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98 Scam-free Work-from-Home Transcription Companies

When you’re searching for online transcription jobs, it’s easy to get bogged  down with sorting the good companies from the scams. That’s why we  made this guide. We’ve done the research for you and compiled 98 scam-free companies offering work-from-home transcription jobs. With this guide, you can save time, avoid headaches, and start applying to great  transcription companies right away. 

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1-888-TYPE-IT-UP works with US-based transcriptionists to deliver  accurate transcripts for businesses and consumers. They offer an online  job application process. 


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2Scribe provides transcription, dictation, and records management services  to medical-related companies, organizations, and individuals across the  United States. 2Scribe has been serving healthcare providers since 2001, leveraging the internet while maintaining HIPAA compliance. They seek  qualified, hardworking professionals who are excited about joining a rapidly  growing company. 

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360 Transcription

360 Transcription is an expanding company with a dedicated staff. Owner  Kris Girardi brings over a decade of expertise and a commitment to quality  transcription and resourceful and timely technology and processes.  According to 360, their completed transcriptions consistently achieve a  99.5% accuracy rate, exceeding industry averages. They have occasional  job openings for proficient medical transcriptionists.

3Play Media

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3Play Media provides closed captioning, transcription, and audio  description services to make video accessibility easy. They are based in  Boston, Massachusetts, and have been operating since 2007. They seek  remote contract transcriptionists to transcribe recorded audio and edit  imperfect transcription. 

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Absolute Transcription

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Absolute Transcription strives to ensure complete confidentiality to its  physicians and their patients while providing an easy means of dictation  and medical transcription services in various branches of medicine. They  specialize in medical transcription but also accept general transcription.  Absolute Transcription has been in business since 1999. They require  medical transcriptionists with at least three years of clinic or acute care  experience who can meet and exceed expectations with every transcript.

Access Transcripts

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Founded in 2013, Access Transcripts, LLC, provides transcription services  for court systems nationwide, including bankruptcy courts in 26 states and district courts in Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. They seek qualified  proofreaders and transcriptionists for their team. Candidates must be  certified by the AAERT and have a minimum of two years of experience  transcribing verbatim court proceedings. 


Accuro partners with professionals and organizations from the medical,  legal, occupational health, HR, academic, and insurance sectors. Accuro  seeks talented and experienced transcriptionists to join their panel of  professionals and offers a flexible working schedule that allows freelancers  to work from home and manage their own workload. 

AccuTran Global

Established in 2002, AccuTran Global is a full-service Canadian  transcription company with an established network of North American  transcriptionists and editors, providing services to clients around the world.  Whatever the requirements are, AccuTran Global takes pride in providing  personal service to meet the customer’s individual needs. They seek  transcriptionists with the ability to work independently and meet client  deadlines while following guidelines precisely. 


Acolad provides language, transcription, and event services, with divisions  in the fields of translation, language interpretation, transcription of audio  and video, audience polling, audio recording, and event badges. Acolad is  continuously searching for qualified, talented individuals to join their team  of language, transcription, and event professionals.

Adept Word Management

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Founded in 1990 to meet the needs of the medical transcription field, Adept  Word Management offers dynamic, cost-effective, intelligent transcription  services. Adept Word Management seeks transcriptionists to join their team  of educated, experienced, tech-savvy experts who strive to exceed  expectations.


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Allegis provides recorded statement transcription and online services for  large P&C insurers. The company’s work-from-home transcriptionists  transcribe recorded audio interviews between insurance adjusters and their  clients. They seek independent contractor transcriptionists who want to  select their own jobs and work on their own schedules. 

Alliance MT

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Alliance MT, Inc. was established in January 2000 with a small, skilled  workforce and a vision for the future. They aim to both excite and motivate  a professional and knowledgeable staff of medical language specialists,  technical innovators, and incomparable customer service representatives. They offer the opportunity to work from home while accessing benefits. 

