How To Have Energy After Work – 15 Ways To Recharge

When you’ve had a full week at work, it can be hard to find the energy to appreciate your time off. If you’re in a very busy and tiring job, it can be even harder. But you can make small changes to help you relax that also give your energy a boost. You’ll then be able to fully enjoy your precious time off and put it to good use.

Taking time for self-care really does matter.

Read on for my tips on how to have energy after work.

1. Leave work at work

When you get home, it’s time to let go and relax. Don’t take work home with you and let it spoil your own time.

Turn off your phone, leave checking your emails for work time, and allow yourself to switch off. It can be easier said than done, but keep working on it. It really does make all the difference to your downtime if you’re not still working or thinking about work.

You really do need a complete mental break from work, not just a physical one.

2. Change out of your work clothes

Even if you don’t wear a uniform, change into something different when you get home. Put on something comfortable and cozy that you’d never wear for work. This should help you start to feel relaxed.

Doing so creates a physical break from your job that helps you mentally put work away for now and relax.

3. Lie down and let go

Spend a little time lying on your bed or the couch with your eyes closed when you get home. Even a few minutes can make all the difference. Let your body relax muscle by muscle, as if you’re sinking into the bed.

This gives you the time to shake off your busy work day and relax your body and mind. Try not to think about work the following day or anything you need to do in your own time. This time is just for you to let go and be present in your own space.

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” Oprah Winfrey

4. Listen to music

Music can do wonders for your mood. If you need to relax, try gentle, calming music that soothes you. If you want to rev up your energy and your mood, listen to positive, energetic music with a fast beat.

Listen to your favorite playlists and, if you want to, why not get up and dance? That’s another great mood and energy booster.

You can find hundreds of soothing tunes or tunes to give your energy a lift on YouTube, without spending a cent. Or choose your own mood and energy-boosting music or relaxing tunes that you can listen to again and again.

You can get lost in listening to the rhythms and lyrics and involved in the story told. This both lets you empty your mind and recharges you. Add this to your list of things to do when finding out how to have energy after work.

5. Play video games

Whether you prefer something relaxing or an energetic shoot-‘em-up video game, playing games can help you switch off from work. With something like Call of Duty or The Legend of Zelda, there’s a story to get involved in, too. You can get fully involved in a good game in a way that makes you forget about your job.

You could even combine listening to music and a little exercise with games such as Just Dance or Rock Band.

6. Relax in a hot bath or take an invigorating shower

Spending a little alone time in the bath or shower can help you switch off and relax. Dim the lights, add some candles and some aromatherapy oils and you can recreate a spa experience at home.

If you prefer a shower or want to lift your energy, take a warm shower with fresh, citrus-scented shower gel. Then finish off with a burst of cold water at the end to enliven your body.

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7. Exercise

You might think that exercise will just tire you out even more, but that’s not what happens.

Pick something you really enjoy that you’ll keep doing. Exercise is great for keeping you fit. It also gives you a dopamine high that gives you energy and puts you in a better mood.

Anything high-energy will give your body a good workout and an energy boost. Or try yoga and tai chi for a more relaxing session that will still boost your mood.

8. Meet up with friends or family

Spending time with the people you love is a great way to relax and forget about work. It’s good for us to spend time with people we care about. It gives us something to look forward to and adds to our well-being.

When you spend time laughing and enjoying yourself with your friends, you’re definitely not thinking about work.

You don’t have to go out or do anything energetic to benefit from this. Even just gathering in the garden with a bottle of wine will do just as well.

Don’t make this another source of stress. Choose what you do to suit your mood, the day you’ve had, and your energy levels. It’s meant to help, not make you feel worse.

9. Plan things to look forward to

It’s always good to have things booked on your calendar that you enjoy. Instead of only seeing work in store for months ahead, make sure you plan in things you like, too.

Plan in time for yourself, time for hobbies, and time with others. Try things you’ve always wanted to try. New experiences are good for you, and you might just find a new thing to love.

Having lots to look forward to can keep you going when work is tough.

10. Spend time on your hobbies

Crafting, writing, painting, rally driving, roller derby… Whatever works for you, it’s important that you make time for it. Doing something you love gives you a mental break from everything else.

You can get fully absorbed in creative work and on anything else you love. It’s yet another thing you can do that means you aren’t thinking about work.

Whatever makes you smile and get excited should be a priority in your life. We aren’t on this planet just to work. We’re here to have a life.

Spending time on your hobbies is also another thing you can add to your calendar to look forward to.

11. Eat well

Eating junk food and candy is tempting, but long term, it does nothing for your body or your energy. That doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed treats every now and again. But eating healthily does give you energy.

If you make sure you take healthy snacks to work, you’ll be fuller and less tempted by sugary treats. And you won’t get that mid-morning or afternoon slump where your energy plummets.

This also means that you’ll have more energy when you get home, too. If you’re looking for how to have energy after work, this is one of the biggest things to support your energy levels.

12. Make time for you

It’s important to spend time with family and friends, but it’s equally important to spend time alone. You can give yourself a mental break, recharge your batteries, and do your own thing.

Exercising, spending time on hobbies, and other things I’ve mentioned might give you this, but sometimes it’s important to just be.

13. Get outdoors in the fresh air

Being outdoors is refreshing and definitely good for you. You can get some sun if the weather is good, or enjoy a bracing walk, whatever the weather. You can exercise outdoors and combine the two, or enjoy a range of outdoor activities just for fun.

The sun on your face can boost your mood and give you energy, too. Whatever you do, you will feel better afterward. And I can guarantee you won’t be thinking about work.

14. Meditation

Meditation allows you to completely relax and let your mind stop thinking. This gives your brain a break from everything, not just from work. Focusing just on breathing in and out allows you to just relax and be.

Meditation can reduce your stress, boost your self-esteem, and boost your focus and concentration when you do need it.

Try this on your break at work for a mental break away from your to-do list or add it to your activities at night to help you relax.

15. Get organized

If you can plan things at the start of the week, you can give yourself more time off. For example, plan and prep your meals in advance and it’ll take less time during the week. You won’t have to run to the store for things you’ve forgotten and meal prep will be easier.

Think about what you can do to save time during the week so you have more time for yourself. This is a great tip when thinking about how to have energy after work.

Plan some treats and fun things to look forward to that will add energy and anticipation to the week, too.

Bonus tip: Look into flexible working for how to have energy after work. Talk to your boss and see if you can come into work earlier and finish earlier. Even just one extra hour at home in the evenings can make a huge difference to how relaxed you feel.

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