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How To Ask For A Second Chance Interview With Email Examples

You’ve gone to an interview for a job you really want, but you don’t feel good about the results. It just wasn’t your day. What do you do next?

Let’s explore your options and review how to ask for a second interview, as well as look at how to ask for a second chance interview email example.

How to Recognize a Poor Interview

There can be an unlimited number of reasons why an interview goes badly. Some are out of your control, while others could have been avoided by being prepared. The following are some of the most common reasons your interview was unsuccessful:

• Your late
• Inappropriate clothing
• Being unprepared
• Being anxious
• Not showing enthusiasm

What to Do Next

Asking for another opportunity for an interview is definitely something you can do, but before you start writing that email, there are a few things you should do first. These things will help you turn your experience into something positive.

• Send a Thank You Email
Regardless of how your interview went, you should always send an email to the interviewer and thank them for their time. You can use this email to explain why you feel the interview didn’t go as well as you wished. Doing so helps them understand you better, and it could encourage them to give you a second chance.

• Reflect on How the Interview Went
Think about everything that happened during the interview. Highlight your strengths and work on areas where you need improvement. By doing this, you’ll be more prepared for your next interview, whether it’s with this particular company or someone else.

• Don’t Be too Hard on Yourself
Being honest about your interview experience can be helpful, but don’t be overly critical. By being too hard on yourself, you’ll lower your morale and make yourself nervous about going into future interviews.

• Ask for Feedback
It’s perfectly fine to ask your interviewer for feedback. That way, you’ll know for sure what needs improvement.

• Learn From the Experience
Most people experience several failures in life before succeeding. This applies to many situations, including interviews. An interview that turns out poorly is simply an opportunity to learn.

Think about what went wrong and what areas seemed challenging. Consider ways to make improvements in these areas. After several interviews, you’ll find that each one makes you stronger.

• Plan for the Next Interview
Don’t give up after a bad interview. Instead, begin planning for the next one, whether it’s with this same company or someone else. As your skills improve with each interview, so will your confidence.

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How to Ask for Another Interview After Rejection

A bad interview isn’t necessarily the end of the world. You do have the possibility of getting a second interview. This is most likely if you were late or performed badly due to unforeseen circumstances.

Start by explaining to the interviewer why you didn’t do well. Ask them if they would be willing to offer you a second chance.

The most effective way to do this is via email. Send your thank you email immediately, but wait two to three days to send your second-chance interview email. In the meantime, the following are the key points you want to think about including in the email:

Tell Them What Went Wrong

Illness, emergencies, and childcare problems do happen. In these situations, be honest with the interviewer and explain what the issue was.

Keep your explanations short and to the point. Don’t expect them to scroll through a long email to figure out what you are asking.

They don’t need to know your entire background leading up to the problem that interfered with your interview. Point out that your poor performance was due to circumstances out of your control, and politely ask for a second chance so you can present yourself better. If there was a specific moment in the interview where things went wrong, tell them that you would like to clarify the issue.

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Stress Why You Want the Position

Let them know just how interested you are in this job. Explain why you want to work with their company. List your skills and explain how those skills can add value to the company if you get the position.

Put emphasis on any part of your education or experience that makes you a good fit for this position. You can also remind the interviewer of anything about yourself that they seem to like.

Can You Ask for a Second Chance Interview?

Yes. Make yourself clear. Let them know in your email that you’re asking for a second chance at the interview, not feedback.

Ask when you can meet again, and be accommodating to their schedule. If they don’t have the time to do a second in-person interview, ask about a telephone interview.

It can be helpful to gather together some professional references to share with them during a second interview to give yourself credibility. This alone can improve your image in their eyes.

By doing all of this, they may admire your tenacity and give you that second interview so that you can redeem yourself.

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How To Ask For A Second Chance Interview Email Examples

Sample 1

Subject: [Your Name] Interview

Dear [Interviewer’s Name]

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I enjoyed our discussion, and I feel that this job would be a great fit with my academic and professional background, and the company could benefit from my skills.

However, I am not sure my interest in this position came through in our interview. I was feeling under the weather that day, and I don’t think I expressed my enthusiasm for this job.

I want to assure you that my initiative, high level of motivation, and positive attitude make me a prime candidate for this role.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to meet with you again if you have the time.

Don’t hesitate to contact my references if you have any concerns about my professional performance.

Thank you for the opportunity to interview with [Company Name]. I look forward to hearing from you.


[Your Name]

Sample 2

Subject: [Your Name] Interview

Dear [Name of Interviewer],

Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to interview for [name of position]. Unfortunately, I feel that I did not portray myself at my best. I was not feeling well that day. I would appreciate a second opportunity to interview for this job. If this isn’t possible, I fully understand. However, I would like to ask for the opportunity to be considered for any future positions.

Thank You,

[Your Name]

If you’ve had a bad interview experience, don’t beat yourself up over it. While there’s no guarantee that an interviewer will give you a second chance, it’s always better to try and fail than to not try at all.

Interviewers are human beings. They have been in your shoes and understand that things don’t always go as planned. Having a how to ask for a second chance interview email example will help you reach out to your interviewer and make a good second impression.

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