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7 Legit Places To Find Work-From-Home Data Entry Jobs

One of the easiest jobs on the Internet is data entry. In this article I’m going to show you 7 websites that are hiring you to do some data entry and much more. 

I’m going to show you some legit data entry jobs that you can actually do from home. This is a great way for you to make an income online without even having to get in a car and go to work. 

So without any further ado. Let’s get right into it! I have a few websites that I want to show you today, so let’s go. 

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Vollna is an online platform that aggregates freelance jobs from various websites.

It helps freelancers find transcription, data entry, and other typing-related jobs.The tool then sends jobs directly to your phone.

By doing this, the software ends up saving you time that you would have otherwise spent on endless scrolling on opportunities that you have no interest in pursuing

So how does Vollna work?

Well for starters, Vollna allows you to create your own custom job search. You first input information such as your strengths and skillset, as well as your weaknesses. Vollna then uses this pre-set custom criteria and scans every job feed in real-time, and automatically saves relevant jobs the instant they appear. Here is what you can do with the search filter

  • Set keywords & phrases like “android developer” or “SEO marketing”
  • Use negative keywords to eliminate bad-fitting jobs
  • Set budget limits
  • Create a client profile: total spend, rating, hire rate, location, and more
  • Specify project languages
  • Import your saved searches straight into Vollna!

Now if you have ever used Upwork before, then you know how long this can take. I have spent upwards of literally 2 hours just going through and reading and then saving job listings that have appeared on Upwork. Additionally many times I have to go back and then apply once I’m ready. in total this can seriously eat up a lot of your time, and every Freelance Writer knows that time is money!

Once you have created your search filters, you can then head over to all of the job postings and begin reading their full description, requirements, budgets, etc.

Choose real-time alerts or schedule your own hourly, daily, or custom digest. The platform allows you to schedule when you want to be alerted of each opportunity and even gives you the ability to create your own digest.

Does Vollna have a Free Trial?

If you are like me and are skeptical of this kind of software, you don’t need to worry. Vollna actually offers a free 14-day trial and it does not require a card.

I would recommend going this route first because I think it will allow you to truly see the benefit of what Vollna has to offer. Additionally, you can cancel at any time.

Here is the thing, job searching is necessary for any freelancer that wants consistent work. Unless your services are in high demand and you have a consistent supply of work, then you do have to spend time pursuing opportunities, the thing is however that you don’t get paid for looking up jobs! You only get paid for delivering quality service in a job that you do have.

So ideally I think it is in every freelance writer’s best interest to reduce the amount of time doing the thing that is not getting you paid, and maximizing the thing which is getting you paid!


Now, with this one they are often hiring, but you do have to go ahead and contact them and click on apply for work to make sure that they’re hiring in your area. 

They’re not always hiring specific areas, but this is a very legit company that hires you to do data entry: captioning, transcribing, voice writing and scoping, so you just have to click on “apply for work”. 

But you can go ahead and try it and see if they’re hiring in your area and you have the ability to work independently and meet client deadlines.

Axion Data Services

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They hire data entry workers looking to put their data entry skills to work. They have a dedicated stable workforce, so openings are very rare.

While they rarely have openings, when they do, you will be registered in their database and have prior data entry experience. All operators work from home as independent contractors, that means you will use your unfamiliar equipment, handle your own taxes, and work your own hours…

So this one is more if you’re an experienced data entry worker, because they don’t often hire and one-day hire they will hire you if you have experience, so we’re going to quickly move through this one because you do need more experience for this one, and also you have to be residing in the US.


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Clickworker is always looking for Internet users worldwide who can, for example, create or correct text, participate in surveys and search and categorize data. They’re looking for people to search for data so it’s a little bit different than data entry, however the jobs that they have on here are very simple, it’s available worldwide and you are collecting data for other companies. 

So how does it work? You can sign up as a clickworker for free, you work independently, your schedules flexible and all you need is a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection to decide when and how much you want to work on a freelance basis. 

So this one is super easy, you can even work from your phone and these are the types of jobs that you’d be doing. They have text creation, which is to create informative text products descriptions or titles about a given topic. Categorization… you categorize data of websites and  copy-writing, copy editors, check corrected text with regard to content style and exact implementation of the job instruction. 

You can do proofreading here as well. Proofreaders assess the text created with regard to spelling grammar style expression and implementation of the job instructions. 

Then, you also do research… search for data and addresses of companies, restaurants and other localities on the web. 

This is very simple data research work and if you’re interested you can take surveys as well to earn some extra cash. Also, if you’re interested you can do mystery visits and it says “who wouldn’t enjoy getting paid for a weekly shopping trip”

Visit nearby stores, take pictures of products and upload them at Clickworker and that’s it. So, very simple. If you live in a busy city or area, you could probably find more jobs with Clickworker. 

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Also there is app testing, you can help optimize the design functionality and usability of different applications, and you can also do photo capturing, so make short audio video recordings with your smartphone… upload and done!

So this is just a very simple work at your own pace kind of website. You basically work whenever you want and you pick out the types of jobs that you want on this website. It’s not like data entry but it’s like data research that you’d be doing and then some other things that go along with that but it’s very similar to data entry so I included this site on here. 

Just make sure that you have good quality work because that increases your earnings. You can work whenever you want, you don’t have to worry about customer acquisition, they take care of the distribution of jobs to you and they also take care of processing the payments to you. They pay you the SEPA or Paypal and there’s 24/7 support from the Clickworker community so you can go ahead and check that out.

D2CZRQxpTxzi Dwymy6F9H7DQPxzQP is available worldwide and you can find many freelance jobs from around the world. They’re flexible, you can find so many different jobs here all around the world. They do hire data entry workers. I just typed in data entry and as you can see they have a ton of jobs here.

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There are many different companies looking for freelance data entry clerks so you can just browse through these jobs. If you just type in data entry, you’ll find a ton of jobs here. There are many different other jobs on here as well, you will see jobs for a customer support / data entry and they tell you how much they pay per hour. 

There are many different ones that you can look through on here so this is a really good site for you to go ahead and take a look at data entry jobs, they are always hiring and if you are not looking for data entry, maybe you want something else, they are hiring for other jobs as well. 


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This is where you can come to find remote jobs. They have jobs from data entry. You can become a digital nomad remote worker and travel anywhere you want, so you can always check this site for work. 

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If you work remotely, they also have a lot of tips on how to work remotely from home and they have all sorts of jobs here. If you come to this website, you can use it as a tool to connect with other people who work remotely and get tips and everything like that.

But you can find a ton of jobs here as well. Browse 700-plus remote jobs at over 500 companies that offer you the freedom to work from anywhere. Jobs like: customer support, design, engineering, marketing operations, sales and more.

Many different companies are hiring from anywhere, they’re looking for a full-time stack engineer with this one but you can search and look for all sorts of jobs that you can do.

l8HMKLBumYbgU 5UgUvAiJ Kd 95GFTkoBR7YzixDvAhFQn9I79NM5 TxrEqWSsi1h1l7J0zc45kPZRxedp8m3Ms fjkzQ0C2 ND9fW0uHoxgeT 5758j QCLurd0fdoGdIkQzZXDOZjHcCE60tuw is a remote job board that curates job listings from reputable companies. While it features various job categories, you can search specifically for part-time data entry positions. Explore the listings, apply directly to the companies, and potentially secure a flexible part-time role.

And this ends the article. This is your chance to actually work from home, for other companies. No investment required. If you are interested in learning other ways to make money from home and perhaps start your own side hustle, check my Remote Work category. 

I hope you found this helpful!

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