Alpha Dog Transcription

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Alpha Dog Transcription offers full transcription services to the  entertainment and business communities, as well as to individuals, and  they have experience with TV shows, films, seminars, meetings, lectures,  focus groups, certified transcription, and more. They accept resumes from  transcribers with a minimum of one year of experience. 

American High-Tech Transcription & Reporting

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Based in Largo, Florida, American High-Tech Transcription & Reporting,  Inc. is a transcription and translation agency. As a woman-owned small  business, they provide accurate, secure services for government agencies  and companies worldwide. They seek qualified independent contractors  who are US citizens or legal residents living and working in the United  States. 

ANP Transcriptions

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ANP Transcriptions offers a variety of transcription services ranging from  basic dialogue transcriptions to fully edited, time-coded, multi-speaker  transcriptions suitable for board and advisory meetings as well as conference calls, interviews, and speech recordings. According to ANP  Transcriptions, they strive to build relationships with clients based on trust,  understanding, and mutual respect. They seek full-time and part-time  transcriptionists in various industries. 

Apple Transcription

Apple Transcription provides secure, accurate transcripts for a wide range  of clients. They seek freelance transcribers with experience in multi speaker transcription, sometimes within very tight deadlines, with good  availability.


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According to Athreon, they aim to deliver affordable and accurate  transcriptions as quickly as possible and deliver maximum ROI. They offer  dictation, transcription, speech recognition, system interfaces, and  document management solutions. They seek experienced medical or legal  transcriptionists looking to work from home. 


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Auscript is a transcription and court recording firm specializing in  supporting digital recording and transcription in the government, legal, and  corporate sectors. Auscript aims to deliver fast, precise, and secure  recordings and transcripts. They seek transcriptionists who thrive in the  fast-paced, complex environment of the judicial system. 


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Babbletype specializes in audio-to-text services and in supporting the  project, budget, and deadline needs of market researchers. They seek  talented, capable, reliable transcriptionists focused on customer  satisfaction.

Beyond Words Typing Service

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Beyond Words Typing Service is a woman-owned company offering personalized, reliable, affordable, and professional administrative services for businesses. They seek US transcriptionists to join their team. 

Cambridge Transcriptions

Cambridge Transcriptions, based in Massachusetts, was founded in 1989 and is an established presence in the recording, reporting, and transcription  community. They seek talented and focused legal and corporate  transcriptionists for part-time positions. 


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CastingWords is a technology-oriented transcription firm located in Los  Alamos, New Mexico. They focus on connecting freelancers with  transcription work, and customers with excellent transcriptionists. CastingWords offers flexible projects, with short online jobs.

Clear Choice Transcription

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Clear Choice Transcription provides transcription services to hospitals,  medical clinics, physician practices, law firms, attorneys, private  investigators, police departments, and insurance companies. According to  Clear Choice Transcription, their trained transcriptionists can transcribe  nearly any audio or video file to a 99% accuracy level. They seek  experienced and qualified US transcriptionists. 

Conduit Transcriptions

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Conduit Transcriptions offers transcription, translation, and interpreting  services to local, state, and federal law enforcement organizations in the  United States. They seek qualified and experienced US transcriptionists  and prefer those with background clearance from a federal agency or  military branch.


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CyberDictate is an online transcription company based in the Austin,  Texas, area. They provide administrative support services to law firms,  financial institutions, corporations, entertainment industry professionals,  news outlets, and non-profit organizations throughout the United States. They seek experienced US transcribers. 

Daily Transcription

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Daily Transcription provides transcription services as well as translation,  script, and caption services. They handle audio and video for  entertainment, reality television, documentaries, post-production, EPK  transcription, corporate, market research, academic, legal, and a host of  other industries. Daily Transcription seeks beginners and experienced  independent workers who can meet strict deadlines. 

Diaz Transcription Services

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Diaz Transcription Services is a full-service transcription and electronic  court reporting company comprising Pennsylvania notarized court reporters and security-cleared transcriptionists. They seek dedicated, highly qualified  personnel in the legal transcription field. 


