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25 Heartfelt Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers When Leaving A Job

The chances are high that you’ve cultivated a few meaningful relationships if you’ve been on your job for several years. However, a lateral move, more fruitful job opportunity, or promotion with relocation requirements might cause you to leave. Maybe you want to leave something special with the colleagues who made your workdays enjoyable. This piece will discuss gifts to give when you are leaving and whether the gesture is wise.

Do You Give Gifts When Leaving a Job?

Many workplaces have customs where coworkers offer going-away gifts to other workers who leave. Sometimes, they even throw them complete parties.

But gift-giving goes two ways in some places, and exiting workers also give their colleagues goodbye gifts. Whether you should give presents to your coworkers when you leave depends on three factors:

Do you have the money?

Having the proper budget in place is essential when deciding this. You don’t want to hurt yourself financially just to be nice to others. 

Giving thank you gifts when leaving a job to an entire building’s worth of people is only okay if you can absorb the expense or find inexpensive options. In other words, do it if you have extra funds, but don’t spend your rent money on it.

Do you want to give them gifts?

Your reason for leaving should also factor into your decision. You’ll probably want to leave your coworkers with something if you’re going away for a big promotion with the same company and you had a blast at your current workplace.

You may not be as inclined to leave gifts if you’ve put in your resignation for negative reasons and your workplace relationships weren’t positive.

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Can you offer something to everyone?

The best practice is to treat everyone equally and think of all of your coworkers instead of only a few. You might have to get imaginative with the budget if you have to offer a gift to everyone.

Can You Give Gifts To Coworkers and Managers When You Leave?

Leaving gifts to your coworkers when you exit is acceptable at most workplaces. However, you should ask if you’re unclear about any part of it. Your company might have a policy about that, and you need to follow it if you intend to work for the same organization.

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Why Last-Minute Going Away Gifts For Coworkers Are Good

There are many good reasons for giving your coworkers gifts on your way out the door. Heartfelt gifts can strengthen the existing bonds you have with those people. The gesture might also make you feel good inside. Gift-giving could also expand your network connections. You never know which people you might need in the future, so it’s always good to exit on a good note if it’s possible.

25 Inexpensive Gifts to Give When You Are Leaving a Job

These are some ideas for gifts to give when you are leaving. You will see many inexpensive goodbye gifts for coworkers. Choose one or several of them to express yourself in a heartfelt way without breaking the bank.

1. Personalized Pens

Almost every work situation requires the use of a pen. These make great gifts for coworkers when you leave. Even workers in high-tech jobs need them to sign paperwork sometimes. You can make this inexpensive gift heartfelt by getting your coworkers’ names printed on the pens or adding the company’s name or a unique slogan that only your workplace understands.

gifts to give when you are leaving

2. Custom T-Shirts

You can do the same with custom T-shirts you do with pens. Leave a message with your colleagues that makes them remember you and the pride you all shared in your jobs.

gifts to give when you are leaving 1

3. Coffee Mugs

custom coffee mug is another creative gift you can adorn with a personalized message and give to your coworkers. You can add a different photo, slogan, or message to each mug and tailor it to reflect the experience you had with each staff member.

gifts to give when you are leaving 2

4. Fanny Packs

The world would be nothing without fanny packs. They’re the perfect gifts for people who need to have their personal items close by but can’t or won’t carry a purse. Fanny packs are great for carrying identification, mobile phones, makeup accessories, etc.

Most jobs don’t mind if their workers have them, but some only permit the use of clear ones to protect their assets. A vast assortment of fanny pack options is available if you want to give them as gifts.

gifts to give when you are leaving 3

5. Candy Jars

Thinking about food to bring on last day of work? Your coworkers will love you for leaving them with candy jars full of munchable goodies. They’re the perfect solution for sweet-tooth attacks and mid-shift pangs of hunger. Choose from an abundant selection of candy types, jar sizes, and flavors according to what you know about your colleagues.

gifts to give when you are leaving 4

6. Scented Candles

Most people want to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. Leaving your coworkers with scented candles could open their eyes to the fantastic world of aromatherapy. Scents like watermelon, lavender, and lemon can help them clear their minds and get into a relaxing headspace after work.

gifts to give when you are leaving 5

7. Motivational Keychains

Keychains are inexpensive and highly customizable as well. You can find ones that have a motivational text about success, hope, dreams, and friendships. Buy bulk keychains and give each coworker one with a unique quote or create your own.

gifts to give when you are leaving 6

8. A Subscription or Membership

Another great way to part with your coworkers is to leave them with something you enjoy so they can experience it. Gifting them a subscription or membership is an amazing way to do that. Examples of good memberships and subscriptions to gift are gym memberships, television services, and music streaming services.

