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8 Casual Job Interview Outfits for Women to Make a Good Impression

Get this: Your job interview is not a fashion show (unless you’re applying for a job in the fashion sector). It’s a time when you need to show your skills and achievements to land the job. 

However, your interview attire is still important to impress the interviewer. Good first impressions have a big say on whether you get a second interview or even a job offer. 

This is why I’m going to help you dress for success with 8 casual job interview outfits for women. I’ll also tell you what to avoid when you dress for an interview, even if it’s a more casual environment. So let’s get straight to it!

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What Are Casual Job Interview Outfits for Women?

If you research the company culture and see that the dress code is casual, or you’re told that it will be a casual interview, you might be lost for outfit ideas. I mean, what exactly does casual mean? And how casual can you be?

Here is how Soneca Guadara, a celebrity stylist, puts it:

Going on any interview, you want to look like a professional. A casual interview just means that you can mix and match separates to show off more of your personality.

In other words, you should choose more of a business casual outfit instead of a beach casual outfit. All that said, let’s look at 8 casual job interview outfits for women…

1. Smart casual interview attire 

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @classyyettrendy

If you want to give off professionalism but not be so formal, you can choose a smart casual outfit. This can include a black top, a patterned blazer, black flair pants, loafers, and silver accessories. 

Of course, you can mix things around. You can wear a patterned blouse with a neutral-colored blazer. You can make your flair pants match either the top or blazer. Get creative with it. 

Here’s one rule of thumb: If you don’t want your outfit to be too striking, go for neutral-on-neutral or neutral-with-vibrant colors. Two vibrant colors, like red and orange, might be too distracting. Also, smart casual is less formal than business casual. 

2. Business casual interview attire 

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @jcpenney

If you’re leaning towards more formal but still casual interview outfits, you can choose business casual attire. This can include a solid color dress, a well-fitted blazer, heels, and minimal jewelry. 

Now, when putting together casual business attire, neutral colors always look more professional. I’m talking black, navy blue, white, or beige. For the casual part, you can add a hint of color (like the sample image above). 

If you decide to go for a bottom and top, choose tailored pants over jeans, as well as a blouse, button-down shirt, or tailored shirt.

The best shoes to wear are either simple heels or flats. No sneakers allowed. Also, the less accessories you have, the more professional it will be. 

3. Trendy interview attire 

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @notsammishapiro

Going back to what Soneca Guadara said, “Casual interview means you can mix and match to show off more of your personality.” 

But again, you don’t want your outfit to be the main focus. So if you want to wear something trendy, don’t go overboard with it. A survey by Snagajob saw a whopping 70% of candidates rejected because their outfits were too trendy

To avoid this, let’s follow the advice of stylish therapist Christina Stein on how to make your interview casual look both trendy and professional.:

Wear a neutral outfit but incorporate a little something to spruce it up. For example, the biggest color of the season is red, so you can add a red pump and coordinating bag, or just grab a skinny red belt to finish off a neutral look.

4. Funky interview attire 

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @shopifeelsocool

You can highlight your personality with a funky yet professional look. If you want it to be the best job interview outfit, avoid wearing layers of funky clothes. I’d say add one funky piece to a common work outfit.

So when you put-together this type of outfit, go for a casual dress or skirt, pants, khakis, skinny jeans, or blouse or shirt. For the funky part, add a striking cardigan, jewelry, handbag, or footwear. 

You might be wondering, “What exactly is funky?” Well, it’s incorporating bold and unconventional elements that express individuality and creativity. It’s very similar to the trendy outfit, but your statement pieces are a bit more exciting. 

5. Formal with a twist interview attire 

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @freshsoulclothing

Suppose you want to look professional by wearing formal attire. However, you also want to add a twist to make it have a more casual work environment fit. Well, Carly Landig, a stylist and creative consultant, gives us a great example of this. 

When interviewed by, Landig suggested wearing a vest suit instead of a more traditional one-piece suit or blazer. She says:

It is a timeless look that has stood the test of the trend cycle. It’s a polished yet effortless look.

If you have a vest suit in your closet, you can pair it with matching pants and skirts, as well as shoes and a bag. If all the colors are the same, that will add a touch of professionalism. 

