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The 25 Best Paying Jobs Working From Home

Upwork, a global freelance marketplace, estimates that, by 2025, at least 22% of the US workforce will have remote jobs. That means that around 74.8 million Americans will have work-from-home jobs. 

With the growing popularity of remote work, as well as the many benefits it offers, you should start looking into the best paying jobs working from home. Today, I’m going to go over the 25 highest-paying work-from-home jobs you can get into. 

I’ll make sure to include entry-level and senior-level roles so that there’s something for everyone. Plus, I’ll also go over the benefits of working from home

“I find that I am much more creative when I’ve actually taken care of myself.” – Arianna Huffington, co-founder of Huffington Post. This is a true statement that goes hand-in-hand with working at home. 

Side note: The jobs mentioned here can be done remotely, in the office, or a combination of the two. If you want a full-time work-from-home position, you need to check with your employer if this is allowed.

The 25 Highest-Paying Work-From-Home Jobs 

To give you a quick answer, here is a list of the 25 work-from-home jobs that pay well:

  1. Cloud Solutions Architect – $150,241/year
  2. Senior Product Manager – $147,780/year
  3. Software Engineer (Apple employees) – $139,952/year
  4. Front-End Developer – $138,932/year
  5. Director of Quality – $124,417/year
  6. Senior Project Manager – $124,345/year
  7. Full-Stack Developer – $124,218/year
  8. Director of Business Development – $122,580/year
  9. Java Developer – $114,720/year
  10. Mobile Developer – $114,431/year
  11. Software Developer – $111,845/year
  12. UX Designer – $106,224/year
  13. Research Engineer – $106,012/year
  14. Psychologist – $92,813/year
  15. Technical Support Manager – $88,207/year
  16. Business Development Manager – $85,602/year
  17. IT Security Specialist (entry-level) – $82,350/year
  18. Medical Writer (PharmD) – $80,364/year
  19. Web Designer – $72,800/year
  20. Audit Manager – $72,633/year
  21. Physician – $67,974/year
  22. Social Media Manager – $64,845/year
  23. Search Engine Evaluator – $50,884/year
  24. Virtual Assistant – $50,749/year
  25. Freelance Writer – $48,412/year

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1. Cloud Solutions Architect

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $150,241/year

A Cloud Solutions Architect designs and implements scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, as well as deals with cloud computing strategies. For this job, you’ll need to be familiar with cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cloud solutions architects may work remotely, collaborating with teams to design and implement cloud-based solutions.

best paying jobs working from home

2. Senior Product Manager

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $147,780/year

We looked at a senior PROJECT manager. Now let’s look at the senior PRODUCT manager. This time around, you’ll be in charge of overseeing the whole process of product and/or solution production. This involves creating new product strategies and ensuring the product team understands the process and development. 

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3. Software Engineer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $139,952,/year (Apple employees)

If you’re interested in working in the software industry, you’ll love that software engineering jobs offer remote opportunities. As a software engineer, you’ll not only create software applications but also improve and maintain the quality of software systems. 

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4. Front-End Developer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $138,932/year

If you’ve ever visited a website and praised how easy it was to navigate, then you’re praising the work of a front-end developer. If this is something you want to do, this career could be a good fit for you. You’ll be making sure that a website is functional and aesthetically pleasing, for both desktops and phones. 

Expect to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for this. This is why you need experience in this area if you want to excel in this job. 

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5. Director of Quality

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $124,417/year

Director of quality or quality assurance directors ensure products and services match the company’s quality requirements. They also make sure that these products/services are made on time. Besides that, they will be the ones to suggest or even craft the quality mindset of a company. 

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6. Senior Project Manager

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $124,345/year

Here’s another senior-level position that allows you to enjoy work from the comfort of your own home. From the name alone, you can already tell what the job is about. The manager oversees projects and timelines related to information technology. 

7. Full-Stack Developer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $124,218/year

A full-stack developer develops website applications from front-end to back-end. A day in the life of a full-stack developer looks like this – write functional codes, test and fix any bugs, make user interactions on a website, and lots more. You can choose to be a full-time and part-time developer. 

8. Director of Business Development

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $122,580/year

As a director of business development, you’ll be in charge of helping businesses create and implement plans, as well as helping them reach their goals. Since this is mostly talking with other executives, you can do it through the phone or video call. 

Remember, a director of business development is a senior-level role. So you’ll have to make your way up before you can enjoy one of the highest-paying remote jobs. 

9. Java Developer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $114,720/year

If you want to work from home but aren’t in a senior or management role, then you can be a Java developer. The best part is that this is a work from home job that pays well with no experience. 

As a Java developer, you have to be familiar with Java programming language to design and implement programs, applications, and websites that fit the company’s goals and needs. 

10. Mobile Developer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $114,431/year

If you’re a developer, one of the best work-from-home jobs to go for is a mobile developer. Why? 90,000+ mobile apps were released in June 2023. This only means that, as the world goes digital, more and more companies will want their own apps. In turn, that means more work (and pay) for you – the mobile developer. 

online jobs that pay well no experience

11. Software Developer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $111,845/year

We’ve already talked about all kinds of developers – not quite. There’s still the software developer. Software developers have a broader range as they deal with any and all kinds of software. What’s more, they don’t just design. They also create, test, and maintain software applications, systems, and platforms. 

As you have to be a skilled programmer, it’s a good idea to get a Bachelor’s degree or join boot camps, gain practical experience, and self-study. 

