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Where to Look for a Job in Australia? The 17 Best Job Sites

Quick fact: There are around 110,000 Americans living in Australia. If you want to join them in the “Land Down Under”, then one of the first things you need to do is secure a job there.

But you’re probably wondering where to look for a job in Australia from USA. To help you, I’m going to list the 17 best job sites in Australia. I’ll also go over other things to consider when planning to work in this new country. So let’s begin!

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The 17 Best Job Sites in Australia

Where to look for a job in Australia for foreigners? Here is a quick rundown of the 17 top job sites in Australia:

  1. SEEK
  2. Jora
  3. Indeed
  4. Gumtree
  5. Adzuna
  6. LinkedIn
  7. CareerOne
  8. Careerjet
  9. Workforce Australia (JobActive)
  10. Jobseeker
  11. GradConnection
  12. ArtsHub
  13. FlexCareers
  14. Paddl
  15. Workfast
  16. Sidekicker
  17. Teaching Jobs

Job site #1: SEEK

where to look for a job in australia

SEEK is the #1 Australian employment marketplace. Since it’s the most popular local job portal, you can find hundreds of companies hiring in Australia. Here, you can find a job posting for just about any industry. 

The best part is that it’s SUPER easy to create a SEEK profile and navigate the platform. You can filter your options by putting in your keyword, the industry you’re interested in, and even the location. You can find many job openings within minutes. 

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Job site #2: Jora

Jora is part of the SEEK Group. You can rest assured that it’s another trustworthy website to get a job in Australia. In fact, employers are verified before they can post job ads. There’s no need to worry about scammers here. 

Plus, around 50,000 people (job seekers and employers) visit Jora every month. You can search for jobs with the right job boards. 

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Job site #3: Indeed 

Indeed is arguably the most well-known job board around the world. So no doubt I was going to put it high on this list. The great thing about Indeed is that you can aim your job search directly to Australia. Since it’s so popular already, there’s really nothing much I can add about it that you don’t already know. 

Job site #4: Gumtree

Though Gumtree has job ads in many sectors, you’ll mostly find manufacturing, hospitality, services, and construction roles in the job search engine. If you’re after these industries, then this job search website is the right match for you. 

You’ll also love that you can find jobs on the go. Gumtree has its own dedicated mobile app, making it the perfect job site if you’re always on the move. 

Job site #5: Adzuna 

top job sites in australia

Here’s another popular global job search website. Adzuna allows you to narrow your search to Australia. Not only that, but they also have a transparent search engine that allows you to zero in on the right Australian job for you. This makes your job hunt even easier. 

Job site #6: LinkedIn

Of course, we can’t forget about LinkedIn! Fun fact: LinkedIn ranks 10th among the ‘most popular social media platforms in Australia’. What’s more, business professionals make up the majority of users. I don’t need to go into detail why this is the perfect place to dig into the Australian job market (and get career advice, too). 

Job site #7: CareerOne

CareerOne partners with FoundIt (previously Monster) to provide one of the best places to post and seek Australian jobs. 

Job seekers can benefit greatly from the multiple job offers, career advice, and resume evaluation. Yes, you’ll be able to see whether your resume stands out to a recruiter. And this can be the deciding factor on whether you’ll be shortlisted for a first interview or not. 

If you’re an employer in Australia, then you can take advantage of the free job posting packages, bulk posting options, and logo attachments. 

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Job site #8: Careerjet

Careerjet serves 94 countries, with Australia having one of the largest employment offers. You can find LOTS of job opportunities in every sector. Plus, you can find offers for any level of experience through targeted job ads. Whether you’re a skilled worker or a fresh graduate, you’ll find the right job boards for YOU. 

Job site #9: Workforce Australia (JobActive)

Previously known as JobActive, Workforce Australia is owned by the Australian government. This was created to help the Australian job search for locals and foreigners. With the hope of increasing employment rates, Workforce Australia connects job seekers to employers and recruiters and vice versa. 

Job site #10: Jobseeker

where to look for a job in australia from usa

As the name implies, Jobseeker focuses on, well, job seekers. Because of this, Jobseeker offers more than just a platform with access to a vast number of job openings. No, you also get software that helps you build the perfect resume, CV, and cover letter. 