9. Gift Cards

Avoid turning your nose up at the idea of giving your coworkers gift cards. Some people think it’s impersonal and not very heartfelt, but it’s quite the opposite. You allow the recipients to buy something they truly want by providing a gift card, which is much better than guessing the wrong gift.

10. Coffee Packets

Just about every worker needs a good, strong cup of coffee before or during a shift. Coffee packets are great for letting the other associates know you care about their energy levels. You can choose from an extravaganza of flavors, strengths, and brands. Mix them up or gift them to individual workers based on what you know about their tastes.

gifts to give when you are leaving 8

11. Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are helpful and interesting gifts to give your coworkers if the job is stressful. Manufacturers make a variety of products, from squishy balls to spinners. Your coworkers might indulge in one of them during their breaks or after they have challenging interactions.

gifts to give when you are leaving 9

12. Picture Frames

Picture frames are good gifts for office environments or jobs where most workers sit in cubicles. Your colleagues can set up their stations with picture frames they can put their most precious memories into. They are an inexpensive and thoughtful option for you to consider. You might even want to add a picture of yourself with your coworkers as a pleasant memoir.

gifts to give when you are leaving 10

13. Lotion Samplers

Dry skin is very common in workplaces where employees use their hands a lot. Leaving them with a nice-smelling arrangement of lotion samples is a thoughtful gesture in that case. You can buy them in bulk and wrap individual containers for each employee, or give them all sampler boxers with several items so they can try different scents.

gifts to give when you are leaving 11

14. Desk Plants

Cubicles and offices can get bland after a while. That’s where desk plants can come in. These inexpensive gifts can jazz up your coworkers’ workspaces and give them something lively to look at. It’s your choice whether you want to invest in real plants or artificial ones. But artificial plants serve as longer-lasting eye-candy displays.

gifts to give when you are leaving 12

15. Cocktail Boxes

Do any of your coworkers enjoy cocktails and nightcaps? It might be time to buy them a cocktail box, if yes. One creative idea is to purchase gift boxes with mixers for popular drinks. That way, they can try all the global favorites. All they’ll need to do to make a professional cocktail is add their desired alcohol to the mix.

gifts to give when you are leaving 13

16. Nutritional Snack Boxes

The chances are high that the vending machine at the worksite doesn’t have many healthy options. In that case, leaving your coworkers with healthy snacks is a heartfelt and caring gesture and this makes another great food to bring on last day of work. Look for packages that have organic, gourmet, vegan, and gluten-free options.

gifts to give when you are leaving 14

17. Puzzles

Puzzles are fantastic time fillers for break time, lunch breaks, and even empty time slots at home. They’re also excellent mind expanders. You can show your bestie colleagues how much you care about them having productive free time by leaving them with a wonderful puzzle to complete.

The Impossible Puzzle is an innovative new gift made of clear acrylic. It’s one of the most complex puzzles because all the pieces are different, and no one can tell the front from the back. Furthermore, the set comes with false edges and corner pieces. Thus, you might want to consider giving that one to one of your coworkers as a joke or gifting it to your least favorite colleague.

gifts to give when you are leaving 15

18. Mousepads

Mousepads are simple-but-thoughtful gifts because many people need them. But they usually aren’t at the top of their shopping lists, even if they should be.

