normal

However, here’s a reassuring thought: most people end up choosing the wrong career, and it’s okay.

A study shows that only 27% of college graduates are employed in a field related to their major. Jobs and careers evolve rapidly, and many jobs that exist now didn’t even exist a decade ago.

The probability of choosing the perfect career right from the start is slim.

The Power of a Growth Mindset

What truly matters in building an outstanding career is not the initial choice, but possessing a growth mindset.

This mindset implies a belief in the ability to improve and grow one’s intelligence, talents, and abilities. With this attitude, one can adapt and flourish in any field, and pivot when better opportunities arise.

Examples abound, from Elon Musk, who transitioned from a Physics and Economics graduate to a multi-field entrepreneur, to Sheryl Sandberg, who traversed different industries before becoming the COO of Meta.

Nicole’s Choice: A Learning Opportunity

As for Nicole’s decision between software engineering and data science, the suggestion is to opt for the path offering the most learning opportunities.

This approach aligns with the growth mindset, pushing one to continuously learn, adapt, and reach new heights. In essence, a perfect career isn’t chosen, it’s crafted.

Balancing Passion, Financial Security, and Quality of Life

The last point we’d like to raise is the importance of striking a balance between pursuing passion and ensuring financial security and a certain quality of life. While it’s commendable to chase after one’s passion without considering monetary benefits, it’s equally valid to prioritize a well-paying job to support a certain lifestyle.

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