Fun Office Awards | 100+ Funny Employee Award Title Ideas

Office celebrations take on a whole new dimension when unconventional accolades are in the mix! While traditional honors like “Top Performer” carry their weight in gold, there’s something special about being recognized for your distinctive traits or untapped abilities.

Imagine the thrill of accepting an award simply for being your authentic self! With this in mind, we’ve crafted a collection of funny employee awards that are sure to bring smiles and boost morale at your next company appreciation event.

funny employee awards

Absolutely Aboveboard Award

They never break the rules. They never stray. They live to toe the official line. You know the type. Such a person is necessary to have in an organization. They are, perhaps, as valuable as the mavericks. And that’s why we have this award to celebrate them.

Alice in Wonderland Award

funny employee awards

Lots of people lose themselves in their fantasies. This doesn’t happen all the time to everyone. Still, there will usually be a colleague who always seems lost in a fantasy of their own. The Alice in Wonderland Award is for them.

All-rounder Award

Good grades? Check. Good at sports? Check. Plays a musical instrument? Of course. Every batch has one such all-rounder. This award is for them.

Always Hangry Award

Hunger pangs can make you prickly and irritable – one of the advertising campaigns for Snickers nails this sentiment. Thus we come to the term ‘Hangry.’ And this award for the millennial who is usually angry because they are hungry!

Always in a Meeting Award

Some people will never respond to emails. They won’t take calls. They are always too busy and invariably heading into a meeting. To the person and busybody who does this almost all the time, goes this award.

Always Slaying Award

To slay something means to kill it. Killing it, in millennial-speak, means smashing it out of the park. All that, in simple English, means doing it really well. Know a millennial at work who’s always slaying it? This is the award for that rockstar.

Amazingly Athletic Award

funny employee awards

Whether it’s cricket, football, basketball or tennis, some students just pick it up and are just naturally good at it. This is the award for them.

Angry Bird Award

Some people are always upset about something or the other. For the person who is always scowling, we have the Angry Bird Award.

Argus Filch Award

For the employee with an eagle eye for details, we have this award.

Astute Observer Award

It’s always nice to meet someone who notices a new hair cut. Or a new dress. Or a new shirt. Or something small but important in your life. Basically, we are looking at someone who is very observant. And for this, the most observant and sensitive soul in the organisation, we have the Astute Observer Award.

Baba Adam Award

Some people are old-fashioned. Others are old timers. Some may be both. Basically, if you know someone who is an oldie in one or more ways, this award is a humorous way to celebrate their ways.

Bad Signal Award

This award is for the person who spends more time trying to connect to their zoom / webex meeting, than actually being on it.

Bade Log Award

For the person who is always busy, always on a call, always occupied, and rarely, if ever, whiling away their time, we can’t think of anything better than this award.

Bake It Easy Award

funny employee awards

This award is for the person who found a new talent during the lockdown and baked more banana bread or cakes than all of France put together.

Bermuda Triangle Award

You know what the Bermuda Triangle is all about, right? Well, the Bermuda Triangle Award named after it is made for the employee whose desk is the place where everything disappears!

Best Notes Award

There’s always a student whose notes help others prepare for an examination better than any textbook. Present them with this award to thank them for their noble service.

Best Office Playlist Award

Some people have good taste in music. Some not so much. And then there are those who almost always end up playing a track you like. To this tuneful and discerning person, goes this award.

Bheja Fry Award

Once this person starts talking, there is no telling when they will stop. To this unrelenting teller of stories, some of which may even be interesting, goes this award.

Bottomless Belly Award

funny employee awards

As the name suggests, this is the award for the colleague who is always eating something or the other and ever ready to grab a quick bite.

Biting Banter Award

Every office has someone or the other who isn’t afraid to speak their mind. Unfortunately, they may not be extremely popular because of this trait. That said, a person who speaks their mind is valuable to have on your team. Which is why it’s a good idea to reward the ones who are skilled at being so, without being destructively disruptive while being so.

Bodybuilder Award

This award is for the student who spends the better part of their day in the gym.