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DICT8 provides medical transcription services to the UK National Health  Service (NHS) and private practitioners. DICT8 provides clients with typed  documents, which are sent to them securely through the internet, ready for  printing and posting. They seek applications from medical secretaries with  extensive experience in the NHS.


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DigitScribe is a leading provider of medical transcription services in Canada  and the United States. They seek dedicated professionals with three or  more years of experience, transcriptionist accreditation, and degrees in  their fields of specialization. 

Ditto Transcripts

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Since 2010, Ditto Transcripts has provided law enforcement  transcription, legal transcription, academic transcription, financial and  business transcription, medical transcription, and general transcription  

services to clients across the United States. Ditto Transcripts looks for skilled, committed, experienced, and professional transcriptionists  to add to their growing team.

Document Direct

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Document Direct is a UK outsourced typing and document production  service for the legal, medical, and professional services sectors. All  transcriptionists engaged by Document Direct are expected to fully  understand the demands placed upon clients and to be willing to go the  extra mile to deliver exceptional customer service. They seek UK-based  audio transcriptionists with legal or medical experience.


E-Typist aims to provide reliable, secure, and quality legal transcription and  virtual secretarial services. Prospective transcriptionists need to quickly  demonstrate the ability to transcribe dictation in varying degrees of  difficulty. They consider applications from transcriptionists with a minimum  of three years of legal transcription experience or experience working in a  law office setting. 


eScribe Transcription Services Pty Ltd is an Australian transcription  company. Since 2004, they have been building successful working  relationships with exceptional transcriptionists who share the company’s  commitment to meeting the professional needs of their valued clients. They  seek Australian transcriptionists who can demonstrate that they are  experienced, self-motivated, skilled, flexible, and reliable.


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eScribers is a growing legal transcription and reporting company. They hire  experienced legal transcriptionists, proofreaders, and electronic and  stenographic reporters to add to their team of independent contractor  service providers. 

Essential Secretary

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Essential Secretary Ltd has a skilled and experienced remote transcription  team dedicated to providing professional, accurate, and efficient  transcription services to customers. They look for experienced UK-based  transcriptionists. 

eTranscription Solutions

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eTranscription Solutions provides clients with document transcription.  According to eTranscription Solutions, they can meet every transcription  task with outstanding performance and excellence. They look for  experienced transcriptionists who are quick, efficient, and have a high level  of accuracy.

eWord Solutions

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eWord Solutions is a highly rated transcription services and document  workflow solutions company. Their mission is to deliver time-sensitive  transcribed documents that are 99.9% accurate and guaranteed secure.  Their core clients include attorneys, physicians, and corporate executives  from multiple industries (medical, insurance, and entertainment). They look  for experienced legal, medical, and general transcriptionists who are US  residents. 

Expedict Transcription

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Expedict supplies transcripts to organizations in the private and public  sectors, large and small. They work from both pre-recorded and live audio delivered by the client or recorded in-house. They seek experienced audio  transcriptionists for telework opportunities. 

EZ Smart

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Established in 2003, EZ Smart Limited started as a typing services  company and now provides transcription services for medical, legal, and  commercial clients. They look for reliable and experienced transcriptionists  from the UK with regular daytime availability.

Fantastic Transcripts

Fantastic Transcripts provides high-quality transcripts of interviews,  conferences, investigations, pharmaceutical studies, teleconferences,  investment calls, television shows, quantitative analysis studies, legal  proceedings, documentaries, and more. They are the exclusive  transcription service for the Copyright Clearance Center and several  Boston colleges and universities. They look for experienced  transcriptionists with a background in business, finance, high-tech, legal, or  medical. 

Fast Chart

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Fast Chart, founded in 1991, provides accurate and affordable outsourced  clinical documentation solutions for hospitals, clinics, and physician  practices. They seek US-based medical transcriptionists with at least two  years of full-time medical transcription experience in a hospital or clinical  environment. 

Fingertips Typing Services

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Fingertips Typing Services, based in the UK, provides professional  transcription services for a wide range of companies and individuals. A  large bulk of the company’s work is market research interviews, but they  also provide legal, medical, property, and all other industry work. They seek experienced transcriptionists with a solid secretarial background.

