Top 5 Best Webcams for Zoom Meetings – From Budget-Friendly to High-Res Quality

If you work remotely, you’ll most likely have to attend regular Zoom meetings. Even if you work at an office, virtual meetings are becoming the new norm. And yes, Zoom is the #1 app used, with 3.3 trillion minutes hosted every year since 2020

What I’m trying to say is that almost everyone uses Zoom. Because of that, you’ll want to buy a good webcam for your Zoom video calls (assuming that the one on your laptop is subpar or you use a desktop).  

But what webcam should you get? I’ll list the top 5 best webcams for Zoom meetings. I’ll go over the best budget-friendly ones and the best video quality with 4k resolution. This way, there’s something for everyone. So let’s go!

Product: Price*: Pros: Cons: Amazon Rating:
Logitech C310$25.89Very affordable

Auto light correction Build-in mic (which is usually found in more expensive webcams)

Easy mount
Doesn’t support 1080p video res

Doesn’t have many features
4.3/5 stars (1,427 reviews)Buy on Amazon
Microsoft LifeCam Studio$62.79Affordable

Built-in mic with crystal-clear sound

360° rotation

Automatically enhances color
1080p is only for images

A bit bulky
4.3/5 stars (1,694 reviews)Buy on Amazon
Logitech C920$69.95Affordable

Super easy to use

Great light detection and  autofocus
Released in 2012 so isn’t the most high-tech 

  Doesn’t come with a built-in mic
4.6/5 stars (32,258 reviews)Buy on Amazon
Logitech StreamCam Plus$88.99Comes with a tripod

HD video and smooth motion

Has a 78-degree FOV
A bit pricey

Not the best lighting
4.2/5 stars (2,687 reviews)Buy on Amazon
Logitech Brio 4K$159.88The best video quality

Automatically adjusts light no matter how dim or bright

Elegant sleek look and build

The lower the video res the higher the fps

Zoom doesn’t support 4k quality
4.6/5 stars (17,037 reviews)Buy on Amazon
*As of March 2024

1. Logitech C310


Logitech C310 specs:

  • Display Size – 5 inches
  • Video Resolution – 720p/30fps
  • Connectivity Tech – USB-A
  • Shooting Mode – easy
  • Lens Type – Zoom
  • Flash Memory Type – Micro SD

The Logitech C310 is the best webcam for Zoom meetings if you’re on a tight budget. For less than $50, you already get all you need – a sturdy build, good video and image quality, noise-reduction microphone, auto light correction, and an easy-mount feature. 

With its 5-inch screen size, you get a 720p video resolution and the common 30fps (frames per second). Sure, these aren’t the best numbers. But Zoom actually only has a maximum of 720p quality if you use a regular (free) account.  

The one feature that I’d like to highlight is the auto-light correction. The C310 HD webcam uses face-tracking to adjust lighting in your video. Based on your face lighting, the webcam automatically brightens or dims as needed.

The best part is that, even in dim or unevenly lit places, it can tweak the frame rate to make the video clearer without adding any video noise. And again, all that for just $25.89 (subject to change).

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2. Microsoft LifeCam Studio


Microsoft LifeCam Studio specs:

  • Display Size – 4 inches
  • Video Resolution – 720p-1080p/30fps
  • Connectivity Tech – USB-A
  • Shooting Mode – LifeCam
  • Lens Type – Wide angle

Another of the best cheap webcams is the Microsoft LifeCam Studio. Michelle Rae Uy, the former Editor at TechRadar, puts it best when describing this webcam:

“It’s a little intimidating, looking like a CCTV camera from a dystopian nightmare. But, it’s not designed to be attractive; it’s designed for business and work calls.”

So yes, it doesn’t have the sleekest design – but it does the job perfectly. What you’ll especially love about it is that it has a built-in webcam microphone that produces awesome sound quality. You’ll be able to be heard crystal clear in the video meeting.

However, though it’s advertised as a 1080p webcam, it can only shoot 1080p images. For its webcam video, it only does 720p. Again, Zoom only supports 720p video calls anyway, so this isn’t a big deal. 

Besides that, you can also enjoy 360° rotation to showcase multiple participants, whiteboards, documents, or other materials in the room. Then, there’s Microsoft’s TrueColor technology to automatically enhance colors, as well as ClearFrame Technology for smoother videos.

3. Logitech C920


Logitech C920 specs:

  • Display Size – 3 inches
  • Video Resolution – 720-1080p/30fps 
  • Connectivity Tech – USB-A
  • Shooting Mode – Autofocus
  • Flash Memory Type – Micro SD

The Logitech C920 is another best webcam for your Zoom meetings. Despite being released 12 years ago and is now discontinued by the manufacturer, it’s still a top pick webcam for a video conference. Jessica Weatherbed, a former TechRadar writer, gives her take on this:

“The C920 manages to balance performance and affordability in a way that other brands seem to consistently miss.”

If you aren’t tech-savvy, then you’ll love the simplicity of the C920. You just need to plug its cable into your laptop/desktop and it’s good to go. None of those complicated setting up and installing drivers. 

Of course, since it’s a webcam built more than a decade ago, you can’t expect the high-tech features and specs of today’s webcams. But what you can expect is fantastic light detection, good autofocus, and HD video quality. 

NOTE: You can use 1080p for Business or Enterprise Zoom accounts, but you’ll have to enable it. Also, 1080p uses more CPU and bandwidth. If you have a really old laptop/desktop, the video might have a delay. 

