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27 Thoughtful Thank You Gifts Ideas For Your Internship Supervisor  

You’ve successfully completed your internship and gained the knowledge and job experience you need to further your career. Now you want to thank your internship supervisor for the opportunity and growth help. These are 27 ideas for an internship thank you gift and why they are perfect for the occasion.

1. A Custom Coffee Mug

internship thank you gift

custom coffee mug is the perfect thank you gift for internship supervisor appreciation. It’s not very expensive and not something your supervisor will never use. According to NCA, 64 percent of Americans consume coffee daily, and they usually do so before and during their work shifts. Thus, you can almost be 100 percent sure your internship supervisor will use your gift.

Since the coffee mug will be customized, you can use any type of picture or message you desire. Having “Number One Internship Supervisor” printed on the cup is an excellent idea.

2. A Personalized Thank You Card

Sometimes, keeping things simple is more effective than doing something elaborate for an internship thank you gift. You may want to consider purchasing a blank thank you card and then writing your own heartfelt gratitude message inside of it. Your intern supervisor will probably value it immensely because you took the time to write your own words for it.

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3. Homemade Baked Goods

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Bringing your internship supervisor homemade baked goods is a great idea for what to do on last day of internship. Desserts are always the best because they can tame the recipient’s sweet tooth and touch his or her heart. Cookies aren’t difficult to make, and their expense won’t crush your wallet. Cupcakes are a favorable alternative.

4. An Office Plant

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An office plant might be a good internship thank you gift if you’re in the mood to be symbolic. The plant can be a symbol of the nourishment and care your supervisor provided you while you were on your journey. You can leave a little sentimental note with the gift that talks about watching the plant grow in the same way that he or she watched you grow.

5. A “Thank You” Keychain

Custom keychains are another idea for a thank you gift for internship supervisor gratitude. They are great gifts when you have a tight budget and a lot to say. Just like with a hat or coffee mug, you can have someone design a keychain with a personalized message.

6. A Bottle of Wine

Wine bottles are always good gifts when you’re saying farewell to a work crew or supervisor. They always encourage the recipients to relax and enjoy themselves after a hard day in the office.

7. A Fruit Basket

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Fruit baskets are suitable for any occasion and can make excellent thank you gifts for your internship supervisor. The best thing about the baskets is that they’re healthy.

A loaded fruit basket will give the boss the impression that you care about his or her well-being and want to provide nutritious foods. Providers sell these baskets in a variety of sizes, designs, and fruit choices. Select the basket your boss is most likely to appreciate, and you can’t go wrong.

8. A Monogrammed Notepad

internship thank you gift 2

Your internship supervisor is most likely someone who takes a lot of notes. Thus, you may want to consider purchasing a monogrammed notepad for all the shortlists and scribbles he or she may make throughout the day. Your internship supervisor will be pleased that you took the time to consider their name and have a unique item made.

9. A Stylish Pen

A writing pen is always a great thank you gift for internship supervisor acknowledgment. There isn’t a single person who doesn’t need a pen at some point. Your intern supervisor will probably love it, especially if you put a little extra effort into it and have it monogrammed. It will be a nice gift for taking notes, jotting down strategies, and signing documents.

10. An Aromatherapy Starter Kit

internship thank you gift 3

An aromatherapy starter kit is one of the best gifts for internship supervisor farewells that you can give because they promote relaxation after a hard and stressful day. The A-therapy starter kit is the best option for you to buy because it allows the recipient to try a variety of scents and find something mood-boosting and energy-generating.

11. A Company Logo Baseball Cap

A baseball cap with a company or “boss” logo on it will let your supervisor know how much you appreciate working with the organization during your internship. It’s a gift that keeps on giving because it will incite a sense of pride each time the person wears it. The cap itself won’t be expensive, but it might cost you a little extra to have the logo and text embroidered onto it.

12. A Sturdy Cell Phone Case

You can always opt to buy your intern supervisor a cell phone case if you know what type of phone to purchase it for. Help him protect a prize possession by opting to buy a heavy-duty case, like an Otterbox or something similar. You’ll receive many thanks on the way to embark on your new journey.

13. A Vaping Device

You may not have previously thought about this, but a vaping device could be an excellent gift if your internship supervisor is the vaping type. Vaping stores have a vast assortment of tasty e-juice flavors and devices for all types of people.

You can even purchase a disposable unit if you’re not sure what the best flavor is. Alternatively, you can look for a starter kit that offers several flavors in the package. Make sure your internship supervisor really vapes before you invest in this gift to avoid offending the person.

14. A Stress Toy

Stress toys are great ideas for going away gifts, especially if the job you interned for was a high-pressure one. You can choose from a vast assortment of stress toys, like spinners, fidget toys, and squishy squeezing balls that release stress when the user grabs hold of them.

