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75+ Interview Presentation Topics to Showcase Your Skills

Employers are thinking outside of the box to ensure that they hire the best of the best. Often, you’ll be asked to make a presentation to show off your confidence and capabilities. Various interview presentation topics can ensure you know just how to highlight your knowledge, talent, and skills.

The Purpose of a Job Interview Presentation

Across all private companies, the average turnover rate in 2021 was 47%. Some industries and some positions are higher than others.

High turnover is problematic for a number of reasons. Hiring and training are both expensive and time-consuming. The goal is to hire employees who are ready to slide right into the role they were hired for.

This is why interview presentations are being used more and more frequently. Companies use them to put communication skills to the test. You may be asked to prepare a presentation or present a blind one.

Marketing positions may require a presentation to market a particular product. A C-level position may require a strategic outlook for the industry.

interview presentation topics

Regardless of whether the interview presentation topics are defined or not, the purpose is the same. They want to see various skills portrayed:

  • Preparedness
  • Understanding of the subject
  • Ability to engage with the audience
  • Ability to stay organized
  • Ability to communicate
  • Organization level
  • Creativity

Essentially, they want someone who is able to stand out against all of the other candidates.

You can stand out by choosing an interesting presentation topic or a unique way to present it. You’ll also want to show that you meet all of the core competencies of the job description.

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Popular Interview Presentation Topics

There are plenty of interview presentation ideas that you can choose from. However, it’s important to consider the kind of job you’re applying for, the target audience that you’re presenting the material for, and what you wish to prove during the presentation. This is where an interview presentation template can come in handy.

Below are 15 most popular topics and 75 creative interview presentation ideas (5 ideas for each topic) that are capable of showcasing your talent and skills and experience.

1. New Technology

Talk about the emerging technology within your industry. Talk about specific examples as well as the ways that it is both a help and a hindrance. It’s important to show that you’re up on the latest technologies as the company you’re interviewing for may soon be moving to it.

Discuss how you feel about the technology but try to stay positive. Especially if you don’t know how the company feels about it, you don’t want to establish friction. This topic can be a great presentation example for tech-related roles.

Here are 5 examples on new technology interview presentation topics:

  • How is artificial intelligence changing the healthcare industry?
  • How can augmented reality enhance retail shopping experiences?
  • How are autonomous vehicles shaping the future of transportation?
  • How is cybersecurity evolving in the age of remote work?
  • How can blockchain technology improve data security?

2. An Emerging Industry Trend

Discuss an emerging trend within your industry. It can be helpful to share some specific statistics so that you can identify that you’re familiar with doing research.

interview presentation topics

Explain why you think the trend is a good one or a bad one. Open it up to a Q&A so that you can address questions and concerns about the trend. This can show the interviewer your ability to stay updated with industry trends.

Here are 5 examples on emerging industry trend interview presentation topics:

  • How is the trend of remote work influencing the future of the workplace?
  • How are sustainability initiatives shaping the fashion industry?
  • How is the demand for personalization influencing the retail industry?
  • How is the demand for organic products influencing the agriculture industry?
  • What impact is the rise of plant-based diets having on the food industry?

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3. A Solution to a Common Problem

Many companies are looking for problem solvers. The interview presentation topics are your chance to prove that you are capable of solving their problems. This can be a great way to demonstrate your soft skills and problem-solving abilities.

Tell the story of the problem that consumers (or businesses) are having. Then, go into detail as to how you plan to solve the problem. Use graphics or props to drive your point home.

Here are 5 examples on solution to a common problem interview presentation topics:

  • What are innovative ways to improve literacy rates in underserved communities?
  • How can we reduce food waste at the household level?
  • What are effective strategies for reducing single-use plastic consumption?
  • How can we encourage more people to use public transportation?
  • How can we encourage more people to participate in physical activities?

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4. A Published Paper

Present a paper that you have published – or a paper that someone else has published. Give credit where it is due.

If you presented the paper, it shows that you have been published because of your ideas, research, or concepts. If it was written by another, it demonstrates that you are well-read.

Talk about why the paper is important. Be sure to highlight the main points in a compelling way. This can provide insightful information about your research skills and knowledge in your field.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • What are the implications of the recent study on childhood education and long-term success?
  • What are the key findings of the latest research on emotional intelligence and leadership?
  • What are the implications of the latest paper on the impact of AI on job markets?
  • What are the key takeaways from the recent paper on quantum physics?
  • What are the implications of the recent study on mental health and social media?