Brian, a web developer who used Jobseeker, commented, “Intuitively designed to offer job seekers the tools they need when applying for jobs.” If you need an extra hand, Jobseeker is your guy. 

Job site #11: GradConnection

Since the job market is very competitive, it can be hard for fresh grads to find a job. At least 33.33% of international graduates in Australia find jobs six months after graduating.

To make it easier to work in Australia, GradConnection provides a central hub for graduate jobs and internships. Whether you studied in Australia or want to move there after studying, GradConnection is your biggest bet to selecting the right job boards for your situation. 

Job site #12: ArtsHub

If you’re an artist, it might be difficult to find a job you like. I mean, the majority of ads are about jobs in other sectors. If that’s your case, then ArtsHub has all the creative job openings available in Australia. You can choose from a wide selection of creative work, including publishing, fine arts, concert management, artistic development, curator, etc… 

Job site #13: FlexCareers

OK, let’s say you want to try out the waters first. You want to experience what it’s like to work in Australia for Americans before fully committing. FlexCareers is the job search website you should go to. Why?

FlexCareers offers flexible job opportunities. You can apply for flexible, part-time, or remote jobs here. If you’re a mom, lots of employers at FlexCareers are looking to hire more female employees. 

Job site #14: Paddl

Paddl is another great place to find a job in Australia for fresh graduates. But unlike GradConnection, it has a unique twist. Here, employers evaluate if you have the right skills through scorecards instead of resumes (since you probably don’t have a strong resume as a fresh grad). If you get a good score, then you’ll be a likely candidate for a job offer. 

Job site #15: Workfast

where to look for a job in australia for foreigners

Workfast is for contract workers in the infrastructure industry. If you want to be part of Australia’s largest projects, such as rail construction, then you’ll find the right openings here. Don’t worry, Workfast is certified to provide employee safety. It also promises a higher salary range. 

Job site #16: Sidekicker

Sidekicker isn’t a dedicated job search website. Instead, you apply as a casual staff with the company. In turn, they will look for casual employment for you, including hospitality, events, warehousing, promotions, and more roles. So if you’re looking for a casual job in that sector, you can apply as a sidekick to Sidekicker. 

Job site #17: Teaching Jobs

From the name alone, you can already guess who this job search website targets. That’s right – teachers. Or anyone in the school industry. Teaching Jobs regularly updates their job listing with new openings for teachers in all subjects and all levels. If your passion is to teach children in Australia, then Teaching Jobs is your perfect match. 

Other Things to Consider When Looking for a Job in Australia

Now you know where to look for a job in Australia from USA. But there are other things you need to consider if you want to work in Australia. These are:

  • Get a work visa. You ask, “How to get a job in Australia for foreigners?” One of the main things is to secure a work visa. Now, in Australia, there are at least 20 types of Australian work visas. Pick the one that matches your situation and industry. 
  • Research your industry. Check whether the industry you’re interested in is in high demand in Australia. You should also learn about the pay rates, sought-after skills, and all that. If you see that it’s good (maybe even better than in the US), then it’s a good idea to move to Australia. 
  • Speak the lingo. You can start as early as now to speak the Aussie lingo. Though it isn’t required, it will be much easier to understand and blend in when you start working there. You can avoid miscommunication, too. 
  • Learn about the culture. As you’re going to spend time with Australian coworkers and team members, it’s wise to learn about their culture so as not to be disrespectful. In turn, knowing their culture will help you avoid feeling disrespected. 
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter. Andrew Morris, Director of Robert Half, suggests this, “Connect your experience to the benefits the company can reap. Don’t assume that local employers have heard of your overseas employer. Include a paragraph in your resume explaining the business and its functions.” Remember, your potential employer probably doesn’t deal with many international candidates. 

Final Words

So you’re someone in the USA asking, “Where to look for a job in Australia?” Well, you can check out my list of the best job sites in Australia. You can find a job opportunity in any sector, no matter your work experience. While you’re at it, make sure to look into the other things to consider when looking for a job in Australia. 

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