The pricing of such toys varies, but the cost is under $25. You may even be able to grab more than one and let your internship supervisor decide which one is best to play with when the time comes.

15. A Seat Cushion

internship thank you gift 5

seat cushion is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone who works in an office. All that time spent on one’s rear end can really take a toll on his or her lower back.

Many manufacturers sell cushions that offer lumbar support, tailbone pain relief, and cloud-like padding, such as memory foam. Leaving your internship supervisor with a gift like this is a way of telling that person you care about their comfort.

16. A Gift Card

When all other ideas fail, go for a gift card. Gift cards are good when you know something about your internship supervisor, like where he or she likes to eat or shop. Maybe you can buy a gift card from a restaurant where you know your boss goes on family night.

Otherwise, you can choose a department store where your supervisor shops and select a gift card for that place. Alternatively, you can opt to get a Visa gift card your boss can use to pay bills or purchase other goods.

17. A Music Album

Is your intern supervisor into music? If so, you’ll know just what to purchase. Music can lift that person’s spirits on a horrible day or relax the individual when life gets complicated. A physical CD is a great idea if you know the recipient has a CD player. Otherwise, you can purchase a digital music gift from, and the person can access it there.

18. A Good Movie

Movies are also acceptable going-away gifts, but you’ll need to choose the right option. You’ll have an idea of which movie to get if you ever had a conversation about them. For example, maybe your intern supervisor told you he likes classic movies.

That’s your cue to invest in a little collection of some of the top movies of former eras. Don’t break the bank with your purchase, but try to find something you know the supervisor will enjoy watching.

19. An Award Plaque

You can let your internship supervisor know how awesome you think he or she is by creating an award with a plaque. Tell the manufacturer to write a personalized message on it and make your supervisor feel like a true winner.

Alternatively, you could buy a trophy and have it engraved. This option is a bit more expensive, but it will be one of those unique gifts that nobody else gives. Your supervisor will remember you forever if you choose this option.

20. A Printed T-Shirt

Use the same method with a t-shirt that you would use with a hat or coffee mug. Put a personalized message on it that your former supervisor will love and gift it.

21. A Snack Pack

A snack pack is similar to a fruit basket, except it contains nothing but taboo junk foods and chocolates. You can stuff the basket with chips, candy bars, beef jerkies, and anything else you know your supervisor likes to snack on during breaks and downtime.

22. A Large Wall Calendar

internship thank you gift 6

Some people still appreciate having large paper wall calendars in the office. In fact, some supervisors use them to notate certain events and meetings instead of using a mobile phone or tablet reminder.

Consider buying one with a style or design that pertains to something your supervisor is interested in. Maybe a sports team calendar is a good idea.

23. A Snowflake Paper Weight

Buy your boss a glass snowflake paperweight like the ones you see in old-school movies. If you can’t find one, you can look for an alternative. Any similar item will suffice, as long as it has something captivating in the middle.

24. A Tumbler

tumbler is better than a coffee mug because it’s portable and designed for traveling. Tumblers are also highly customizable. Thus, you can have an inspiring message printed on it when you place the order.

25. A Portable Speaker

internship thank you gift 4

A portable speaker is a perfect gift to lighten up the mood and boost motivation in the workplace. If your boss is a music fan, she’ll appreciate that you invested in an accessory to help her listen to all of her favorite artists.

26. A Best Seller Book

Maybe your internship supervisor likes to read. In that case, you can think about buying something off the best sellers list and surprising him with that. You could choose one from his favorite genre or think of a how-to book that might help him with a process he has been wanting to learn.

27. A Laptop Case

A laptop case is another good gift if you know which type of laptop your supervisor owns. Not everyone invests in a case, so it might be something she needs. It’s always best to purchase something the individual lacks.

What Not To Give as an Internship Thank You Gift

You have plenty of leeway to choose your thank you gift for internship supervisor admiration. However, there are a couple of gift items you should steer clear of purchasing. Don’t buy anything too personal, like clothing, undergarments, or risque materials.

You should also avoid items that the intern supervisor might view as a romantic gesture. Sometimes, people take things the wrong way, even if you don’t mean them that way. You’ll prevent misunderstandings by avoiding personal items and staying on a professional track.

Also, don’t purchase anything that can be considered illegal. Spending too much money on a gift isn’t advisable, either. Most people spend around $25 to $30 on farewell trinkets. You can go over that amount by a little bit, but you should not spend $100 or more.

The above-mentioned thank you gifts are excellent ideas for things to give to your intern supervisor to show your appreciation. Review and consider investing in one of the aforementioned items. You’ll find something to give to your boss, or you’ll get a brand-new idea you can use while you’re shopping.

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