Bolt of Brilliance Award

Do you know someone who always manages to find a way out, a solution, a fix, a path that you didn’t know existed, this award is for them.

Break The Internet Award

Breaking the internet doesn’t literally mean breaking the internet! It’s just millennial-speak to say that something you post on social media has gone viral in a lit AF way. Do you know anyone who regularly ‘breaks the internet’ with their lit AF posts? This is the award for them.

Breaking News Award

funny employee awards

For the newshound in your office, for the person who, more often than not, is the first to know about what’s new in the world, goes the Breaking News Award.

Brown Thumb Award

For the folks who just can’t manage to grow a plant even if their lives depended on it, i.e., the brown thumb, we have the Brown Thumb Award.

Busy Bee Award

You know there are colleagues we work with who are always busy and preoccupied? For this colleague, who may not even have time for this award, we have The Busy Bee Award!

Call of Duty Award

Dedicated employees need to be treasured and, of course, rewarded. For the person who will always put their hand up and answer a call of duty, we have the Call of Duty Award.

Calmer of Storms Award

The peace-makers are a very valuable resource. Every organisation needs them. The good organisations value and reward them. For the person who can quell any storm, we have the Calmer of Storms Award.

Catch Me If You Can Award

funny employee awards

Where are they? Nobody knows. How to reach them? God knows. Are they hiding? Search me. Such elusive people can be found in every office. They should be identified good naturedly, so they know what they are known for. Which is precisely what the Catch Me If You Can Award does… with a wink and a smile.

Chai Champ Award

Tea and conversation is very much part of life. To the one who is always up for it and, what’s more, is constantly trying to get others to join them goes this award.

Cocktail Crusader Award

As the end of the day nears, it’s time to unwind with a drink or three. For the person who cannot wait for this time of the day and, whats more, loves to invite others to join them, we have this fun offering.

Chronic Cravings Award

There are people who are ever ready to join you for a smoke, or always inviting others to join them, or frequently away on their own for a ‘quick’ smoke. This is the award for them.

Chatty Cathy Award

Every organization has folks that love to talk. Some love to talk and talk and talk. You all know who that person is. This, the Chatty Cathy Award, is made for them.

Cheat Sheet Ninja Award

They seldom attend class and study more seldom still. You’d think that one day it’s all going to catch up with them, but it doesn’t, because they have their cheat sheets to their rescue and to this student, goes the Cheat Sheet Ninja Award.

Chipku Award

For the person who sticks to people like there is nothing better in the world to do goes this award.

Chronically Tardy Award

funny employee awards

If you know someone who, despite their best efforts, can’t get themselves to be on time for pretty much anything under the sun, here is a timely, good natured way to let them know that it’s never too late to mend their ways

Chupa Rustom Award

Some folks have hidden talents that you discover one fine day out of the blue. To the chupa rustom who surprises the most with their quiet talents goes this award

Class Clown Award

Some students are walking joke books. More often than not, they are great fun to have around. It’s not a bad idea to let them know they are appreciated. Do so with this award.

Coffee Spiller Award

Coffee is very much a part of the office day. And so are folks that spill it. In fact, there’s always someone who’s a little more adept at spilling coffee by mistake than the others. To this person, goes this esteemed award.

Combative Champ Award

Every workplace has at least a few people you might call argumentative and combative. This award is for the one who loves to be so way more than the rest.

Cool As A Cucumber Award

Who is unruffled? Who is always calm? Who is the coolest of them all? For the person who is, this is the award. The Cool As A Cucumber Award for the employee who handles pressure like a Boss!

Corporate Jargon Award

Jargon is part and parcel of corporate life. But for some, it is the be-all and end-all of corporate life. To the person who lives, breathes, and spouts the most jargon goes this award.

Daydreamer Award

funny employee awards

When it comes to meetings, it’s fair to say that some folks would rather be someplace. Among these folks in your office is there someone who takes this to extreme lengths and is not there at the meeting even though they are there? There must be. The Daydreamer Award is for this person.

