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24 Best Websites to Find a Job in Singapore for 2024

Finding a job these days can be tough. To make it even harder, Singapore has one of the highest competitive talent markets in the world.

“Singapore placed 4th for Labor Market competitiveness, improving significantly from 12th in 2022″ – CNBC news. 

But I’m not here to discourage you. No, I’m here to help you make the most out of your job hunt in Singapore. To do that, I’m going over the 24 best websites to find a job in Singapore for 2024. 

I’ll include job search websites perfect for locals, foreigners, employers, and fresh graduates. This way, there’s something here for everyone. So let’s go!

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The Best Job Websites in Singapore 

Here is a list of the 24 best websites to find a job in Singapore: 

  1. JobStreet
  2. JobsDB
  3. GlassDoor
  4. FastJobs
  5. GrabJobs
  6. Randstad
  8. MyCareersFuture
  9. LinkedIn
  11. STJobs
  12. Snaphunt
  13. GradSingapore
  14. Singapore Medical Association (SMA)
  15. Indeed
  16. Glints
  17. InternSG
  18. 9cv9
  19. TalentTribe
  20. Freeboh
  21. FoundIt (Monster)
  22. JobsCentral
  23. Beam

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Best job site #1: JobStreet

best websites to find a job in singapore job street in singapore

JobStreet is one of the most popular job portal sites in Singapore. So whether you’re seeking job postings in the area or looking for Singaporean employees, this is a great job website to check out. 

One reason why it’s so loved is that it’s SUPER easy to use. You can filter the job board according to location, minimum salary, and much more. This job site platform is also more on permanent job offers as most job vacancies are issued by contract agencies. 

If you’re looking for the best website to find a job in Singapore for free, then JobStreet is your guy. 

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Best job site #2: JobsDB

jobsdb singapore best website to find a job in singapore for free

Another one of the best job portals in Singapore is JobsDB. This platform is partnered with JobStreet to provide combined services for everyone. 

From the get-go, you’ll notice that JobsDB has a very easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface. So no matter how untech-savvy you are (if that’s a word), you can find your way around here. Plus, we have great news for employers! You can post job ads for FREE!

Best job site #3: GlassDoor

singapore job sites for foreigners

If you’re looking for the best website to find a job in Singapore for foreigners, then you’ll love GlassDoor. This is because you can get honest reviews about companies in Singapore. You can look into interview questions, CEO approval rates, working culture, company reviews, salary reports, management behavior, and much more. 

With this special feature, you’ll know what you’re getting into before applying. Plus, there is a wealth of job listings in Singapore to choose from! And yes, it’s FREE too. 

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Best job site #4: FastJobs

job search websites singapore

Because Singapore is one of the most advanced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) markets, you might feel left out if you’re a non-executive job seeker. But don’t worry, we have the perfect job search site for you – FastJobs

As the name implies, you can quickly find a job from a reliable employer in Singapore that is willing to hire you for part-time, full-time, or contract roles for all types of job positions. 

Best job site #5: GrabJobs

hire in singapore

Looking for the best job posting sites based in Singapore? GrabJobs was founded in this small but mighty city-state in 2015. In its early days, the website only targeted Singaporean workers. Today, it is available worldwide.

One unique feature of GrabJobs is that it automatically generates a profile for you. You don’t need to waste your time. Instead, you can get to job searching right away. So whether you’re a Singaporean or a foreigner seeking job roles in Singapore, you’re sure to grab a job here. 

Best job site #6: Randstad

job hunting in singapore

If you’re looking for a job related to accounting and finance, information technology, supply chain and logistics, human resources, and manufacturing and production, then Randstad should be your #1 choice. 

Having a big presence in Singapore, you’re sure to find great employment that has to do with the job specializations mentioned above. And since Randstad is a global name, you can trust that it only offers Singapore’s top job listings. 

Best job site #7:

best website to find a job in singapore for foreigners

You won’t run out of great job opportunities in Singapore if you use This website is actually a database for job boards on thousands of different websites. You no longer have to run from website to website when has them all in one place. 

You might be wondering, “How does this work? Do I apply to or the other job sites and companies?” Well, helps these job sites and companies by providing visibility to their job opening and sending the seeker directly to their website. 

Best job site #8: MyCareersFuture

job hunting singapore

OK, what if you’re an employer and you want to post your jobs on job search websites in Singapore? Maybe you want to specifically target Singaporean employees. MyCareersFuture is a job portal governed by the Singaporean Government. So it’s definitely a website you can trust, and it only caters to Singaporean and permanent resident seekers. 

MyCareersFuture is FREE to post your job ads on. However, you need to make sure that your company is registered in Singapore. Of course, job seekers are welcome here, too. Just remember that you have to be a local, whether from birth or a permanent resident. 

Best job site #9: LinkedIn

job search singapore for foreigners

Ahh, good ol’ LinkedIn. When you think of a job platform website, your first thought probably went to LinkedIn – and for good reason. This website is one of the world’s biggest social networking for professionals

In 2023, Statista noted that there were 3.7 million users from Singapore. And yes, even the Singapore Prime Minister has LinkedIn! No doubt you will find a lot of job offers in Singapore. For employers, you can be sure that your job postings will reach a large number of local and foreign seekers. 

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Best job site #10:

sg jobs for foreigners is similar to It gathers job ads from different job search websites and companies. So again, you can easily find multiple job offers in just a few minutes. 

You can also access Adzuna’s quick match technology. This will filter your search to jobs that suit your skills and experience. This way, it becomes even faster to find a job that YOU can excel in. 

