How to Decorate Your Office at Work – 8 Decor Ideas That Will Boost Your Mood and Productivity

If you’re given your own space at work (or maybe you work from home), you might want to decorate it. But there’s one dilemma: you don’t have an eye for office decor and design. 

Good news! I’m going to teach you how to decorate your office at work. I’ll give you 8 decor ideas for your desk or overall office space. These designs are sure to boost your mood and productivity. But before that…

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Should You Decorate Your Office at Work?

A Zipdo survey saw a shocking 95% of employees say that office design helps with productivity. Moreover, another report showed that a well-designed office space makes employees happier by 33%.

With these two stats alone, decorating your workspace is certainly a good idea. I mean, we’re talking about increased productivity and better moods here.

Besides that, here are other reasons why you should decorate your office:

  • It can inspire and motivate you. This is true if you add inspirational or motivational quotes, pictures of your family, or artwork that you love.
  • It reduces stress. Creating a pleasant and visually appealing work environment can help reduce stress and anxiety. 
  • It gives off a professional image. If your office is full of clutter, that will say a lot about your organization and attention to detail. But if it’s clean and well-decorated, it means you’re organized, detail-oriented, and value your workspace. 
  • It makes you more comfortable. Many design ideas add a personal touch. And when your home office or small office is personalized, you’ll find comfort in it. 
  • It can foster team morale. This is because your office decor ideas may provide a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere for colleagues to interact and share ideas

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8 Ways on How to Decorate Your Office at Work

Here are 8 ideas to decorate your space in the office:

  1. Keep it clean and functional
  2. Make it comfortable with an area rug
  3. Make it healthy
  4. Hang prints or pictures
  5. Place a hint of color
  6. Illuminate the space with a fun lamp
  7. Add unique items
  8. Snacks are always a good idea

1. Keep it clean and functional 

One of the first tips for decorating your office is to keep it clean and functional. Remember, you’re still at work – so you need to prioritize work

My advice is to not overload it with accessories to the point it just looks like clutter. This doesn’t only make your desk look dirty, it can also distract you from work. So make sure it’s clean and organized. 


Instagram @minimal.desksetups

Of course, your office area should be functional, too. Let’s say you need space for your computer and notebook. It won’t be a functional desk if you have to push things around to make way for your writing. 

The team at Simple Home | Simple Life gives this advice:

Make sure that your space functions well for sitting in an office chair or standing ergonomically at your workstation, and that it’s easy to get in and out of.

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2. Make it comfortable with an area rug 

If you want to add a touch of comfort, then you can decorate the office with an area rug. Yes, you can do this even if you have a small floor space. 

Area rugs are great because they add a soft and cushioned surface underfoot. What’s more, rugs can help insulate a cold office. Talk about comfort!

Of course, an area rug can add personality to your space, too. Since there are so many different colors, patterns, and textures, you can make it match the office aesthetic. So when looking for ways to decorate your office, never forget the rugs. 

area rug

Instagram @catherinewilsoninteriors

3. Make it healthy

If you want to bring life and health into your office, then one of the best office decor ideas for workspaces is to add plants.

Yes, it was actually proven by the Agricultural University of Norway that plants decrease health symptoms by 25%. This includes fatigue, difficulty in focusing, as well as dryness and irritation of the skin, nose, and eyes. 

Besides that, plants add a decorative touch to a somewhat boring and bare desk or workspace. 


Instagram @house_plant_community

Don’t have much natural light coming into your workspace? Don’t worry. You can get Pothos, Aloe, Jade, and other succulent plants. Even if you aren’t a green thumb, these are super easy to care for. 

4. Hang prints or pictures

Let’s say you have very little desk space or you need a big area for work. If so, you can use the wall to your advantage. You can make a wall art or gallery wall. 

For wall art, you can choose to hang artwork or motivational quotes that will keep you going through the day. You can even stick a chalkboard or calendar to add some charm to the blank wall ahead of you. 

wall 3

Instagram @Manmart

As for your gallery wall, you can get very creative with it. You can hang a cork and add Polaroids and pictures of your loved ones. You can tie a light string and clip pictures onto it. Use your creativity to add your biggest inspirations on the wall. 

wall 2

Instagram @getclever 

NOTE: You shouldn’t drill holes in the wall unless you’re permitted to. 

5. Place a hint of color 

If the area is very dull, then one great idea for office décor is to add a hint of color. Now, this can be anything – office supplies, books and journals, frames, a desk chair (if you’re allowed to use your own), trash cans… You name it. 

color 22

Instagram @theorderlyspace

Emily Johnson from Omni Papers gives us the meaning behind colors. She says that red is identified as love, passion, energy, danger, and strength. Blue symbolizes stability and depth. Yellow brings out happiness, intellect, fun, and joy. 

You can read about what each color signifies and use it as a guide to spice up your interior design. If you once had no idea what hint of colors to add, color meanings will give you great ideas for work decor. 

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6. Illuminate the space with a fun lamp

You might not know it, but lighting is very important in a corporate office. If there is no natural light and the office has poor lighting, you may experience eye strain, headaches, fatigue, stress, and even accidents. 

On the flip side, harsh and unwelcoming fluorescent lights in most offices cause “glare” headaches, stress, and discomfort. Well, adding a fun lamp can counter both scenarios. The Simple Home | Simple Life team says:

Consider adding a desk lamp with softer lighting so that you can see well what you’re doing and also create a warm vibe that feels more like home.

Plus, lamps will improve your space look. You can make it stand out by choosing a lamp with a pop of color. Or, you might want to go for a decorative lamp that matches your office furniture or aesthetic. 


Instagram @officesupplycom

Whatever the case, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll have sufficient light for your work, as well as an item to decorate your office space. 

7. Add unique items

If you’re looking for office cubicle decorating ideas, you can add unique items to give your space some character. 

Now, what do I mean by unique items? It can be something as simple as normal office supplies but with a unique touch, like this LED, glass “whiteboard”…


Instagram @trendyy.luxuries

Or, it can be a unique decoration that will certainly add character to your work area. 

unique 1

Instagram @vintagejunktionla

If you have a big office space, then you can fill up your bookshelf, coffee table, and side drawers with these unique items. So whenever someone is visiting your office, they will be welcomed by your office style or office theme. 

8. Snacks are always a good idea

Kayla Suazo of HGTV says:

I am a snacker. In fact, I have an entire drawer at work for my snacks. If you also get the work munchies, there are many creative ways to store your favorite treats.

That’s right! You can rummage through your kitchen and grab any unused jars (or you can go buy fancy jars). Fill it up with your favorite snacks. You can even label each one. Then, line it all up on your desk for whenever your stomach starts to grumble. 


Instagram @whites.pastels

Say you want to keep your goodies hidden. Well, you can buy a drawer organizer and store your snacks away from plain sight. This will be your little secret decor. 😉


Instagram @spacesbylindsey

Final Words 

Don’t know how to decorate your office at work? No worries. You can follow the 8 office decor ideas for work. You can even combine a few of these ideas to have an even better overall design. 

So go ahead and steal some of these creative ideas and make it your own. You’ll be able to increase your productivity, mood, comfort, relaxation, motivation, and morale. 

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