Dazzling Dresser Award

Some people don’t care much about the clothes they wear. Others, however, live to play dress-up! To the person who always looks overdressed goes this award.

Dazzling Dynamo Award

For those who are never short of bright ideas and light up like incandescent lamps every time they are presented with an opportunity to come up with ideas, we have this award.

DJ Wale Babu Award

To the person who plays the best music. To the person you turn to to play DJ at every office party. To the person whose playlist you want to own, goes this award.

Dobby Has No Master Award

This award goes to the employee who is terrible at following instructions and pretty much likes to do things their way.

Don’t Mess With Me Award

We talk. We work together. We disagree. We meet each other day in and day out. This is work life. And in this work life, you will always come across someone who is prone to snapping back at the slightest provocation. This award is for them.

Draco Malfoy Award

Maybe they don’t say “My father will hear about this!” to get out of life’s most vexing problems, but this person somehow has a frustrating ability to absolutely, certainly, never ever get into trouble. If this description fits a colleague, they deserve the Draco Malfoy Award.

Dressed to Kill Award

funny employee awards

Lots of people love to dress well to work. Some like to dress really really well. Well, for the employee who lives to dress up, we have the Dressed to Kill Award.

Ducks in a Row Award

Organizations thrive on organization. Every organization has folks that are thoroughly organized. For the best of these types, the employee who exists to be organized, we have the Ducks In A Row Award.

Duct Tape Award

Every organization has a few people who can be counted on to fix things and make things all right. This, the Duct Tape Award is for the winner who gets their fix from fixing things!

Eager Beaver Award

There are some people who will always say Yes to a task. Always put their hand up to contribute. Always ask for more work. These are the Eager Beavers. They are rare. They deserve to be celebrated. The Eager Beaver Award is for them.

Early Bird Award

We all know folks who never make it on time for anything! Well, this is not the award for them. The Early Bird Award is for the employee who thinks being early is too late!

Echo Chamber Award

Whatever the boss says, this person seconds. Every office has this type of follower. The Echo Chamber Award is a good-natured way to tell them you know who they are.

Emoji Communicator Award

Office Chat Groups are rife with emojis. Some people use emojis more than others. This award is for the person who most loves their emojis.

Energizer Bunny Award

Workplaces need folks who are full of beans. Their drive is infectious. Such people help keep energy levels at work high. They are good for productivity. They should be recognized and rewarded. Which is what this award is for.

Elephant Memory Award

Do you know anyone with the proverbial memory of an elephant? Well, to this person who can reel off all sorts of seemingly forgotten things goes this award.

Family Bear Award

Some of us just worship family. For us, family values and what the family values are paramount. And for us there is the Family Bear Award, for the employee with the most adorable family values!

Fashionista Award

Lots of people love to dress well to work. Some like to dress really really well. Well, for the employee who lives to dress up, we have the Fashionista Award.

Fastest Finger Award

Emails and other forms of messages are an integral part of office communication. And you’ll always find someone who is the first person to reply to any message in a group conversation. The Fastest Finger Award is for them.

Fitness Freak Award

Hup, two, three, four! Let’s get in shape. Some folks pursue fitness goals more obsessively than others, right? For the employee who hits the gym every day during lunch and loves to be fit, we have the Fitness Freak Award.

FOMO Award

If you’re a millennial (or are aware of millennial-speak), you likely know what the acronym FOMO stands for – Fear Of Missing Out. Is there a millennial colleague, employee, friend, or someone you know who wants to do, see, be present at everything? Give them this award and share a chuckle.

Foodie Award

For that student who is always confronted by a strong instinct to eat, and who can never differentiate between boredom and hunger, we have this award.

Forever Vegging Out Award

Whether it’s a group project or practicals, workshops or any other activity, there are some students who do not contribute to any discussion or volunteer to work on anything. For students who embrace this lazy approach, we have the Forever Vegging Out Award.

Friendly Neighbor Award

funny employee awards

Offices can be demanding. Cubicles can feel oppressive. Hierarchies can be limiting. In such trying circumstances, it helps to have good neighbors at work. To the neighbor who is always a pleasure to have around and turn to, goes this award.

