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30 Highest Paying Jobs In The Next 10 Years

The highest-paying jobs in the next 10 years, usually six figures, are stable, in-demand, and rewarding. Students heading out trying to discern their career path, or those in the early stages, are often surprised to see which industries and professions are paving the way into the future.

When looking at the options for the best careers for the next 10 years, consider more than mere pay in your decision. That’s not saying you can’t change careers or vary the path to a degree once in the field. Still, once you’re in an industry, this will likely become your life’s work.

It should excite and stimulate your mind, encourage you to progress further and do more to make your mark in that profession. If it doesn’t light a spark, it might not be the most suitable regardless of the price point. Consider some suggestions for the most in-demand jobs for the future here.

What Are Jobs That Will Be In Demand In The Next 10 Years

Many people are uncertain where the future will take them for the most suited profession or which career has more scope in the future. Others focus on two key factors: the highest-paying jobs in the next 10 years and the future jobs in demand.

Let’s look at some jobs in demand in the next 10 years, so the decision can be informed and educated.

1. The Construction Manager / Projected growth ~ 11 percent / Annual salary ~ $100,000

A bachelor’s degree is usually the prerequisite for this position and a person with experience working in the industry is. These professionals ensure the functionality of the job site is seamless.

There are many hats this leader wears, and interactions with peers, require communication and interpersonal skills.

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2. The Airline Pilot / Projected growth ~ 13 percent / annual salary ~ $200,000

A prerequisite is a bachelor’s degree along with flight school for specialty training. A commercial airline pilot is responsible for the safe travel of passengers on a regular basis. It’s a challenging position, but one many people have a passion for. Plus, it will be needed well into the future.

3. The Health Specialty Instructor / Projected growth ~ 27 percent / Annual salary ~ $120,000

While the postsecondary institution occupation will require the prerequisite of a professional degree, a priority is to have onsite experience. The healthcare industry is in dire need of more clinical and professional staff. These individuals are responsible for training that staff.

4. The Transportation or Distribution Leader / Projected growth ~ 7 percent / Annual salary ~ $100,000

This position is just a touch over the six-figure salary, but it is in demand and doesn’t require a college degree. The training and experience are essentially on-the-job. These leaders are responsible for the adequate movement of products and their eventual storage.

There’s a demand for this position in varied industries, including within government agencies for cities and states.

5. The Financial Counselor or Advisor / Projected growth ~ 15 percent / Annual salary ~ $125,000

The prerequisite for this position is a bachelor’s degree and licensing. An advisor analyzes private clients’ financial standing to help establish strategies to improve their situations. The focus is primarily on protecting personal assets, dealing with tax mandates, and other complexities.

6. A Physician Assistant / Projected growth ~ 36 percent / Annual salary ~ $105,000

The prerequisite for this role is a bachelor’s degree earned with an accredited institution. The profession is responsible for providing care to patients with the explicit direction of the rendering physician. As more baby boomers head toward retirement, this role will grow by leaps and bounds.

7. A Dentist / Projected growth ~ 20 percent / Annual salary ~ $180,000

The prerequisite is intensive, with a doctorate degree merely the beginning of many years of extensive education. A dental provider is responsible for diagnosing and treating oral health concerns. Their work is performed through exams, follow-ups, and the potential for oral surgery.

The earning potential can grow much higher, particularly in private practices and considering the “endeavor.”

8. IT Manager / Projected growth ~ 10 percent / Annual salary ~ $150, 000

The prerequisite for this position is a bachelor’s degree. Digital technology is the core of the daily functionality of many businesses nowadays, with this leader proving to be the backbone of the company’s technical system. Their position is responsible for ensuring a seamless operation.

9. The Education Administrator / Projected growth ~ 10 percent / Annual salary ~ $110,000

The prerequisite for this position is a master’s degree. The primary role of an administrator is to take the lead in all things related to education initiatives.

10. The Operations Manager / Projected growth ~ 10 percent / Annual salary ~ $125,000

The prerequisite for this role is a bachelor’s degree, while many strive for a master’s degree. There are vast industries requiring these leaders to coordinate various departments to ensure seamless daily production. The occupation is noted to be essential.

11. A Surgeon or Physician / Projected growth ~ 13 percent / Annual salary ~ $210,000

The prerequisite is a doctorate and many years of education, including a residency before licensure. There is a need for more in this profession. These roles are responsible for at-time life-saving patient care.

The health of the population lies in their hands. Either can concentrate on a specialty or center on general practice.

12. The Human Resource Manager / Projected growth ~ 5 percent / Annual salary ~ $130,000

The prerequisite is often a bachelor’s degree for this occupation with much experience leading to hiring in the role. The individual will work closely with staff in a company handling recruitment, company benefits and salary, and problems within the workplace.

13. The Actuary / Projected growth ~ 20 percent / Annual salary ~ $100,000

The prerequisite for an actuary is a bachelor’s degree in those sciences. An individual following this career path needs to be passionate about math if you hope to succeed. This core skill helps the professional assess business decisions.

Many work with insurance carriers handling risk assessments and methods for minimizing expenses.

14. An Attorney / Projected growth ~ 8 percent / Annual salary ~ $145,000

The prerequisite for a lawyer is a Juris doctorate degree along with many years of education and training before ultimately passing a state bar exam.