Focus Forward

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The Focus Forward management team has over two decades of  experience in transcription services. From marketing research, to meetings,  to medical and more, they deliver with an eye to their clients’ industries.  Their transcriptionists are independent contractors who choose the days  per week and hours of the day they work, from any country in the world. 

GMR Transcription

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GMR Transcription provides accurate transcription and translation solutions  for government institutions, nonprofit organizations, universities, and  corporations in the United States. They seek transcriptionists for a variety  of topics, including academic, legal, and business. No experience is  necessary. 


Hiring page 

GoTranscript is a professional transcription company founded in 2005 in  Edinburgh, Scotland. They seek skilled transcriptionists from anywhere in  the world and offer flexible hours and the opportunity to choose your own  projects. 

Hired Hand

Hiring page 

Hired Hand, an online transcription service which has been providing high quality transcripts since 1995, was established by Charles Gould, who still  owns and nurtures the company. Hired Hand seeks experienced general  transcriptionists or proofreaders who are available for work at home during  normal business hours and occasionally during the evenings for rush jobs.

Hollywood Transcriptions

Hiring page 

Hollywood Transcriptions works with clients in the entertainment,  academic, legal, and corporate industries. They seek accurate, responsible  transcriptionists who can adhere to strict deadlines and who are based in  the United States. 

Intentional Reach

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Intentional Reach provides transcription services that meet the specific  needs of Christian leaders. They seek US-based transcriptionists with strong grammar, spelling, punctuation, proofreading, and internet research  skills. In addition, transcriptionists must have Biblical knowledge and know  the Bible well enough to recognize common mistakes.

J&J Court Transcribers, Inc.

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J&J Court Transcribers, Inc. has been in business since 1976, providing  legal verbatim transcription from audiotape, videotape, and digital media for  US municipal, state, and federal courts and agencies. They seek  transcriptionists with experience transcribing Federal Court hearings from  either the US District Court or the US Bankruptcy Court and certification  from the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers. 

Kelsey Transcripts

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Kelsey Transcripts has been providing general and legal transcription  services since 1999. The company was started by Jennifer Ferris, a former  legal assistant with a mission to use her clerical and legal background to  grow a business that provides affordable high-quality transcripts for clients.  They seek experienced, reliable transcribers who can produce accurate  work in a timely manner.

Landmark Associates

Since 1987, Landmark Associates, Inc. has provided transcription services  for the academic and qualitative research markets. They pride themselves  on delivering accurate and timely completed transcripts at an affordable  price. Landmark has completed work for over 80% of the major US  universities, acclaimed government agencies, and numerous nonprofit  organizations. They seek transcriptionists with prior experience with  general transcription projects and extensive knowledge of English  grammatical rules. 

Lee Perfect Transcribing

Lee Perfect Transcribing, Inc. provides transcription services for the  healthcare and business industries, from transcribing meetings and  speeches to one-on-one interviews. Lee Perfect seeks transcriptionists with  at least three years of experience in business or medical transcription.

McGowan Transcriptions

Hiring page 

Since 1993, McGowan Transcriptions has served corporate businesses,  start-ups, universities, the NHS, and numerous other industries as a UK  digital transcription company. They specialize in group discussions and  

interviews, and they seek experienced, professional, and accurate  transcriptionists to join their team. 


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Mediscribes, Inc. is a growing medical transcription provider in the United  States for health systems, community and rural hospitals, and individual  physician practices and physicians’ groups. They provide accurate, timely, and HIPAA-compliant transcription services for healthcare organizations. 

Mobile Assistant

Hiring page 

Mobile Assistant offers an efficient, accurate, secure way for clients to  document critical meeting information using their mobile dictation service.  Mobile Assistant seeks US-based transcriptionists who can commit to a  fulltime work schedule.