Fuddy-Duddy Award

They say, traditional values never go out of style. Well, this is the award for the person whose only style is to think traditionally about every thing in life!

Gadget Geek Award

Some of us are more adept than others at handling tech gadgets. And in this lot of gadget experts, there will be one who is a cut above the rest. To this gadget geek goes… well, the Gadget Geek Award.

Genius Gem Award

How do you get good grades? Some students spend sleepless nights poring through books. And then there’s the student who can sleepwalk his/her way through any exam. For this student, we have the Genius Gem Award.

Gilderoy Lockhart Award

This award goes to the colleague who tells whopping great fibs about their past life – designed to demonstrate how wonderful or brave or brilliant they are.

GOAT Award

funny employee awards

GOAT is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time. Every organization has a legendary performer. If that person is a millennial, this GOAT Award is for them.

Gossipmonger Award

Gossiping is a kind of guilty pleasure. Some people just can’t stop doing it. Many such people can be found in workplaces. This award is an agreeable way to point them out and perhaps limit gossip.

Grammar Police Award

Some folks in your office can’t help but correct others, especially when it comes to the proper application of the rules of English grammar. You know who they are. Now, you also know which award to give them.

Green Thumb Award

Do you have a plant lover in your organisation? Do their plants make the others go green with envy? If yes, the Green Thumb Award is here to recognise it.

Happy Helper Award

This is the student everyone goes to when you’re having a panic attack or are freaking out about pretty much anything. Also known as a gem, this student never hesitates to spend their time, energy or money to get people out of a difficult situation. This award is a small way of paying them back.

Hawk-Eyed Hero Award

This person may not say much or be very noticeable, but they are keen observers and know more than you think they do. Yes, you know exactly who we mean. And this award is for them.

Horrendous Honcho Award

funny employee awards

Some bosses are fearsome. They are usually irritated. Often rude. And always less than approachable. To the least agreeable in this lot goes this award.

Humblebrag Honcho Award

Show-offs are all over the place. They can get on your nerves. This award is a gentle way to let them know that, perhaps, they ought to turn it down a notch. Or three. That said, this award may well tempt them to show off even more, considering they have won it!

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Award

This one is for the intimidating manager who has earned themselves several secret monikers.

Head In The Sand Award

Do you have a colleague who has no idea what is happening around them? No matter where you work, there is always someone or the other who is like that. For such a person we have the Head In The Sand Award.

Helpful Hagrid Award

The winner of the Helpful Hagrid Award is a kindhearted and well-meaning teacher who is friendly with everyone.

Hermione Granger Award

What’s the circumference of Jupiter? Who was the first person to win an Olympic medal? Who knows, and who cares! Oh wait – your office Hermione does. To the person who puts Google search to shame, we have the Hermione Granger Award.

Horace Slughorn Award

You know the type – someone who knows a “guy” for everything (from electrical failures to finding you a hitman). Much like Horace Slughorn, this person has a collection of people and zero reservations about letting you know that they have a collection of people. This person gets the Horace Slughorn Award.

How Was Your Weekend Award

Making polite conversation is a skill that many an office goer elevates to a fine art. To the person who is a class apart when it comes to making polite conversation, goes this award.

Human Megaphone Award

funny employee awards

A loud voice announces itself. It demands your attention. You will find such voices in every workplace. For the voice that boom booms more than others goes this award.

Idea Cloner Award

Ideas are hard to protect. They often end up being borrowed and owned by folks who didn’t create them. To folks who are adept at doing this goes this award.

Idea Hamster Award

They are idea machines. They come up with ideas at the drop of a hat. Many of these ideas may well be impractical, but that’s okay. Being bold and prolific enough to deliver idea after idea after idea is praiseworthy… and deserving of the Idea Hamster Award.

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Award

In organizations all over the world you will find folks who can’t wait for the day to end. For the most eager of this species and for the employee who can’t wait to end their day is the It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Award.

