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What Is the Average Time to Find a Job in Australia?

1 week has gone. 2 weeks. 3 weeks. 4… Still, there is no word from any of the job applications you sent out. You start getting frustrated and discouraged. You’re not alone. 

46% of Australians feel that looking for a new job gets harder after a long and tiresome period of applying for jobs with few positive results.” SEEK content team

To help you stay motivated, I’m going to tell you the average time to find a job in Australia, the factors that affect that timeframe, ways to help speed up the job search process, and much more. So let’s go!

How Long Does It Take To Find a Job in Australia?

How long it takes to get a job in Australia can vary depending on several factors. It can come sooner for some and take longer for others. However, in a study by SEEK, it was found that 26% of job seekers took three to six months to find employment in Australia

You might be asking, “What is the average time to find a job in Australia for foreigners?” The answer is the same – it will take an average of three to six months, with some finding employment sooner or later than that. 

Whatever the case, you need to be patient and persistent. Just keep looking for work that matches your skills and experience. Keep sending in your applications. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up. 

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average time to find a job australia

What Influences Job Search Duration in Australia?

OK, the average time to find a job in Australia is 3 to 6 months. Some can even get a job much sooner or later. So what influences the job search duration? Let’s find out…

Your skills and experience. 

If your skills and experience match the job offer, you will increase your chances of getting that job much sooner. Let me tell you, recruiters love to find someone who already has the qualifications for the job position. This is why it’s a good idea to sharpen your skills and learn new skills. 

On the flip side, if you’re a fresh graduate or applying for a random job, then it will be harder to convince recruiters to hire you. It’s important to always apply for jobs that align with your skills and experience. 

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duration of the job search in australia

Your network and connections. 

Think of it this way: no matter how skilled you are, a recruiter might never see your resume. But if you have connections with potential employers, coworkers, or team members, then your name will be out there already. 

Since someone refers you, you’ll be less of a risk to hire. So if you want to be a strong candidate, work on your network and connections. 

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Your application. 

Andrew Fennell, the founder and director of StandOut CV, says “On average, recruiters spend 6-8 seconds looking at your CV before they decide whether you are suitable for their vacancy or not.” If you don’t grab their attention within that short timeframe, you’ll be ignored. 

You need to stand out. Get rid of your generic and vague job applications. Instead, craft a resume and cover letter that’s tailored to the specific company you’re applying in. If you do this, the time it takes to get a job will be much quicker. 

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is it hard to get a job in australia as a foreigner

Your industry. 

Sometimes, it isn’t what you lack, but the industry you choose. Yes, your chosen industry can have an impact on the length of time it takes to find a new job. 

In Australia, healthcare and technology are rapidly growing, and so is the need for workers in that industry. Also, another study by SEEK showed that 47% of people applying for the accountant role only needed 2 months or less to get a job. 

The competitiveness of the industry will also have a say. If there are a lot of people applying to, let’s say, the communication industry, then your application will be competing against hundreds. It might take the full 6 months or longer to find a job. 

is it difficult to find a job in australia as a foreigner

Unemployment Trends.

It’s important to understand the unemployment rate and how it affects your job search.

During times of high unemployment, more people are competing for the same jobs, which can lengthen the time it takes to secure a position.

Additionally, certain sectors of the economy might be more impacted by unemployment trends than others, so thoroughly research the job market in your chosen field.

Your location.

Though this isn’t as big a factor as the others we considered, it can still influence the duration of your job search. Major cities, like Sydney or Melbourne, are more likely to have many job opportunities, making it easier to get a new role there. If you live (or want to live) in a regional area, it might take longer to find work as there are fewer job openings. 

The hiring process. 

The time it takes to land a job can also depend on the company’s hiring process. Some companies only initiate one interview before they hire. Most companies usually have 2 or more interviews.

Besides that, you have to take into account the time between interviews – or the time it takes for a hiring manager to hand you a job offer. These can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

As you can see, there are LOTS of factors that influence the job search duration in Australia. 

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How to Speed Up The Job Search Process

Great news! There are a few job search strategies that can help you speed up the job search process (I already hinted at some). These are:

Tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific company.

Let the recruiter know you carefully read the job description. Highlight the key skills that you can provide for them. Show them how you can help the company. This is how to impress. This is how to get that first interview. 

Network, network, network.

Look for ways to connect with people in your chosen industry. You can join professional associations, attend job and career events, or even just create a LinkedIn account. 

average time to find a job australia for foreigners

Improve your skills.

The more skilled you are, the more chances of landing your dream job. It’s advisable to try out Mursion, an AI-driven app that improves your soft skills in 10-minute sessions. Or you can enroll in training programs or get a mentor to provide guidance.

Acquire new skills.

Don’t just focus on the skills you already have. Check what other skills are needed for your industry, and work your way to acquiring them. You can even get a certification for a better employment opportunity. 

Gain experience.

If you’re a fresh graduate, you can shorten your job search process by doing internships, finding temporary work, etc… Get involved in the workforce ASAP. This way, you can prove some experience and don’t have to stay unemployed for long.

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Take advantage of job search websites.

Is it hard to get a job in Australia as a foreigner? Thanks to job search websites, it’s not hard at all. You can apply and get an Australian job from the comfort of your home. To get started, check out the top 2 job sites in Australia – SEEK and Careerjet

Apply for the right jobs.

You don’t want to waste your time applying for every job you find. You’re more likely to get hired if you search for a job that matches your skill set. 

Use recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies can help shorten the job search process by matching candidates to open positions. They have many employer connections to aid in speedy recruitment.

Be patient.

Job hunting, resume writing, and all that needs patience. If you want to conquer the job market right NOW, then the whole process will only seem longer.

Be persistent.

It’s easy to get caught feeling frustrated and discouraged when you search for a new job. You might even quit your search and stay in your current job. But if you stop looking, it’s going to take even longer to find a new job (or you’re never going to find one). So be persistent in your job hunting. If so, you’ll be able to find your dream job sooner or later. 

average time to find a job australia

Final Words

What is the average time to find a job in Australia? The job search timeline usually takes three to six months. This applies to both locals and foreigners. 

Of course, there are many influences that affect YOUR job search timeline. This can include your skills and experience, your network, your application, your industry, or even the hiring company’s process. But to help quicken the process, you can follow my tips on how to speed up the job search process. Good luck!

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