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Top 10 Best Games To Improve Logical Thinking For Adults

Logical thinking and critical thinking are two elements that people need to function well in various aspects of their lives. It’s necessary to have strong logical thinking skills for relationships, jobs, and general survival. Therefore, adults need games to improve logical thinking for adults to sharpen those skills if they don’t have them.

Games can help adults to improve their logical thinking skills if they are lacking that area. The Queen Mary University of London and University College London (UCL) performed a study in 2013 that proved that certain games improved cognitive flexibility. The following is some information about logical thinking and which games can help adults develop it?

What Is Logical Thinking?

The simplest way to describe logical thinking is to refer to it as analyzing information and making wise decisions. This ability is necessary for all aspects of life, and each decision requires some level of it.

For example, people need to use logical thinking skills to develop effective financial plans. They need that unique skill set that allows them to read the numerical data and then strategize about the best ways to meet their financial goals.

The same skill set is necessary to succeed in the workplace. A worker may need to analyze some details about the environment and the coworkers and then develop a way to co-exist with other workers in harmony.

How Does Logical Thinking Differ From Critical Thinking?

Many people have heard the term “critical thinking” and thought it was interchangeable with logical thinking. Though the two ways of thinking are very similar, they are not the same.

Critical thinking is logical thinking plus more. It uses logical thinking, but it also adds more depth to the analysis and evaluation. A logical thinker may look at something like it’s a math equation. A critical thinker might look at that same situation as something that needs deeper investigation before making a dedication.

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What Are the Best Games to Improve Logical Thinking?

Games often help people who don’t have powerful logical thinking skills by forcing them to think to advance in a game. There are many games to improve logical thinking for adults. Some of the games are old-school board games, and others are sports games and video games.

Old School Games

Old schools games have been around for decades and have made it into the homes of many people. These games are excellent choices for people who need to boost their logical reasoning skills:


Clue is an excellent old-school game for adults who want to improve their logical thinking skills. It’s a murder mystery game that requires the player to put together clues and other information to pinpoint the killer. It also requires its player to have a good memory. On a scale of one to 10, Clue is about an eight. Other games may be more helpful, but this selection isn’t bad.


games to improve logical thinking for adults 1

Uno is a card game that isn’t too difficult to learn. The game’s object is to get rid of all of one’s cards according to the color the other players throw out. It requires logical thinking and strategy, because the players need to know when to toss certain cards out and when to hold onto them for emergencies.


games to improve logical thinking for adults 2

Chess is perhaps the most influential game to help people develop logical thinking skills. To play the game of chess, a person has to understand the value of each piece in the game entirely. He or she must also know which way each piece can move.

The objective is to move those pieces around the board in a way that allows the player to capture the other person’s king. The game’s high strategy content can help players deal with tricky situations at work or in personal relationships.


games to improve logical thinking for adults 3

Checkers is similar to chess but with fewer pawns and pieces. The game is played similarly to chess because one player has to jump over the other player’s pieces.

Thus, it forces the player to think about gameboard positioning and what the player needs to do to get to the other side to capture the king. As with chess, checkers forces the players to consider the concepts of sacrificing and risk-taking to advance toward one’s goal.


Risk is an old-school war game, and all wars have something to do with logic, strategy, and timing. Two to six people can play it, and it can be an effective tool in building those core logical thinking skills.

Video Games

Video games can help improve logical thinking skills if board games aren’t your cup of tea. The following are some popular video games and how they can help you develop that important skill set.


Tetris is an amazing and fun video game that can help you develop several skills. Aside from developing your logical thinking skills, it can also help you think on your feet. In Tetris, you have to analyze the information quickly as shapes fall toward the ground.

You then have to think of the most logical ways to drop the shapes to save yourself space and earn points. Therefore, it can help you in situations where things are tight, and you have to be highly conservative.

Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is one of the oldest games in the book. It is highly effective in building logical thinking skills. The game’s object is to solve puzzles and engage in a swordfight to save various kingdoms. The game has many distractions to get the main player off course.

However, the player can develop a greater sense of patience by working through those scenes to make smart decisions. Zelda is for players of all ages, and it can be helpful to any person who plays it. That’s why it’s still one of the top games in the industry.


Football is a superb action game to get to increase your logical thinking skills. To win at football, you have to analyze your opponent and think of moves that will cause your team to advance closer to the end zone. You’ll need to think about each player on your team and that person’s physical strength, speed, statistics, and more. Then you have to plan out certain moves and then look at them to decide whether they will be effective.

Any Interactive Narrative Game

Interactive narrative video games are excellent for developing logical thinking skills because they usually consist of real-life situations. As the player, you’ll read and analyze scenarios and then use the information you have to make decisions for your characters. Every choice you make affects the outcome of the story. Bad decisions may yield horrible outcomes, and good decisions may bear fruitful outcomes. The opposite may be true as well. By playing this type of game, you’ll become sharper at evaluating details and making decisions in a short amount of time. Most narrative games only give players a little bit of time to decide on certain actions and choices.


games to improve logical thinking for adults 4

Any boxing game will help you with your reasoning skills. You’ll need to truly study your opponent to understand his weak spots, speed, and habits. Then you’ll need to use that information to develop strategies to outfight him. Boxing games are likely to help you improve your coordination and agility as well.

Other Ways to Boost Logical Thinking Skills

Playing games isn’t the only way to better your critical thinking skills. You can also use some of the strategies mentioned below:

Develop More Intellectual Friendships

Changing or growing your circle of friends will help you sharpen your logical thinking skills. You’ll need to align yourself with people who respectfully challenge your thoughts and beliefs and are willing to bounce ideas and concepts around with you. Intellectual people will be more likely to ask questions and get to the bottom of different things rather than accept them at their face value.

Spend More Time Philosophizing

You can improve your critical thinking skills if you spend more time philosophizing as well. It’s a skill that you can sharpen with practice and repetition. Thus, you will develop your abilities if you engage in them daily.


games to improve logical thinking for adults 5

Journaling is an excellent way to utilize and grow your logical thinking skills. Going to a quiet place and writing your thoughts will eventually lead you to ask questions and search for the answers to those questions. You may begin with one sentence about a specific topic and then end up with a highly detailed analysis with two or three possible answers and solutions.

Storywriting can improve your logical thinking skills, as well. To tell a story effectively, you’ll need to be able to think of characters and events that make sense. You will need your logical thinking to make your story unfold the way it should. The more writing you do, the more compelling your story will be.

Now you know some of the top games to improve logical thinking for adults if you lack that area. You can try many of those games now to see if they can help you sharpen your skills. The skills you learn can help you achieve new goals and reach new heights in life.

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