Jodi #1 Award

There they are! Together. And there. And there. Again. And again. Inseparable. Know anyone who fits this description? This is the award for them.

Jokester Award

Some chaps are walking joke books. More often than not, they are great fun to have around the workplace. It’s not a bad idea to let them know they are appreciated. Do so with this award.

JOMO Award

If there’s FOMO, there’s also JOMO – the J stands for Joy! You see, there are some folks who don’t care much for what everyone wants, or wants to do. To the independent-minded millennial who epitomizes this goes the JOMO award.

Judith Chalmers Award

In case you’re wondering who, Judith Chalmers is a British television personality best known as the presenter of the travel show Wish You Were Here…? Do you have an employee (or employees) who is best known for spending more time traveling than being in the office? Well, this then is the perfect award for them.

Jumping the Gun Award

Every office has some folk who are always looking to jump the gun and get ahead of the pack using a shortcut or two. The Jumping the Gun Award is for the colleague that does this most.

Know-it-all Award

funny employee awards

You know the person. The person who knows it all and, more importantly, makes it a point to let everyone in the office know that they know it all. The Know-it-all Award is for that person.

Kreacher Award

This award is for the employee who has immense respect for their manager, follows all orders obediently, and hates all those who do not abide by the rules.

Leaky Headphones Award

Headphones are very much part of office equipment. And so is listening to music on a pair of headphones. But there are some people who turn listening to their own headphones into a public music experience. To the loudest of these headphone listeners, goes this award.

Lit AF Award

This is another term millennials have given to the world. Simply put, it means awesome. Do you know a millennial who fits the bill? Well, hand them this award.

Little Miss Sunshine Award

An office in which many people find reasons to smile is an enjoyable place to go work for. And in this office of smiles, there is that employee whose every smile is like a welcome ray of sunshine!

Little Mister Sunshine Award

An office in which many people find reasons to smile is an enjoyable place to go work for. And in this office of smiles, there is that employee whose every smile is like a welcome ray of sunshine!

Loch Ness Award

Some employees are easy to find and always at hand. And then there are some office stars who are never to be found at their seat! For the starriest of these stars we have what is called the Loch Ness Award.

Longbottom Progress Award

Neville Longbottom had a reputation of being an incompetent and accident-prone dolt. However, during the final battle, he proved himself to be a true Gryffindor by wielding Godric Gryffindor’s sword and using it to slay Nagini. So, present the Longbottom Progress Award to the person in the office who has shown great improvement over time.

Loudspeaker Award

Some people cannot distinguish between their inside and outside voice. You know who we are talking about – the student who talks so loud that the entire campus can hear them. Present them with this award to humorously assure them that they’d be audible even if they spoke at a normal volume.

Luna Lovegood Award

For the extremely quirky employee known for their eccentric beliefs and qualities.

Mast Maula Award

You wish a few more people were happy-go-lucky and chill at the workplace. And to the most easygoing person among these mast maulas goes this award.

Masterchef Award

funny employee awards

It’s lunch time. There is one lunch box you want to dip into more than the others (including your own). The Masterchef Award goes to that person and their delicious lunches.

Me, Myself and I Award

Some people just love showcasing themselves, their life, and everything I. What’s more, they make it a point to share their exploits with all their colleagues! This award is for them.

Mimicry Master Award

Offices have all sorts of characters. One of these types is the person who loves to and is good at imitating people and putting on a show, we have the Mimicry Master Award.

Moaning Myrtle Award

For the employee who always has a sob story to share.

More French Than English Award

‘Pardon my French…’ is the way a figure of speech about apologizing for using unparliamentary language starts. And this is why we have named this award The More French Than English Award. This is the award for the colleague who uses more cuss words than anyone else.

Narad Muni Award

Gossip is rife at the workplace. To the one (or ones) who does it more than the others and can’t get enough of it goes this award.

Neat Freak Award

Neatness is definitely a virtue. Some can take it to ridiculous lengths. These people can get on your nerves, yes. But their intentions are noble. For the neatest person in the organization, we have the Neat Freak Award.