MoonCity Transcripts

MoonCity offers traditional word-for-word transcribing as well as assigning time code references to subtleties including facial expressions, body  language, “off camera” conversations, and other visuals that are not always  apparent by reading words only. The company’s transcripts are designed  with writers and editors in mind, as they are always looking for those  additional moments to emphasize a point, move a story forward, or  showcase and further develop a character. 


Hiring page 

Medical Technology Solutions of America (MTSOA), founded in 1986,  offers solutions for dictation, document management, interfacing, and  electronic medical records, as well as physician time-management  resolutions through their HYBRID approach to transcription and EHR. They  seek talented US-based medical transcriptionists to add to their team. 

Orion Transcription Services (OTS)

Headquartered in West Virginia since 2004, OTS provides clinical  documentation services. They seek US-based transcriptionists with at least  two years of experience outside of school/transcription certification  coursework. 

OutSec was established in 2002 to cater to British clients in the legal,  medical, property, surveying, land management, estate agency, interviews,  inventory, financial, and forensic accounting professions. They seek  transcriptionists able to work during UK office hours.

Pacific Transcription

Hiring page 

Pacific Transcription is the Australasian branch of the global Pacific  Solutions network. They are an Australian-owned company that has been  providing audio and transcription services since 2002. They seek research,  medical, and radiology transcriptionists with prior experience working  autonomously. 

Perfect Transcription

Hiring page 

The Perfect Transcription digital service provides affordable transcription  services. The company is HIPAA compliant, using sophisticated encryption  files to satisfy HIPAA requirements, and they make patient privacy a top  priority. They transcribe physician notes, consultations, and medical  correspondence. Transcriptionists are expected to be experts in the specialty (e.g., orthopedics or otolaryngology) to which they will be  assigned. In addition, they are expected to proofread material for accuracy  and spelling errors and transmit the completed work by its deadline.

Phoenix MedCom

Hiring page 

Phoenix MedCom, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is owned and operated by  professionals in the healthcare services industry. They provide medical  transcription services in the Northeast United States and look for US-based  transcriptionists with a background in transcription in a medical facility or  physician practice. 

Pioneer Transcription Services

Hiring page 

Pioneer Transcription Services is a pioneer in the transcription arena. In  business since 1990, they were one of the very first companies to offer  digital transcription. They can transcribe all digital file formats, as well as  standard and micro-cassette tapes. They seek transcriptionists who have a  good command of English, are detail oriented, and have experience in  transcription work. 

Precise Transcripts

Precise Transcripts works with private- and public-sector agencies and has  the capacity to transcribe in all media formats. Precise says, “We have  developed a unique service process that is hands-on. Our goal is not only  to provide exceptional business service but also on building lasting and  professional relationships with our clients.” 

Precision Transcription

Precision Transcription provides quality transcription services for hospitals  and physician practices. Their specialties include pain management, ortho,  ophthalmology, cardiology, kidney, urology, insurance, neurology, and  radiology. They seek US and Canadian medical transcriptionists.

Preferred Transcriptions

Hiring page 

Preferred Transcriptions, located in Philadelphia, provides transcription  services for states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware,  Maryland, and California. Their clients consist of hospitals, medical and  dental group practices, marketing research agencies, investment  companies, legal firms, and educational institutions. They look for medical,  legal, and general transcriptionists. 

Production Transcripts

Hiring page 

Production Transcripts offers flat-rate transcription services with fast turnaround times for any job, large or small. The company seeks proficient US-based transcriptionists with experience transcribing from digital files. 


Hiring page 

Quicktate transcribes voicemail messages, memos, letters, legal files,  medical files, recordings of phone calls, conference calls, and other audio  files. Quicktate also audits, summarizes, evaluates, and analyzes audio  recordings and phone conversations. They offer services 24/7 and seek  experienced and professional transcriptionists who wish to select their own  work hours. 


Hiring page relies on a network of hand-picked freelancers and uses  technology to offer quality, speed, and value for clients. Transcription  freelancers at Rev have access to a constantly updated list of audio files  that need transcribing. Transcriptionists can claim one audio file to work on  at a time, transcribing the audio file using Rev’s online transcription editor. No prior experience is required, but they look for applicants who have a  strong mastery of English and the ability to learn and apply transcription  skills. 

