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How To Quit A Job Over Text: The Right Ways To Do It (With Examples)

Almost everyone quits a job at least once in his or her lifetime. However, not all people do it by telephone call or text message. Telephonic or text quitting might be the best method for you, but you may wonder if it’s an acceptable tactic. Here’s some information about how to quit a job over text or telephone and how proper those methods are.

Good Reasons for Quitting Your Job by Text or Phone Call

Harvard Business Review did a study that concluded that 31 percent of employees use by-the-book methods to quit their jobs. Another 29 percent use by-the-book methods without giving a reason for their departure. Some employers may consider telephonic and text message quitting as avoidance, but they might be the best solution for you if:

You Don’t Want to Go Back

Perhaps you’re off and don’t want to go back to the job to have a conversation or exit interview. In this case, you might feel it’s best to send a brief text.

You Don’t Like Confrontations

Quitting via text may seem like the perfect way to go if you have a bullying boss or a supervisor who doesn’t take no for an answer. Texting will allow you to send a clear resignation message without dealing with a guilt trip or threat.

You’ll Never Work There Again

Texting or phone quitting might seem like a great idea if you know you’ll never work for the company again. However, you never know when you might need them again.

You Don’t Care, but You Do

Texting might seem like an excellent way to quit when you don’t care much about your job, but you’re too polite to quit by going AWOL. At least you’re letting the employer know that you won’t be back.

You Don’t Want to Disappoint Your Boss

Maybe you feel guilty about leaving because you like your boss, but you still must go. A text might help you avoid those long, sad goodbyes.

You might want to call or text your resignation for one of the reasons mentioned above or an entirely different reason. Your success or failure will still depend on your employer and how they feel about such resignations.

If you are leaving your job without notice, check out this article for the step-by-step guide on how to quit without burning bridges.

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Do You Have to Provide Two Weeks’ Notice by Text or Call?

how to quit a job over text

No matter which way you resign, it’s in your best interest to give the employer the advanced notification they request. Complying with their wishes will position you for future employment with them and may improve your chances of getting a positive review from them. Those actions will not guarantee either of those things, but they will increase your chances.

To find out your employer’s resignation policy, you can check your employee handbook or visit the intranet at your job. Alternatively, you can ask your direct supervisor or HR representative for information. However, checking the company’s written policies is the most effective method because it gives you solid proof of the guidelines in printed form.

No law states that you must provide an employer two weeks’ notice in an at-will arrangement. However, employers consider doing so as a civil and respectful action.

Is It OK to Quit Your Job by Text or Phone Call?

Many people have quit their jobs in worse ways than calling or texting. Therefore, choosing to leave by those methods won’t be the worst thing you can do. Whether they are acceptable methods depends on how your employer feels about them.

Some businesses make resigning easy for workers because they know they have a high turnover. Others expect their workers to provide letters and have full discussions before they go.

Is It Bad to Quit a Job Over Text?

how to quit a job over text

It’s not inherently bad to quit your job by text message, but some situations are much more acceptable than others. For example, you may get away with quitting an on-call or seasonal job by text message. An employer may appreciate this type of resignation from a full-time permanent position much less.

Is Resignation by Text Legal?

It’s not illegal to resign by text message, but using the method might cause legal complications. For example, it might complicate proving whether you quit or got fired for job abandonment. You will have to prove that your message got to the right person and that you were the one who sent it. The situation could get a little hairy if a court or governmental entity needs to call one of those matters into question.

Can You Quit Through a WhatsApp Message?

Many recruiters and businesspeople use the WhatsApp application to communicate with prospective employees. Therefore, you can quit utilizing that application if one of your higher-ups uses it to communicate.

However, as mentioned before, you might have an issue when it comes time to prove that you resigned properly. The application doesn’t use your or your boss’s actual phone number. Thus, you may have a problem if you ever need to confirm to another entity that you resigned to that person on a specific date.

How to Politely Quit Your Job Immediately

These are some practical tips for quitting your job politely right away:

Offer an Apology

Try to offer an apology if you can. You don’t have to be sorry that you’re leaving, but you can be sorry for the inconvenience.

Give an Explanation

Give your employer feedback to let them know how they can prevent other people from leaving in the future. Explain these matters briefly.

Finish Your Shift

Avoid walking out in the middle of a shift if it’s possible. It’s always better not to burn those bridges if you can avoid it.

Thank Them for the Opportunity

Let your employer know you appreciate the opportunity they gave you by hiring you to work for their company. Your exit does not have to be negative in any way.

how to quit a job over text
Unprofessional way to quit your job over text

Example of a Script for Quitting Your Job Over the Phone

If you choose to quit over the phone, you should be cordial, compassionate, and calm. Use a warm tone, and say something along the lines of:

Hello [Manager’s Name],

This is [Your Name]. I’m calling to tell you that I can no longer work for [Company’s Name], and I must resign as of [Resignation Date]. Unfortunately, [Reason for Resigning].

I’d also like to take a second to express my gratitude for this work opportunity and everything I learned from it. I will send an official resignation letter and assist with the transition in any way possible.

The “unfortunately” part of the conversation is your graceful departure. You’re implying that you feel it’s unfortunate you can no longer work for the company. Additionally, you are providing the reason for the unfortunate circumstance. Your employer can decide to open a discussion about the information you give them or accept your resignation with no opposition whatsoever.

Example of the Best Resignation Text Message to Boss

Now you probably want to know how to put in your two weeks over text. A short resignation text message is all you can give if you choose this method.

You can only fit a specific number of characters into a single text message, and it might be unprofessional to send more than one. Therefore, you must keep it as concise as possible while adding the appropriate information. Here’s an example of what you can write:

[Boss’s Name],

I am resigning from my position as [Job Position] with [Company Name] as of [Today’s Date] because of [Reason for Leaving]. My last day will be [Last Day].

For example:


I am leaving my position as an account specialist at Superwigs as of November 7, 2055, because of a more fruitful job offer. My last day will be November 21, 2055.

You should now understand how to quit a job over text and whether it’s a good idea in your current situation. Decide what’s suitable for yourself and make wise decisions when executing your resignation.

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