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6. One-piece interview attire

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @sampeelofficial

If you don’t want to bother matching jeans with a blazer or top and all that, you can go for a one-piece outfit. Now, this can be a casual dress or a jumpsuit. 

Remember, you can’t be overly casual. This is why it’s best to style it in a way that makes it suitable to wear for an interview. 

If you choose a loose jumpsuit, you can complete the look with a belt, nice jewelry, heels or flats, and styled hair. The same is true if you wear a flowy dress. If your jumpsuit or dress has no sleeves, it’s best to top it off with a well-fitting blazer. 

7. Casual interview outfit 

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @amoriep

So far, we’ve suggested casual but unique and polished looks. What if you just want a comfortable and well-fitting top and bottom? Can you simply wear jeans and a shirt?

You can. However, there are some things to consider to avoid being too casual. 

For one, try to avoid wearing a pair of jeans. Instead, go for dress pants, khakis, or trousers. Also, avoid cotton t-shirts or shirts with designs. Instead, choose blouses, tailored shirts, or button-downs. This is how you can dress professionally with a simple top and bottom. 

One more thing. If you’re going for a casual top and bottom, the color can play a big part and allow you to err on the side of caution. Neutral colors like beige, white, black, or navy blue are your best picks. 

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8. Seasonal interview attire

If you want, you can make your interview attire fit with the season. So let’s go over a few casual job interview outfits for women during winter, spring, summer, and fall. 

One idea on what to wear for a winter interview is a trench coat, turtleneck sweater or scarf, pants, and boots. 

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @coatsweater

If you want to dress with spring vibes, use colors that are commonly associated with spring. This includes pastel shades, bright and blue hues, natural and earthy tones, and floral prints. 

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @michelle_tomczak

To match the heat of summer, wear something loose. A maxi dress will allow you to look professional and summery at the same time. If you wear a sleeveless maxi dress, you can pair it with a blazer to give it a more traditional business look. 

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @evernewph

Autumn outfits usually have a lot of warm earth tones, rich jewel tones, and natural and earthy shades. You can mix and match these colors for your interview attire. 

casual job interview outfit women

Instagram @michelle_tomczak

What NOT to Wear for a Casual Outfit Interview

Yes, casual outfits are becoming more and more common in today’s workplaces, as well as in interview settings. However, there are a few NOs when dressing casually for an interview. 

  • Don’t be too fashionable. If you want to add personality to your outfit, don’t go overboard with it. One statement piece is good enough. It’s even better if you keep it minimal, like your bag or footwear
  • Don’t be too colorful. Yes, you can add a pop of color to spice up your overall outfit. But for more formality, you should match it with neutral colors. Two striking colors against each other may be too distracting. The same is true with two different types of patterns.
  • Don’t show too much skin. Dressing up in a sexy fit is not professional. So avoid mini skirts, revealing tops, crop tops, big skirt slits, etc… Sleeveless is OK, especially if it’s a vest suit. If not, try to cover it up with a blazer or cardigan. 
  • Avoid athletic wear. Dressing athletic is not professional as well. Don’t come in Nike leggings, running shoes, and a dry-fit top. You’re there to get a job, not to work out. 
  • No to rip jeans. If you can help it, don’t wear denim jeans at all. But if you have nothing else, at least make sure it’s clean and polished. I tell you, if you come in with ripped jeans, your interviewer will most likely raise an eyebrow and make a negative judgment about you. Of course, this includes any holes in your outfits, too. 
  • Don’t leave your hair a mess. Yes, your hairstyle can make or break the entire outfit. If you enter the room with messy hair, it might tell the interviewer that you’re disorganized or lazy if you can’t even take a few minutes to comb it out. 
  • Don’t forget to iron your clothes. Creased or wrinkled clothes give the impression of being unkempt or sloppy. It may also suggest a lack of care and attention to your appearance. This is why you should always iron out your clothes, especially the loose fits. 
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes. You’re already nervous enough. If you wear, say, pants that are too tight or heels that are too tall, you’ll only give yourself something else to stress about. So wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. 

Final Words

If the interview dress code is casual, you might be a little confused. What is the volume on how formal and casual you should be? Well, you can follow the 8 casual job interview outfits for women that I listed here. 

If you’re already sure what to wear for the interview, just make sure that you avoid the DON’Ts that I mentioned. 

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