5. A Project You’ve Worked On

Talk about a project that you’ve worked on as a topic for interview presentation. Explain the purpose of the project, why you feel that you were capable of adding value to it and what you’ve learnt from that experience.

Be sure that you don’t make disparaging comments about a previous employer. Regardless of the good and bad aspects of the project, keep it civil.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • Here are what I’ve learnt from organizing a large-scale event in my previous job
  • Lessons drawn from launching a new website for my current organization
  • Knowledge acquired from creating a content marketing strategy for SaaS client
  • Insights gained from developing a training program to enhance employee skills
  • What did taking part in improving operational efficiency in my previous organization teach me about the importance of clear communication, process optimization, and continuous improvement in achieving business goals?

6. Portfolio of Your Work

This is a great time to toot your horn and show off some of your past work and your accomplishment. This can be a great case study of your abilities and talents.

interview presentation topics

Especially if you’re involved with marketing and/or graphics, the best way to show off your expertise is by literally promoting all that you have done in the past.

Although you want to show off, be sure you provide a true presentation. Explain your thought process behind why you chose a specific font or went with a particular presentation method. Let the hiring team in on how your portfolio came to be the way that it is.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • If you’re a writer and editor, present a selection of writing works, such as articles, blog posts, or reports, demonstrating your writing and editing skills.
  • If you’re a project manager, discuss a series of projects you’ve managed, showing your ability to plan, coordinate, and oversee tasks effectively.
  • If you’re a marketing specialist, showcase a selection of marketing campaigns you’ve worked on, demonstrating your creativity and strategic thinking.
  • If you’re a coder or software developer, showcase a selection of software or apps you’ve developed, demonstrating your coding skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • If you’re a teacher or trainer, present a selection of training programs you’ve developed and delivered, demonstrating your teaching skills and ability to convey complex information clearly.

7. Favorite Course/Instructor

When you’re fresh out of college and don’t have a lot of work experience, you have to think outside of the box. Talk about a specific course you took in school or an instructor that you enjoyed.

Explain what you learned and why it was different. Showcase some of the unique ways that information was presented and why you’re glad you took the course/instructor.

This can show the interviewer your passion for learning and your favorite subjects.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • How did a course on creative writing improve my communication skills?
  • What impact did a course on health and wellness have on my lifestyle choices?
  • What did I learn from a course on educational psychology about learning processes?
  • How did Noam Chomsky’s linguistics course shape my understanding of language?
  • What did I learn from Richard Thaler’s behavioral economics course?

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8. Leadership Experience

Presenting your leadership experience in an interview showcases your ability to manage teams, make decisions, and drive results. It allows you to demonstrate your interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Discussing a leadership role you’ve held, the challenges you faced, and the lessons you learned can provide valuable insights into your capabilities.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • What did my experience as a club president teach me about organizational leadership?
  • How did leading a volunteer initiative shape my understanding of community leadership?
  • What did I learn about conflict resolution from my experience as a team leader?
  • What did my experience as a military officer teach me about leadership under pressure?
  • What did I learn about motivation from my experience as a sports team captain?

9. Ethical Considerations

Talking about ethical considerations in an interview shows you know right from wrong in work situations. It shows you can make good choices when faced with ethical dilemmas.

Sharing a story about an ethical problem you faced and how you solved it can tell a lot about your character. It’s important to talk about these situations in a respectful and careful way, showing you value doing the right thing.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • What are the ethical implications of artificial intelligence?
  • Should you use company resources for personal use?
  • What should we do when we witness unfair treatment at work?
  • What should we do when asked to perform a task that goes against our personal ethics?
  • What are the ethical implications of animal testing?

10. Industry Challenges and Solutions

Talking about industry challenges and solutions in an interview shows you understand and interested in the field you’re working in. It shows you can identify problems and come up with ways to solve them.

Sharing a story about a big challenge in your industry and how you would fix it can show you’re a problem-solver. This can impress the interviewer and show you’re ready for the job.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • How can the healthcare industry overcome the challenge of rising costs?
  • What are the key challenges in the education sector and what solutions could be implemented?
  • How can the construction industry tackle the issue of labor shortages?
  • How can the automotive industry adapt to the rise of electric vehicles?
  • How can the tourism industry recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic?