These professionals can branch into various roles, whether focusing on criminal defense, being a prosecutor, handling medical malpractice and so much more.

15. The Architectural Engineer / Projected growth ~ 6 percent / Annual salary ~ $145,000

The prerequisite for this position is a bachelor’s degree. The occupation is usually found within large organizations. The individual coordinates projects on an often grander scale by conducting the research and development aspects for commercial and industrial construction.

16. The Software Developer / Projected growth ~ 18 percent / Annual salary ~ $100,000

Traditionally, the prerequisite is a bachelor’s degree, but that is gradually becoming a thing of the past. It’s an ideal position for those who prefer to spend loads of time working with computers.

The position is primarily about developing new software but can branch out into many other possibilities, including developing smartphone apps.

17. The Air Traffic Controller / Projected growth ~ negligible / Annual salary ~ $130,000

The growth potential for this position is low, but the salary range is significantly increased, and there is no prerequisite for a bachelor’s degree. However, you need to earn an associate’s degree followed by FAA-approved specialty training.

These individuals carry a heavy load with coordinating flights to ensure optimum safety.

18. The Finance Manager / Potential growth ~ 19 percent / Annual salary ~ $145,000

The prerequisite for this position is a bachelor’s degree, with some firms requiring a master’s as well in the study of business administration. The leader is responsible for keeping a company’s finances in order. That goes above the scope of basic banking to accounting processes and investing.

19. The Gynecologist / Potential growth ~ 10 percent / Annual salary ~ $210,000

An accredited medical school doctorate degree is the prerequisite for this physician. The doctor must follow this with a residency and “fellowship training.” The provider works with women for reproductive care and treatment.

20. The Academic Business Professor / Potential growth ~ 19 percent / Annual salary ~ $100,000

You will need many years of education to fill this role, with the suggestion to fulfill a doctoral degree. Qualified educators continue to be a need and will be well into the future.

The academic business professor is responsible for “molding” young entrepreneurs in a postsecondary setting. Their range is from training in administration to teaching management.

21. Industrial Production Management / Potential growth ~ negligible / Annual salary ~ $110,000

The prerequisite for this role is a bachelor’s degree along with years spent in a manufacturing environment. The position can be held in a number of industries overseeing the production of any sort of goods. The primary responsibility is to ensure that the facility runs smoothly.

22. A Nurse Practitioner / Potential growth ~ 36 percent / Annual salary ~ $110,000

The prerequisite for this role is a bachelor’s degree. A nurse practitioner has the capacity to write prescriptions, provide diagnoses, and provide treatment to patients. These individuals are often seen in a smaller setting where they offer general care.

23. The Health Services Manager / Potential growth ~ 21 percent / Annual salary ~ $115,000

The prerequisite with this leader is a bachelor’s degree. The primary duties in this occupation are healthcare administrative tasks that relieve physicians and other clinical staff.

24. Electronic Engineering / Potential growth ~ 4 percent / Annual salary ~ $105,000

A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite to being hired for this occupation. The engineer is responsible for researching and designing a vast array of electronic projects, including navigation systems.

25. Petroleum Engineering / Potential growth ~ 3 percent / Annual salary ~ $ 140,000

The petroleum engineer needs to seek a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field to obtain this role. The primary goal of this engineer is to perfect methods and machinery in the oil industry. The position also requires the individual to discern how to extract these substances from the ground.

26. CEO / Potential growth ~ negligible / Annual salary ~ $200,000

The growth potential for this role is not something to consider as a negative in this occupation. You won’t likely come out of school into a CEO position unless you immediately start a new business. It takes time to reach this level.

A minimum prerequisite is a bachelor’s degree. Still, often there is much more education involved and loads of work experience that you want to have under your belt before attempting a full company leadership, being responsible for meeting objectives and the business’s overall success.

27. A Pharmacist / Potential growth ~ 6 percent / Annual salary ~ $120,000

A professional pharmacy degree is required from a specialty school. The individual can work from virtually any medical establishment or a freestanding pharmacy. The role is one of taking prescriptions from physicians and dispensing appropriate medications to patients.

28. An Anesthesiologist / Potential growth ~ 4 percent / Annual salary ~ $270,000

The anesthesiologist requires extensive training and demands exceptional skill. Medical school is followed by residency and fellowship training, with licensure being the final step—the professional works in a hospital setting to administer drugs for sedation and pain relief.

29. Marketing Management / Potential growth ~ 8 percent / Annual salary ~ $140,000

The prerequisite for a marketing manager is a bachelor’s degree along with relevant experience. This leader will oversee advertising strategies to ensure the costly projects run without a hitch.

30. The Computer Network Architect / Potential Growth ~ 7 percent / Annual salary ~ $110,000

A computer network architect must seek a bachelor’s degree in an aspect of information technology. This is a high-demand role considering the overall dependence on digital communication, which will likely remain the same.

Intricate communication networks are created and implemented by the architect, usually within a large firm where the expert is fundamental in daily operations.

Final Thought

A vast range of occupations will constitute the highest-paying jobs in the next 10 years. These merely touch the surface.

In order to select the most suitable profession for your future, it’s essential to take sufficient time to research, pay attention to your passions and interests, and move forward with something that checks all the boxes.

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