Same Day Transcriptions

Hiring page 

Same Day Transcriptions was founded in 2002 by service-disabled veteran  Rob Foley, with an eye to delivering fast, accurate transcription services for  professionals with confidential data. With over a decade of experience, the  

company has earned a reputation for reliable delivery of confidential  transcription.


Hiring page 

Scribie is an online audio transcription service offering interview  transcription, webinar transcription, podcast transcription, sermon  transcription, focus group transcription, lecture transcription, and video  transcription. Scribie provides general transcription services as well as  specialized transcription services for academic transcription, legal  transcription, and business transcription. They seek transcriptionists who  have good communication skills and are proficient in English. 

Secretarial Enterprises

Hiring page 

Secretarial Enterprises provides transcription of business, market research,  government, technical, and legal documents. They look for highly trained  freelance US transcriptionists who have significant digital audio  transcription experience that includes interviews and focus groups. 


Hiring page 

SpeakWrite is an online transcription company for legal, government, law  enforcement, and other private-sector clients. SpeakWrite independent  typist contractors enjoy the flexibility of working from home, setting their  own hours, and balancing work and family demands. 


Hiring page 

Speechpad provides transcriptions and captions for international customers  ranging from Fortune 500 companies to boutique businesses and  individuals. They say that since beginning operations in 2008, they have  always made customer satisfaction their top priority.


StenoMed, Inc. is a national medical transcription company that is family  owned and operated, located in the Heartland of America. They seek highly  motivated medical transcriptionists with an in-depth understanding of  medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, procedures, and treatment. 

Sterling Transcription

Sterling Transcription provides transcription services to clients across the  UK, the rest of Europe, and countries around the globe. They look for  transcriptionists living in the UK and abroad who are passionate about what  they do and take pride in the work they submit. Being a native English  speaker is not required. 

Superior Transcribing Service

Hiring page 

Superior Transcribing Service is the oldest medical transcription service in  the USA, established in 1957. They provide medical transcription services to medical clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and various state facilities  nationwide and look for dedicated, experienced transcriptionists with at  least two to three years of experience in the medical transcription field. 1


Hiring page 

SyberScribe provides a secure outsourced medical dictation and  transcription service for the Australian healthcare industry. They look for  Australian residents who are qualified medical transcriptionists.

Take 1 Transcription

Hiring page 

Take 1 Transcription provides transcription, subtitling, captioning, and  translation services for major production companies, studios, and networks  in the UK and the USA. They have the capacity to handle diverse projects.  Take 1 Transcription seeks freelance audio transcriptionists who are fast  typists and who love TV. 

The Dictation Source

Hiring page 

The Dictation Source is a US-based medical transcription company with  headquarters in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, and offices in New Jersey,  Maryland, Oregon, and Florida. It was established in 1991 and serves  healthcare clinics across the country. Its clients are organizations spanning  medical specialties of all types. 


Hiring page 

Tigerfish has been in business since 1989, providing transcription for video  production and conventions and for clients in the legal, healthcare,  qualitative research, marketing/PR, and consulting industries. They seek  accurate transcribers and offer a flexible work schedule.

Hiring page offers a professional audio transcription service for all  verbal communications, including meetings, lectures, videos, interviews,  conference calls, and more. They seek US-based transcriptionists with  previous experience in the transcription industry, good comprehension of  English, and an ability to meet deadlines.


Hiring page 

TranscribeMe uses a hybrid technology/human platform to provide  transcription for clients in the research, business, medical, and education  industries. They offer a flexible work schedule, and no experience is  necessary. 

Transcription America

Transcription America provides transcription for market research, academia,  animal health and wellness, agriculture, podcasts, focus groups, technology,  investigative interviews, and more. Team members work well under tight  deadlines while continuing to analyze the needs of their clients. They look  for transcriptionists who are detail-oriented, self-motivated, and able to meet  strict deadlines.