Neither Here Nor There Award

There are some folks who just won’t pick a side. Liberal, Right wing, Communist, Socialist, Libertarian… you have no idea which side they bat for. Put simply, they are neither here nor there. This award recognizes this shifter.

Night Owl Award

Burning the midnight oil is not a thing most employees look forward to. But not all are like that. For the employee who burns the midnight oil like there is no tomorrow goes the Night Owl Award.

Noisy Typer Award

Some folks in the office make it a point to let others know that they are working. Many do it by putting heads down and typing furiously. And then there is the master of typing furiously that everyone can’t help but notice. To this seemingly hard-at-work person goes this award.

Non-Stop Nonsense Award

This award is for the doer of all things stupid. From prancing around the campus impersonating all the professors to transgressing all the rules of common decency and good manners, this batchmate is notorious for their devil-may-care attitude.

Office Chimney Award

Whenever you need this person, you’ll discover they’ve just stepped out for a smoke break. Sounds familiar, no? You know who we are talking about, right? Yes, that’s the one; the one who deserves the Office Chimney Award.

Office Parent Award

There are some people in the office who are more caring than others. They always remember birthdays. They will bring treats for you. They will be there for you. Basically, they are like the bestest parents in the world. For the bestest of this wonderful type of colleague, we have this award.

Office Prankster Award

Playing the fool is fun. And so is pulling a prank or two. This is very much part of fun office culture. And to the person who is the master of pulling the office prank, you hand this award.

OK Boomer Award

OK Boomer is the internet slang used to call out the slightly older person who is out-of-touch with millennial and Gen Z culture. So for that close-minded colleague, we have the OK Boomer Award.

Old Timer Award

The employee with the most distinguished history with the office deserves a bit of recognition. The Old Timer Award is the award that does that. And well.

On Fleek Award

To the millennial who is fashion conscious and wears the attitude with consummate style goes this award.

One More Thing Award

Meetings can be fun. Yes, fun… if you are into people-watching. Speaking of which, we’re sure you’ve seen this kind of person in your team. Someone who always has something to add! It is for such a person that we have the One More Thing Award.

P’s & Q’s Award

Generally speaking, minding your P’s and Q’s is a good thing. This is even more so in an organization. For the employee with impeccable manners, this is the award. Thank you!

Patronum Award

This award goes to the person in the office who is an extremely positive ray of light.

Pen Thief Award

Borrowing a pen can be hazardous. For there will always be someone among us who is prone to walk away with the pen! The Pen Thief Award is for that person (and habit).

Penny Pincher Award

Damn! I forgot my wallet at home.’ ‘Oh, I don’t have change, I’ll pay next time.’ Know a student / batchmate who uses these phrases often – because the mere idea of spending money plunges them into abject misery? Present them with this award.

Personal Space Ignorer Award

People who work together can get close to each other. This is normal. What is not normal are people who get inappropriately close to you. And to the one who does it most often goes this award. And a gentle warning.

Picasso Wannabe Award

funny employee awards

They may love to sketch, doodle, draw, paint, and the like. They know their art, and painters. You know who they are. If you love them, celebrate and encourage these art-inclined folks with this award.

Pig Pen Award

You know that workspace. Yes, the same one you can’t take your eyes off, but not bear to look at. Yes, it’s the messy one in your organization we’re talking about. The Pig Pen Award is for them, the employee who thinks “messy” is the way to be!

Professor McGonagall Award

Tough love is the only adequate way to describe your relationship with this person. You get along reasonably well in the real world (sometimes, you even have stimulating conversations that change your perspective on things!), but this office manager also brutally rides you for results. Yes, this person deserves the Professor McGonagall Award.

Punny Award

Puns and wordplay are the ken of some people more than others. For the person who’s best at this kind of verbal dexterity and humourous salvos, we have the Punny Award.

Ray of Sunshine Award

This award is for the person who is always smiling and lights up the room with their positivity.