Mousepads are also inexpensive and won’t leave you broke if you have to buy more than 10 of them. Additionally, you have a lot of flexibility with designs and other customizations.

gifts to give when you are leaving 16

19. Happy Socks

Do you want to lift your coworkers’ spirits and get them in the mood for fun? Investing in some happy socks is the way to do it. Happy socks have colorful patterns and silly designs that can boost the wearers’ moods. They’re great gifts if your workplace’s dress code doesn’t prohibit them.

gifts to give when you are leaving 17

20. Desk Figurines

You could consider leaving your coworkers with some desk figurines to keep them company during their rough days at the office. Here’s where you can use your knowledge of your coworkers to shop for items they might like.

For example, a dancing cat figurine would go over well with a cat lover at your workplace. Use the same strategy to buy figures for everyone else, and you won’t go wrong.

gifts to give when you are leaving 18

21. Calendars

Some people still prefer to use old-school wall calendars instead of mobile phone apps. Leaving calendars for your coworkers is a nice touch since you can choose just about any theme. You can buy plain calendars with minimal illustrations or go all-out with fancy designs or popular pictures.

gifts to give when you are leaving 19

22. Headphones

Earbuds or headphones might be the way to go if your workplace is noisy. Your coworkers might find a pair of wireless earbuds valuable in the office or at home.

gifts to give when you are leaving 20

23. Personalized Cards

Writing each person a personalized card is another way to go if you’re an artistic individual. It’s heartfelt and thoughtful because you have to put your heart into it. Write a little goodbye poem or a custom note to each person who changed your life during your experience there.

gifts to give when you are leaving 21

24. A Special Book

Gifting your colleagues books is an excellent choice if they’re into reading. It’s another one of those gift options that will allow you to use what you know about each of them to provide a customized present.

One coworker might like romance novels, while another might need a self-help book in a particular niche. Then there’s mystery, adventure, non-fiction, etc. Try it and see if you can put a smile on their faces as you embark on your new journey.

25. Solar Cell Phone Charger

Running out of battery life at an inconvenient time happens to many people. Thus, you might consider buying your coworkers some solar-powered cell phone chargers. They’re great for those daytime situations when no electrical outlet is available.

gifts to give when you are leaving 22

Now you have a list of some useful ideas for gifts to give when you are leaving. However, your situation is unique, and so are your coworkers. Take your time and put a great deal of thought into every purchase. You’ll leave a long-lasting impression that will surely brighten up someone’s day.

Personalize Your Gifts

How important is it to personalise a leaving gift that you’re buying?

“Personalizing a leaving gift is important because it shows you put thought into it. It’s like saying, “I know you and appreciate what you’ve done.” It adds that extra touch, making the gift unique and memorable. It’s not just a thing; it’s a heartfelt gesture that says, “You matter.” “You’re important to us.”” Virginia Luttrell expert at Perfect Selection Creative Gifts

Why do handmade products make such good ethical choices for leaving presents?

“Handmade gifts are such good ethical choices because oftentimes they are wonderful for the person receiving them, the community and the environment.  At our farm Benson Bounty, we offer simple, environmentally friendly packaging for all of our products.  All packaging is either reusable, made of 100% recycled materials or recyclable; we also offer our soaps bars in bulk without packaging.  All of our products are made with herbs, flowers and fruits that we grow sustainably at our farm using organic and regenerative gardening practices!  When the community shops our small farm, they are supporting soil health, building habitat for wildlife, building community, and the family that runs it all.” Michelle at Benson Bounty

What makes a personalised, printed gift so special?

“In the last few years, especially since the pandemic, personalized gifts within the promotional item industry have seen significant growth.  Personalization adds a special touch to gifts, making them both unique and memorable. People love tailored gifts because they go beyond the ordinary and show that the giver has put thought and effort into selecting a meaningful present. Whether it’s a name engraved on a high-end technology item, a silk-screened tumbler, or a custom embroidered Backpack, a classic engraved writing implement, personalized gifts hold a special place in the hearts of both the giver and the giftee. They often can strengthen relationships and create lasting memories.

Custom corporate gifts allow you to add value for your customers, team, or partners.  Whether it’s a practical item for the office or a fun treat for a day-off, custom corporate gifts will show that your business cares.  Bespoke gifts are simply better than generic gifts.” Scott Chalmers from Spyglass Printing

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