Transcription Centre

Hiring page 

Transcription Centre, located in Birmingham, provides transcription for researchers across the UK and Europe and has a wide range of experience  in transcribing interviews, focus groups, speeches, discussions, and  dictations for a variety of uses. They’ve worked on large-scale longitudinal  research studies with hundreds of interviews as well as one-off dictations.  The look for university-educated transcriptionists who are native English  speakers with an ear for accents. 

Transcription Experts

Hiring page 

With experience since 1986 in corporate, legal, medical, government, and  law enforcement transcription, Transcription Experts seeks professional  transcriptionists with more than two years of experience who are passionate about customer satisfaction. 

Transcription for Everyone

Hiring page 

Transcription for Everyone provides legal and general transcription,  specializing in depositions, board meetings, and court hearings. They look  for transcriptionists who are driven and motivated for a long-term career in  transcription and an availability of at least one hour per day three times per  week.

Transcription Panda

Founded in 2016 and based in California, Transcription Panda provides  transcription and translation services to a variety of institutions and  individuals. They offer flexible hours and the opportunity to pick your own  jobs, and applicants from all over the world are welcome. 

Transcription Plus

Hiring page 

Transcription Plus, founded in 1989, provides medical, legal, business, and  government transcription. They look for transcriptionists who are self motivated, dependable, and reliable, with a strong commitment to  confidentiality. 

Transcriptions ’N Translations

Hiring page 

Transcriptions ’N Translations provides transcription, translation, closed  captioning, and subtitling services to media conglomerates from a variety of  fields. They have worked closely with television and film industries and with  production houses of all sizes. 


TypeOut began in 2008 and provides transcription to the business sector.  They have established long-term relationships with blue chip organizations,  local authorities, police forces, central governments, and many universities,  as well as small businesses. Their client base grows weekly, and the  nature of the work is exciting, interesting, and varied. They look for highly  experienced transcriptionists who are currently working for other  transcription organizations. 


Hiring page 

Vanan provides legal, business, and academic transcription services. They  seek transcriptionists for confidential lectures, meetings, conferences,  focus groups, and more. 

Ubiqus On Demand

Ubiqus (formerly Verbal Ink), founded in 2003, provides transcription as well as translation  services, foreign language transcription, subtitling services, localization  services, voiceover services, and a whole host of writing services. They  look for highly skilled linguists with a strong command of grammar.


Hiring page 

VerbIt is a transcription and captioning services provider specializing in large-scale jobs delivered with speed and accuracy. They use adaptive  artificial intelligence, a dual human editing process, and an enterprise grade management platform to provide customers with unique solutions. 


Hiring page 

VITAC, incorporated in March 1986, provides closed captioning, translation  services, subtitling, and audio description while ensuring customer  satisfaction. They look for transcriptionists who are clean, complete, and  consistent writers with 98%+ accuracy. 


Hiring page 

Voxtab provides English transcription services across the globe. They are a  brand of Crimson Interactive, an innovator in language solutions. Voxtab says, “We strive to ensure that our work environment is fulfilling and  enhancing.” 


Hiring page 

WeScribeIt, founded in 2008, works with native English speakers to  guarantee accurate audio transcription services, dictation services, closed captioning, foreign language services, and translation. They seek general,  medical, and legal transcriptionists who are US residents. 

World Wide Dictation

Hiring page 

World Wide Dictation Service provides a full end-to-end solution for all  transcription needs. After specializing in medical transcription for over 45  years, World Wide Dictation now provides full-service transcription. They  seek qualified applicants for medical, legal, general, and financial  transcription.

Written Communications

Hiring page 

Written Communications provides legal and medical transcription as well as  transcription for a range of other industries. They seek applicants with job  skills associated with transcribing. 

Freelancing is a great way to start a promising career in transcription.  These 98 companies offer a range of opportunities for transcriptionists  with varied backgrounds, education levels, and experience, so the team at hopes this guide saves you time and helps you  get started in putting your transcription skills to work.

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