12. UX Designer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $106,224/year

A UX designer creates and enhances the overall user experience with digital products, software services, or interactive systems. The goal is to get positive interactions and user engagement through a user-friendly, intuitive, and satisfying experience. Since this can all be done online, it’s one of the best work from home jobs. 

13. Research Engineer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $106,012/year

A research engineer can work in a variety of fields, including medical, mechanical, aerospace, software, and electrical. These remote workers do deep research about information and data for the purpose of creating new products and applications. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, research engineer employment will increase by 21% from 2021 to 2031. So there is a good future in this job. Plus, it allows you to work from home. 

14. Psychologist

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $92,813/year

As a psychologist, you have work-from-home opportunities, too. All you need to do is work a way around meeting clients online and observing, interviewing, and determining if they have any disorders. Clients are usually addicts, mentally unstable individuals, and anyone with different human behaviors or brain functions. Of course, as a psychologist, a Bachelor’s degree and even much higher is required.

15. Technical Support Manager

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $88,207/year

Here’s another manager position role. As the manager, you’ll be the leader of a tech support team. Other responsibilities include staying current on new technology, giving on-call support, and installing hardware and software, to name a few. All this can be done remotely. 

best paying jobs working from home no experience

16. Business Development Manager

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $85,602/year

A business development manager is not the same as a director of business development. Instead, a business development manager deals with more hands-on tasks. It’s also a more mid-level role, so you can reach this position sooner.  

As a business development manager, you’ll make sure to implement the strategic plans set by higher management. This could mean finding new business opportunities, negotiating partnership deals, managing client or customer relationships, etc. 

17. IT Security Specialist

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $82,350/year (entry-level)

IT Security Specialist duties include identifying computer system threats, giving login credentials to new employees, implementing security systems, and watching for system security violations. They also deal with both hardware and software. 

18. Medical Writer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $80,364/year (PharmD)

If you want to work in the medical field but have a job well-suited for remote work, then a medical writer is one you can consider. Here, you’ll be writing and editing medical documents and clinical trials for regulatory agencies, publications, and/or medical journals. 

19. Web Designer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $72,800/year

When it comes to websites, 66% of visitors prefer a beautiful design to a plain and simple one. This is why companies are willing to offer high-paying work-from-home jobs to web designers. As you might expect, a web designer is tasked to design a website. They need to make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and optimized for fast loading. 

20. Audit Manager

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $72,633/year

An audit manager is responsible for overseeing and managing a company’s audit process. They recommend policies and make sure a company complies with government and international obligations. Audit managers are usually found in corporate finance departments, accounting firms, and internal audit functions of companies. 

work from home jobs that pay well no experience

21. Physician

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $67,974/year

If you’re a physician who works remotely, you’ll be in charge of prescribing medicines, interpreting tests, diagnosing illnesses or injuries, and offering advice to patients through the phone or video call. 

Now, since physician work is best done in person, you may have to do a part-time remote role. With this, you’ll visit the hospital or medical clinic some days and work from home other days. 

22. Social Media Manager

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $64,845/year

Let’s say you’re looking for fun work from home jobs that pay well. If so, you can consider becoming a social media manager. As the name implies, you’ll be managing a company’s social media platforms. If you love using social media anyway, this is a great way to earn BIG. 

Plus, It’s one of the work from home jobs that pay well with no experience. You just have to prove that you know how to make your way around social media, create great content that brings brand awareness, answer inquiries, and all that good stuff. 

23. Search Engine Evaluator

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $50,884/year

Do you wonder who evaluates and assesses the quality of search engine results? Well, search engine evaluators of course! Through their evaluations, they enhance the relevancy and accuracy of search engine algorithms. With this job, you’ll play a crucial role by offering human feedback on the search results’ quality. 

24. Virtual Assistant

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $50,749/year

A virtual assistant is a very broad job title. This is because you can be tasked to do just about anything (virtually), from editing photos in Photoshop and publishing content in WordPress to organizing a Google Spreadsheet and entering raffles. Whatever your employer needs help with, you’ll be there to provide it. Yes, it’s one of the best and easiest online jobs that pay well with no experience.

best paying jobs working from home (2)

25. Freelance Writer

Average work-from-home salary (as of Nov 2023): $48,412/year

If you’re a writer, this job is one of the best paying jobs working from home with no experience. No degree is required, too. As long as you know how to write AWESOME content, you’ll be able to earn big. Also, since you’re a freelancer, you can write for several clients at the same time. 

The best part is that any topic goes. You can also write for blog posts, newsletters, emails, landing pages, and copy, you name it. If you want, you can even choose to be a part-time freelance writer. 

Benefits of Working From Home 

Here are a few great benefits of working from home:

  • You have a better work-life balance. 
  • Working hours are usually flexible.
  • You can choose where you want to work. 
  • It increases productivity and performance because of fewer interruptions and stress (you’ll have to be self-motivated and self-disciplined, though). 
  • It helps with the environment as you won’t have to commute regularly. 
  • You can customize your work environment
  • You can save money as you’ll most likely just stay home. 
  • You get to wear comfortable clothes while at work. 

Final Words

What are the best paying jobs working from home? I list the highest-paying work-from-home jobs here. So make sure to check out our list if you’re a job seeker looking for remote jobs that pay well (or if you’re in a senior role and want to switch to a home office). 

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