Rita Skeeter Award

The award for the gossiper-in-chief at work. This person knew that Rachel in accounting was pregnant three weeks before Rachel in accounting even knew she was pregnant. You can find this person standing surreptitiously by the water cooler or taking their sweet-ass time pouring themselves a cup of coffee in the morning.

Rookie of the Year Award

Not all new employees hit the ground running. Some do. And for the ones that do it really well, the rookies that turn out to be rock stars right from the get-go, we have the Rookie of the Year Award.

Savage AF Award

Repartee is very much part and parcel of a workday. Some people are better at it than others. This is the award for the millennial/s who always deliver the best comebacks.

Scaredy-Cat Superstar Award

You know the one that is always fearful of what the boss will think or what others will say, and is more often than not worried about upsetting someone or the other? Right. That one. Well, this award is for them.

Seesaw Award

It’s not easy to please one’s boss and the peer group. Some don’t manage this see-saw act so well. But there are those who are masters at it. For the best of these masters, we have the See-saw Award.

Sherbet Lemon Award

funny employee awards

For the sweet tooth and lover of chocolates and candies goes this award.

Slacker Superstar Award

Every workplace has its share of shirkers. You know them – the ones always looking for shortcuts, fobbing tasks off to others, and the like. For the shirker who does ‘not doing what they are supposed to do’ best, we have this award.

Smart Alec Award

The Smart Alec Award is for that colleague who is irritating because they behave as if they know everything.

Smart Ass Award

Who has a quip for every little thing you say to them? The office smart ass, right? Well, the Smart Ass Award is the award to hand out to the employee who kicks ass at being a wise-ass!

Smelliest Lunch Award

To the person whose lunch makes its presence felt from miles away purely because you can smell it way before you have laid eyes on it, and continues to smell for hours after lunchtime, goes this award.

Social Butterfly Award

funny employee awards

Every office has at least a few luminaries who can’t get enough of social media. The Social Butterfly Award is for that star employee who lives and breathes social media!

Social Director Award

Get-togethers happen quite often in offices. Someone or the other has to take the initiative and organise them. To the person who takes the most initiative when it comes to organising group activities at the office goes this award.

Something-is-not-right Award

Finding faults in something is perhaps one of the easiest things in the world to do. And some people are consummate pros at it. This award is for them.

Sorry Not Sorry Award

Bluntness can be a tricky thing to deal with. Nevertheless, being blunt has its benefits. If there is a millennial at your workplace who is skilled at the art of being blunt – in other words, without turning it into a blunt instrument of hurt – this is the award for them.

Squad Goals Award

Squad goals are fun to achieve. They are essential as well, especially in the context of the workplace. They bring people together. They strengthen bonds. To the millennial squad that’s inseparable and unshakeable goes this award.

Stepped out of Bed Award

The Stepped Out Of Bed Award is crafted for the employee who lives to dress down – to the extent that they seem to have come to office straight from their beds. You know the type.

Super Snacker Award

Snacking while talking. Snacking in meetings. Snacking while walking. Snacking while sitting. Snacking, snacking, snacking all the time. Know someone like this in your organisation or life? This, the Super Snacker Award, is made for such a person.

The Birthday Tracker Award

This person never forgets to wish anyone on their birthday. It’s a thing to be admired. It shows the person cares. This award is for such a person.

The Boy Who Lived Award

This award is for the star performer who takes the team forward no matter how adverse the circumstances.

The Caffeine Addict Award

funny employee awards

Caffeine and offices go hand-in-hand. And for the employee who can’t take his hands off their caffeine fix we have created The Caffeine Addict Award.

The Firestarter Award

There are some people who love to be provocative and get people hot under the collar. This is the award for them.

The Intolerant Liberal Award

For every right wing troll, there’s a pseudo secular liberal troll, who is just as uncompromising and aggressive. To such a person goes this award.

The Lurker Award

Every office has its lurkers, the ones that are there, but not there. To them goes The Lurker Award.

The Marauders Award

The award for a group of notorious yet inseparable friends at work.