11. Unique Hobbies and Interests

One way to add a personal touch to your interview presentation is by highlighting your unique hobbies and interests. This not only showcases your personality but also demonstrates your ability to be well-rounded and passionate about things outside of work.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • How has my interest in chess enhanced my strategic thinking?
  • What insights have I gained from my hobby of building model ships?
  • How does my interest in urban farming reflect my commitment to sustainable living?
  • What have I learned from my hobby of home brewing?
  • How has my interest in astrophotography influenced my perspective on life?

12. Your Significant Achievement

In your job interview presentation, one powerful strategy lies in demonstrating your career highlights. Take the opportunity to narrate stories of key accomplishments using compelling data and visuals.

Through this approach, you can showcase not just what you’ve done, but how well you’ve done it. Highlight projects where you made a significant impact or drove impressive results. By doing so, it offers evidence of your skills and ability to deliver desirable outcomes in real-world scenarios, thereby setting yourself apart from other candidates with similar qualifications or experience levels.

Transparency about success metrics also lends authenticity to your claims and underscores your analytical mindset, two traits prized by employers across all industries.

If you are a fresh graduate, you can showcase your academic achievements to demonstrate to the potential employer that you are diligent, focused, and capable of applying the theoretical knowledge you’ve gained to real-world situations.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • How I boost company revenue by 30% through a successful product launch
  • My strategy I used to raise $50,000 for a local charity 
  • How I overcome a major project challenge that resulted in 20% increase in output
  • How I increase customer satisfaction rates by 50%
  • How I achieve an academic goal that placed me in the top 10% of my class

13. Case Study Analysis

Presenting a case study analysis in an interview shows you can look at a real-life problem, think about it deeply, and find a solution.

It shows you can use your knowledge and skills to solve complex issues. Sharing how you analyzed a case study and what you learned can show you’re a good thinker and problem-solver, which is important for many jobs.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • Analyzing the success of Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales model
  • How Starbucks created a global coffee culture
  • Analyzing the success of Zara’s fast fashion business model
  • How Airbnb disrupted the hospitality industry
  • Analyzing the success of Spotify’s subscription business model

13. Company Analysis

Talking about the company you’re interviewing for is one of the best topics for interview presentation. It shows you’ve done your homework, understand what the company does and what issues it might face.

Sharing your thoughts on the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities can show you’re serious about the job and ready to contribute. This can impress the interviewer and increase your chances of getting hired.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • What is the company’s competitive position in the market?
  • How does the company respond to industry trends and disruptions?
  • How has the company performed financially and what are its growth prospects?
  • How efficient is the company’s supply chain and operations?
  • How is the company perceived as an employer by job seekers?

14. Arts and Culture

Incorporating arts and culture into your job interview presentation can set you apart from other candidates and showcase your unique perspective. You can discuss how your background in the arts has shaped your creativity, problem-solving skills, and ability to think outside the box.

Share examples of projects or experiences that demonstrate your passion for different art forms or cultural movements. By highlighting how these influences have positively impacted your professional development, you will show potential employers that you bring a fresh and innovative approach to their organization.

Here are 5 examples on this interview presentation topics:

  • How can digital art skills be applied in modern marketing strategies?
  • How can cultural celebrations foster inclusion in the workplace?
  • What role do books play in shaping our worldview?
  • How can museums become more accessible and engaging for the general public?
  • How can art education benefit lifelong learning and creativity?

Understand the Presentation Requirements

There’s nothing worse than under-delivering an interview presentation. Once a company tells you that you will need to provide a presentation, there are some things that you should clarify.

Find out if there are interview presentation topics that you should focus on. This way, you can stay on topic.

Learn about the time limit that you’re given. Most companies will provide you with 5 or 10 minutes. You’ll want to ask about the time allotment because you don’t want to stop at 5 when they were expecting 10. You also don’t want to be cut short if they were expecting only 5 minutes.

You should also ask about the presentation delivery that they’re going to offer you. For example, will you have access to a projector and screen to deliver a PowerPoint? Will you have a dry erase board that you can draw on?

Ask the hiring manager for as much clarification as you need. Remember, asking these questions may be a part of the interview process, too.

