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10 Best Topics For Marketing Interview Presentation

Your marketing interview presentation is an important part of your interview process. Interviewers use this as a way to get a feel for your skills, experience, and attitude. You can use it to promote yourself as the best possible candidate for the position.

In order to create the best presentation possible, you need to choose an interesting and insightful topic. Once you know your topic, you’ll need to write out a well-formed presentation.

10 Best Marketing Presentation Topics

1. New Technology

Discuss the latest technology in marketing. Give specific examples of technology that both helps and can be a hindrance in order to show you are keeping up with the technology the company you’re interviewing for might be thinking about using.

Keep your presentation positive. Talk about your feelings on the subject.

2. Emerging Marketing Trends

Talk about emerging trends in the marketing field. Include statistics. This shows your interviewer that you did your research.

Explain which trends you feel are good and which are bad. You can open your presentation up to questions and answers to demonstrate that you are staying up on current marketing trends.

3. Problem Solutions

Your interviewer is likely searching for a problem solver. Use your presentation to demonstrate your problem-solving skills.

Tell a story about a problem facing the marketing industry. Give details on how you would handle the situation. Use props and graphics to back up your point.

4. A Previous Project

Tell your interviewer about a marketing project you worked on previously. Explain the reason for the project, how you added value to it, and what you learned from the experience.

Don’t say anything negative about a previous employer during your interview presentation. Keep it civil, regardless of your interaction with others.

5. Your Work Portfolio

Your presentation is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself to the interviewer’s company by talking about your previous marketing experience and accomplishments. When interviewing for a marketing position, this is the best way to demonstrate your expertise by actually promoting yourself.

While you want to highlight your abilities, keep the presentation true. You can even include why you used a particular font or utilized a specific presentation method while writing your presentation.

6. A Favorite Professor or Course

You have to be creative when you have just graduated college and don’t have a lot of work experience. Discuss one of your favorite marketing courses or talk about an instructor who inspired you.

Explain exactly what you learned and why this stood out in your mind. Include why you’re glad you chose that course and show some of the ways the information was presented. This presentation shows your interviewer that you are passionate and willing to learn.

7. Your Experience with Leadership

A presentation on your marketing leadership experience demonstrates your management skills, your ability to make decisions, and your drive for results. You’ll be showcasing your strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Talk about a leadership role you’ve had and the challenges that came with that position. Discuss any lessons learned and offer insight into your abilities.

8. Your Marketing Achievements

Your career highlights are perfect for a marketing presentation. Use compelling visuals and data to tell the story of your key accomplishments.

By using this as your topic, you can not only discuss what you’ve done but also how well you accomplished those things. Showcase any projects that had impressive results or made a significant impact. This will provide your interviewer with proof of your abilities and skills, setting you apart from the other candidates.

9. Company Analysis

Discuss the company you’re interviewing for. This demonstrates that you’ve done your research and understand the company.

Include your thoughts on their opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses. You’ll be stressing that you’re serious about this role and are anxious to contribute. It can truly impress the interviewer when you choose such a bold topic.

10. Arts and Culture

Using arts and culture as an interview presentation demonstrates your personal perspective and helps you stand out. Talk about how your background in this subject has developed your problem-solving skills and your creativity.

For example, describe how digital art skills can be used for current marketing strategies. By showing how arts and culture have had a positive impact on your development, you are letting your interviewer know you have a fresh and innovative approach.

How Do You Write a Marketing Presentation for an Interview?

Once you have chosen your topic and know which main points and key messages you want to include, it’s time to write your presentation. Like any writing project, you’ll break it down into three parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

The Introduction

You want to capture your interviewer’s attention. You can do this by using a story or a current development that brings up a question or dilemma. You could also choose to frame your presentation with a brief bit of background information and then quickly transition into an explanation of your topic.

The Body

This portion of the presentation supports your topic. Use a clear and logical order when talking about each main point. Explain how each point relates to your main message. Use examples to illustrate each point.

Transition between points with phrases like the following:
• “Another consideration is…”
• “Turning to the next point…”
• “I’ll now talk about…”

The Conclusion

Announce that you’ve reached the end of the presentation by using phrases like “in conclusion” or “I’ll finish by.” Summarize the main points you’ve discussed.

Remind your interviewer of the topic’s importance and thank them for their attention. End with an invitation to ask questions or make comments on the topic.

Your Best Possible Presentation

By choosing a relevant topic for your marketing interview presentation, you’ll be able to promote yourself in a positive light. Follow the general writing guidelines for any well-written piece, and remember to keep things positive.

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