The Morning Cheerleader Award

Every office has a person who is super cheerful in the morning never fails to wish everyone ‘good morning’. This well-mannered soul deserves this award.

The Motivational Quote Guru Award

Motivators are needed in the office. Office life can get tiresome. It can get frustrating. It can be demotivating. For the person who is the consummate motivator, we have this award.

The Obsessive Compulsive Forwarder Award

Office chat groups get populated with forwards. Some folks forward stuff way more often than others. To them goes this award.

The One Word Replier Award

Some folks just don’t like to say much. They pretty much only deal in monosyllabic responses. This award is for such folks.

The Opera Singer Award

funny employee awards

Some of us just love to sing. The Opera Singer Award is to recognize and encourage the most prolific crooner in your office.

The Peacemaker Award

No office can survive for long without a peacemaker. This is the award for the person who keeps calm, builds bridges, and strives to keep the peace.

The Picasso Award

Who is the most prolific doodler and creator of sketches in the office? Yes, you know that person. The Picasso Award is for them.

The Plan Breaker Award

For every maker of plans, there is a quasher of plans. To this consummate plan breaker goes this award.

The Plan Maker Award

Some people just love to and are really good at making plans. This award is for them.

The Right Wing Troll Award

In divided times like ours, there’s always someone or the other in the office who’s posting bigoted material on the office chat group and aggressively pushing a toxic right wing agenda. This award is for them.

The S.P.E.W. Award

For the employee who always speaks up for the rights of others.

The Seeker Award

This award should be given to the employee that has tons of responsibility, and always delivers.

The Space Time Continuum Award

Odds are someone on your team just can’t keep track of time. Maybe they show up late every day. Maybe they’re always the last person to show up for a team meeting. This person deserves the Space Time Continuum Award.

The Struggle is Real Award

Is there a millennial at your workplace with loads of ‘first-world’ problems; like running out of battery (juice) on their phone, or slow wifi, or Uber drivers canceling their booking, or other minor problems? Share a chuckle about these ‘struggles’ with this award.

The X-rated Content Award

Offices always have someone or the other who loves to post material on a chat group that can only be viewed in private mode. You know what we mean. And who. This award is for them.

Thug Life Award

Drawn from black and rap culture, Thug Life is a term that describes the ability to surmount all obstacles in your path and achieve your goals like a boss. Know a millennial that fits this description? This award is for them.

Tubelight Award

A tubelight is slang for someone who doesn’t get what’s happening immediately. To the one who takes the most time to get the drift goes this award.

Walking Wikipedia Award

funny employee awards

Most of us rely on Wikipedia for information. And then there are a lucky few who can rely on a colleague for all answers. This colleague deserves the Walking Wikipedia Award.

Weasley Is Our King Award

When you have to team up on a project, you know that one person everyone wants to work with – they deserve the Weasley Is Our King Award for their endearing personality and fierce loyalty.

Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Award

Pranksters add joy to a workplace. This is the award to reward them for doing so.

Willy Wonka Award

Willy Wonka had a chocolate factory. Is there someone in your workplace who IS a chocolate factory and always has a chocolate or three on their person or desk? This is the award for them.

Woke AF Award

Briefly speaking, being woke is about being aware, sensitive, fair, and in step with a progressive world. If there is a millennial at your workplace who fits this description to a T, this is the award for them.

Y So Extra Award

Drama can be fun. Melodrama less so. Is there a millennial colleague who crosses the line from drama to melodrama regularly and gleefully? The Y So Extra Award is for this drama queen (or king).

Yer A Wizard Award

Not all new employees hit the ground running. For the ones that do, and really well, the rookies that perform like wizards right from the get-go, we have the Yer A Wizard Award.

YOLO Award

YOLO is the acronym for You Only Live Once. For the millennial who believes in nothing less than living life to the fullest because, you know, YOLO, we have this award.

Zoom Call Faux Pas Award

This award is for the person who has been turned up to a zoom call in their pj’s or didn’t realise they had joined the call and were still bickering with their parents.. whatever may be the story, we want to hear it and hear it now!

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