5-Minute Presentation Ideas

When you are only given 5 minutes, you have to be clear about your topic. Keep it simple so that you can show your expertise without going in too many directions. It’s best to limit yourself to one or two main points.

Think about this. The average person speaks at a rate of 150 words per minute. You only have 750 words that you can speak.

You’ll actually need fewer words than this because you’ll want to pause periodically for emphasis. Plus, you’ll want to allow time for a quick Q&A.

Some ideas to help you:

  • Use a PowerPoint so that you can stay on point
  • Use photos and animation to make your point without having to say it all
  • Time yourself to avoid running out of time

Here are some examples for 5-minute interview presentation topics. These topics are straightforward and can be presented effectively within a short timeframe:

  • Benefits of daily exercise and how to make it a daily habit
  • Tips for effective time management
  • Tips to boost public speaking confidence
  • The power of positive thinking and how it can enhance overall well-being
  • Tips to overcome procrastination
interview presentation topics

10-Minute Presentation Ideas

When you are given 10 minutes, you have plenty of time to dive into your topic. 10 minutes is actually quite a bit of time, so be sure you are thorough.

Here are a few ideas to help:

  • Start with an opener, whether it’s a video or a storytelling moment
  • Pause after a few minutes to ask a question or to shift focus
  • Allow for plenty of material to fill those 10 minutes

As you get into some of the longer presentations, it can be difficult for the hiring team to remember all that you covered. Think about bringing a presentation folder for everyone that will be in the room. This way, they can follow along and have something to remember you by.

Here are some examples for 10-minute interview presentation topics. These topics are more complex than the 5-minute ones, requiring a bit more depth:

  • Importance of networking and how to build and maintain professional relationships
  • Strategies to achieve work-life balance
  • Discuss benefits and drawbacks of remote work and solutions for common challenges
  • How to leverage technology to improve productivity
  • How to maximize the benefits of commuting time for personal growth or relaxation

Below is the template that you can use for your 10-minute presentation for interview to help you stay focused:

Slide 1: Introduction (1 minute)

Title of the presentation
Your name and role
Brief overview of the topic
Why the topic is important

Slide 2: About You (1 minute)

Brief professional background
Relevant skills and experiences
Connection to the topic

Slide 3: Context or Problem Statement (1 minute)

Background information or context
Description of the problem or issue
Why this problem is significant

Slide 4: Your Approach or Solution (1-2 minutes)

Your proposed solution or approach
Why you chose this approach
Any evidence or examples supporting your approach

Slide 5: Implementation (1-2 minutes)

How your solution can be implemented
Potential challenges and how to overcome them
Expected outcomes or benefits

Slide 6: Case Study or Example (1-2 minutes)

A specific example or case study that demonstrates your approach
What was achieved and lessons learned
How this example supports your overall argument

Slide 7: Connection to the Company (1 minute)

How your topic relates to the company or role
How your approach or solution could benefit the company
How your skills and experiences make you a good fit

Slide 8: Conclusion and Next Steps (1 minute)

Recap of your main points
Your conclusion or final thoughts
Next steps or actions
Thank the audience and invite questions

Remember, this is just a template, and you should feel free to adjust it as necessary to fit your specific needs. The key is to keep your presentation concise and engaging within the given time frame.

Create an Interesting Presentation for Your Upcoming Interview

You have to be sure that you provide enough information in your presentation to wow those who are doing the hiring. This means that they’re going to look at the interesting presentation topic you’ve chosen and how you’ve presented it.

Communication is a critical component in so many different jobs, from representatives to analysts to managers. You have to demonstrate your confidence and your capabilities, which include public speaking skills.

Here are a few tips to help you nail your interview presentation:

  • Use innovative technology throughout
  • Record your speech on a digital recorder and listen to it
  • Bring a prop to use, such as a small dry erase board
  • Practice your presentation in front of a mirror

Run through your presentation a few times. Write it out, time it, and practice it until you’re comfortable with every aspect.

You only get one interview with a hiring team of a company, so it’s critical that you deliver the best possible presentation. Give some thought to the company’s objectives so you can incorporate them into your presentation.

With the right interview presentation topics, you can be thoughtful and highlight your skills. Each presentation you make should be a learning experience. If you don’t get the first job you present for, you’ll know where to improve for the next one.

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