I want to focus a bit on its autofocus (no pun intended). You won’t get out of focus every time you make a slight move because the C920 picks a focal point and sticks to it. And with the light detection, it keeps the subject on focus even in dim areas. It has minimal noise, too. 

It’s important to know that this pro webcam doesn’t come with a built-in microphone. If you want to have crisp sound, you’ll have to use an external mic, which makes it a bit more expensive and hassle. But hey, external mics are a lot better than built-in webcam mics. 

4. Logitech StreamCam Plus


Logitech StreamCam Plus specs:

  • Display Size – 2.2 inches
  • Video Resolution – 720-1080p/60fps
  • Connectivity Tech – USB Type-C
  • Shooting Mode – Portrait
  • Flash Memory Type – Micro SD
  • Exposure Control Type – Automatic
  • File Format – JPEG

If you’re after quality over budget, then Logitech StreamCam Plus is the best webcam for video conferencing. It comes with a cable that measures 60 inches long and has a C-type USB. 

Plus, it also comes with a tripod mount. If you don’t want to clip it to your laptop/desktop, this tripod is very useful. Though you can’t tilt the webcam in any direction, it can be tilted through the tripod’s 360° rotation. 

But what really stands out with the Logitech StreamCam Plus is its field of view (FOV) and camera quality. For one, it’s a 1080p webcam with 60fps. This ensures full HD quality and smooth and fluid motion in the video. 

As for its field of view, it comes up at 78°. With a 78° FOV, you have some flexibility in adjusting the camera position without losing too much coverage. This makes it easier to frame shots and maintain a clear focus.

It doesn’t have the best lighting, though. You may need to supply your own bright light to improve the grains. Other than that, the StreamCam Plus does more than enough. 

5. Logitech Brio 4k


Logitech Brio 4k specs:

  • Display Size – 2.7 inches
  • Video Resolution – 4K-1080p-720p/30-30-60-90fps
  • Connectivity Tech – USB-A
  • Shooting Mode – Automatic
  • Lens Type – Zoom
  • Digital Zoom – 5 multiplier x
  • Optical Zoom – 100 multiplier x

Let’s move on to the big league. If you need a webcam with the best video quality, the Logitech Brio 4k webcam is your guy. From its sleek design and sturdy build alone, you can already tell that this is a more high-quality webcam. 

Priced at $159.88 (subject to change), you can expect amazing video and picture quality. It also has a ton of features, such as RightLight 3 and high-dynamic range (HDR) technology, video resolution options, an adjustable field of view (65°, 78°, and 90°), 5x HD zoom, etc… 

For the RightLight 3 and HDR technology, it automatically adjusts to make you look professional in either low light, bright light, or strong lighting contrasts. 

As for the video resolution options, you can pick 4k/30fps, 1080p/30-60fps, or 720p/30-60-90fps. No matter what you pick, you’ll get an Ultra HD video or Ultra smooth motion detection. 

Here’s the catch. Zoom calls can’t support 4k video quality. You won’t be able to use its special 4k quality feature. But if you’re planning to use it for your Zoom video conferencing AND as a streaming webcam, then it will be worth the purchase. 

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings

Let’s say you’re not satisfied with this list of best webcams for Zoom meetings. You want more options (or maybe you just want more information). 

Whatever the case, I’ll give you some things to consider when choosing the best webcam for a Zoom meeting:

  • A regular (free) Zoom account only supports 720p video quality. I know I already mentioned this, but I feel it’s good to mention it again. So if you’re using a free account, the best camera for Zoom meetings is at 720p. There’s not much use getting a more expensive 1080p webcam unless you want to use it for other video formats. If you have a Business or Enterprise account, though, then 1080p webcams are a good idea. 
  • Zoom doesn’t support 4k video quality. I’ll mention this again, too. This is because I don’t think you should waste your money on 4k webcams if it’s only going to be used for Zoom. If you use it for other professional videos, then go ahead – it’s worth the extra money. 
  • Make sure your laptop/desktop is compatible with the webcam. This is especially true if you use an older laptop or desktop. Don’t worry, you can easily find the system requirements on Amazon listings or a quick Google search. So before you purchase that inexpensive webcam or 4k model webcam, never forget to make sure it’s compatible. 
  • Be mindful of driver installations. Some webcams are not compatible with Zoom itself. If so, you’ll have to install additional drivers or software. That said, most plug-and-play webcams (meaning you plug it directly into your laptop/desktop) are compatible with Zoom, making it a much easier experience for you. 
  • Video quality is the most important feature. When you’re out to find the best webcams of 2024, video quality is the #1 feature to look for. Even if the video quality is 720p, some webcam brands do it better – like Logitech and Microsoft. This is why reviews like this are important to read before grabbing an expensive or cheap webcam for your Zoom streaming or video conferencing. 

Final Words 

If your laptop webcams are terrible, then it’s highly recommended to get an external webcam to make your Zoom calls more professional. If you’re unsure which webcam for work to pick out of the thousands, I listed the top 5 best webcams for Zoom meetings. This list ranges from the affordable webcams to the 4k Ultra HD webcams. 

Also, make sure you look into the considerations when selecting the best webcam for YOU. Imagine how frustrating it will be if, say, the excellent webcams you bought weren’t compatible with your laptop or desktop. 

Get one of these webcams for a more professional Zoom meeting experience:

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