Best job site #11: STJobs

jobs in singapore for foreigners

STJobs is another Singapore-based platform that you can check out. This website belongs to the Singapore Press Holdings. Because it’s an “official” website, there are less likely to be scammers here. 

However, people say that it isn’t the most user-friendly website. There might be a bit of a learning curve to get around it. But once you ace that, you can enjoy free access to search for jobs all around Singapore. 

Best job site #12: Snaphunt

job opportunities in singapore for foreigners

Snaphunt is becoming a popular choice for job hunters in Asia. The name implies that it’ll be a “snap” to hunt for a job. Once you register, you will instantly get matched with a range of job listings that suit your qualifications.  

The best part? You also get FREE access to career resources, CV and resume builder, psychometric assessment, and more. However, if you’re hiring in Singapore, know that Snaphunt is a bit pricey to post job ads. 

Best job site #13: GradSingapore

work opportunities in singapore

Calling all the fresh grads that want to work in Singapore. GradSingapore is the perfect job site as you are exactly who it caters to. Here, you won’t feel the press of competition from other job seekers with tons of experience. 

Not just that, GradSingapore also offers internships and graduate programs in Singapore in just about any field you can think of. You will feel right at home here. 

Best job site #14: Singapore Medical Association (SMA)

singapore jobs for foreigners

What if you’re looking for a medical job? You might not find many offers in general job posting sites in Singapore. So why not look for an opening in an actual medical association? 

The Singapore Medical Association (SMA) posts medical job offers on its website. You can scan the openings, see the job responsibilities, and much more. This website is a centralized platform for everyone interested in the medical field. 

Best job site #15: Indeed

asian job boards

Like LinkedIn, Indeed is one of the best job websites in the world. It boasts 500+ million visits each month. So why is it so low on this list? Though it’s very popular around the world, its branding in Singapore is not the strongest. 

But that’s not to say that it isn’t one of the best job sites in Singapore. It is. Since Indeed is a general job portal, you can find any job offer under the sun. It’s a big hit when it comes to Singapore job sites for foreigners. 

Best job site #16: Glints

16 best job search website in singapore

Here’s another great job portal in Singapore for interns! If you don’t want to be competing against the experts, you can run to this safe space. You also get to learn more about career development here. 

So if you’re starting out, Glints is there to help you with everything, from career advice and development to finding the perfect job in Singapore for interns. 

Best job site #17: InternSG

singapore best job search website

Still on the intern train, InternSG makes it easy to start your job search as a newbie to the career world. Here, you can find internships, graduate jobs, and even part-time jobs.

If you’re part of the local community, you get further benefits. InternSG goes the extra mile to assist pupils looking to work while studying, as well as provide a number of niche areas of interest for fresh job seekers. 

Best job site #18: 9cv9

best job searching websites in singapore

9cv9 promises jobs in under a minute. It can fulfill that promise thanks to its job search efficiency and AI support. Plus, you get tons of information about the hiring companies, so you have the bigger picture of the company you want to work for without having to research them. 

9cv9 is endorsed by Enterprise Singapore to provide a GTTA program. This program helps startups and companies hire foreign talents around the globe. It’s a great job platform for job seekers and employers. 

Best job site #19: TalentTribe

top job search websites singapore

When you search for a job in Singapore, you might be worried about local employment practices. Well, TalentTribe is a popular choice amongst job-seekers like you. At TalentTribe, you get valuable information about future employers. 

You can learn about a company’s culture, work environment, day-to-day work life, practices, and all that even before you apply. This way, you can be sure that your job application isn’t going to a company that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. 

Best job site #20: Freeboh

popular job search websites in singapore

Say you’re just visiting Singapore for a time and you want to earn while you’re there (don’t forget you need a work visa). If that’s the case, it can be hard to find a job position that will accept you. Well, Freeboh is the perfect job portal if you’re only looking for part-time or temporary work in Singapore. 

Best job site #21: FoundIt (Monster)

job search websites singapore

The global job platform known as Monster officially changed its name to FoundIt in November 2022. That said, it is still owned by Monster Worldwide, Inc. 

Since this is a worldwide organization, you can expect to find hundreds of job offers in Singapore. FoundIt is estimated to have 214,000 visitors from Singapore. It’s also the best on-the-go job search engine as it comes with a dedicated mobile app. Wherever you are, you can easily access your FoundIt account and find your dream Singaporean job. 

Best job site #22: JobsCentral

job search singapore website

JobsCentral is a Singaporean job site under CareerBuilder, an American company. This platform offers fresh services unlike any other. For one, it hosts annual career and education fairs and other events. If you’re from Singapore, you can attend one of these and get a great opportunity to network. 

You can get career advice specifically aimed at the Singaporean job market, too. JobCentral is also always looking to improve its hiring process. It takes a few short minutes to find and apply for a job. 

Best job site #23: Beam

singapore job search website

At Beam, you can find jobs and post jobs, as well as meet investors and create partnerships. It’s the go-to platform for any and all professionals.

If you’re an employer, it’s so easy to find candidates that match your job position. You simply need to type in certain keywords and the hundreds of profiles that match it will pop up. You can use specific skill sets or locations to filter your choices. 

Best job site #24:

jobs searching websites singapore

Though this isn’t a dedicated job search website, Singaporean employers run to to find the best HR candidates to hire. For a fee, you get access to a pool of on-demand talent. And since is the one handling the employees, you can be sure that you’ll only get the best-skilled HR professionals in Singapore. 

Final Words

Singapore has a vast number of available job site platforms. To make your job hunt quicker, I listed the 24 best websites to find a job in Singapore for 2024. So as you gear up for the new year and new adventures, it’s a good idea to look into these sites and find your dream Singaporean job. 

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