30 Best Gifts For Interns That They’ll Truly Appreciate

Are you looking for the perfect gift to show how much you appreciate all the hard work and effort put by your interns? While it has become more of a trend among companies to provide gifts at the completion of an internship, not everyone knows which type would be best.

National Intern Day is another good opportunity where organizations can celebrate their interns with amazing interns’ gifts! This blog post will provide thirty useful suggestions on what makes great intern gifts – ranging from personalized office items and tech accessories to recreational ones.

Let’s explore a unique collection of 30 best gifts for your interns!

Do You Need To Give Gifts To Interns At The End Of Internship?

No, you do not need to give gifts to interns at the end of internship. Whether an organization or individual chooses to provide thank you gifts is entirely up to them and their preferences.

Giving intern gifts can be a great way for organizations or supervisors to recognize and appreciate the contributions that interns make during their time with the organization, as well as express gratitude for all of their hard work.

Gifts may range from custom apparel like T-shirts, mugs, backpacks, laptop bags or totes; office items such as notepads, pens, bookmarks and post-its; noise cancelling headphones; power banks; diffusers; gift cards and vouchers; handwritten thank you notes and more.

Whatever it may be that you choose to give your interns at the end of their internship will definitely have a positive impact on both morale and motivation in any sense!

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30 Best Gifts For Interns To Make A Lasting Impression

Surprise your interns with custom apparel, mugs, office items, tech accessories and more to show them how much you appreciate their hard work.

Custom apparel for interns (T-shirt, hoodie, cap)

Custom apparel items, such as T-shirts, hoodies and caps are a popular way to show appreciation to interns. These items can be personalized with the company logo or branding, fostering strong employee relationships and loyalty to the company.

gifts for interns

It is not only beneficial for interns — they can have something tangible to remember their time at the business by; but it is great for companies too. This type of promotional merchandise serves as an advertisement tool for employers with any imprinted messages or logos meant to spread awareness about their brand.

Cozy textiles such as t-shirts and hoodies which come in various colors are favored gifts among interns that will create a positive impression within them when spotted wearing your branded gear out on town or even back at college dorms! Additionally, you might include hats into your gift package so versatile headwear pieces could add something unique into this mix making them stylish yet practical presents.

Custom mug

A custom mug is a great gift for interns to commemorate and thank them for their hard work during the internship period. Mugs are practical gifts that can be used daily. Whether for coffee, tea, or water, a mug is a functional item that the intern can use both at work and at home.

gifts for interns

A custom mug can be personalized with a logo, special message or design, including pictures, quotes or graphics unique to the company or intern’s experience.

Custom mugs are generally affordable, making them a great option for employers who want to show appreciation without spending a fortune.

Custom backpack, laptop bag or tote bag

Custom backpacks, laptop bags, and tote bags have quickly become some of the most popular intern gifts. Their design provides practicality with maximum user functionality in mind. Taking advantage of a quick grab-and-go method with ample storage space for small items such as laptops, notebooks and textbooks makes these items great for college students or interns who may need to transition between classes/working spaces often.

gifts for interns

Get your interns set up for success with custom apparel like t-shirts or hoodies alongside custom office items like mugs, notepads, pens and bookmarks – all personalized specifically for them! Personalized puzzles can also be given that cannot only serve as an activity but also make great thank you gifts to remind interns of their feats and successes during their stay at your organization.

Custom office items for interns (notepad, pen, bookmarks, post-its)

Custom office items are the perfect way to show appreciation and recognition towards an intern when they leave after a successful internship program. Not only are these gifts practical, but also make for great keepsakes of their time with your company.

gifts for interns

Customizing office items such as notepads, pens, bookmarks and post-its imprinted with phrases like “Best Intern Ever” or the company logo, can be both fun and professionalism for the interns’ experience within your workplace environment.

These simple yet meaningful gifts create an atmosphere of productivity while giving each intern something they can take home as a physical reminder of their experience at your company.

Charging station

A charging station is an ideal gift for student interns as it allows them to charge multiple devices in one place while keeping their digital lives organized.

As a practical and convenient item, the charging station makes the perfect intern gifting essential and is listed as one of popular gifts for interns.

Bamboo edition charger can be used both at home or office with its sleek design that fits any desk or interior perfectly.

gifts for interns

This top-selling item offers a powerful output of 400 mAh so that you never have to worry about phones running out of battery throughout the day. Its convenience delivers more than just function — it’s an effective way of showing your appreciation; recognizing, thanking and blessing your interns with ease!

Wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are becoming increasingly popular as a gift for interns. These practical and enjoyable items provide any tech-savvy intern with enhanced audio quality or convenience.

gifts for interns 6

The JBL wireless earbud beanie, for example, is a sound choice for interns who enjoy music; allowing them to listen in comfort while maximizing style points at the same time.

Not only do wireless earbuds look sleek and stylish, but they’re also incredibly functional pieces of technology that can make studying or work more efficient or even just enjoyable listening experiences after long hours!

Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are an ideal gift for interns as they provide listeners with a comfortable and immersive listening experience. Noise-cancelling headphones reduce external sound on average by up to 95%, allowing offices workers, professionals, and medical personnel to focus on their tasks without distractions.

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They are perfect for National Intern Day gifts, handouts at conferences or seminars from colleges and universities, corporate retreats, teambuilding activities or any form of recognition–allowing the intern to show off his/her hard work while also enjoying music with precision audio connoisseurship quality in isolation without noise interference.

Furthermore, these accessories will enable the person in office environment such as stimulating brain productivity due its noise canceling properties which helos them stay focused better for longer hours.

Power bank

Power banks are becoming a go-to gift for interns due to their practicality and usefulness in today’s digital age. Power banks have become the new must-have tech accessory, as they can conveniently charge smartphones and other devices on the go.

gifts for interns

Not only that, but power banks can also be customized or personalized with messages or intern photos.

With this device in hand an intern has everything needed no matter how far off campus — making it one of the 30 best gifts for interns!

Desk plants

Desk plants are a great gift for interns because they can not only provide a beautiful aesthetic to any workspace but also help improve air quality and boost creativity. Plants like snake plants, Chinese bamboo, ZZ plants, and aloe vera are among the top-notch gifts to welcome or thank interns.

gifts for interns

According to a study conducted by Texas A&M University, desk plants have been found to reduce stress levels for employees and increase their creativity during work hours. Not only this but having live plants in the office has also been seen as an eco-friendly way of reducing one’s carbon footprint since it helps absorb pollutants from the air while causing very little global warming impact.

Desk plants could be great corporate gifting idea every employer should consider as they bring some much needed colors back into workplaces without adding too much clutter on their desks.


Gifting books to interns can provide a thoughtful way of recognizing and appreciating their presence at the workplace. Not only are they great gifts, but they also offer valuable knowledge and insights to help with the personal and professional development of interns.

Whether novels or text-books related to their project, books make for an unconventional yet meaningful gesture as they remind them that their hard work is valued and appreciated.

There are many top-ranking books in various fields of study available nowadays that make it easier than ever pick up something suitable for the intern you have in mind such as “The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Launch” by Eric Rhie, “Principles: Life & Work” by Ray Dalio, or even popular fiction titles like “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.


A planner is one of the best gifts you can give to interns at the end of their internship. It will help them keep track of their daily tasks, work commitments and deadlines more effectively and efficiently.

gifts for interns

Depending on an intern’s field or program, a planner could be anything from a physical paper notebook to an organized software-based calendar system. Either way, it enables interns to plan out their day ahead with ease so that they don’t miss important events or forget what needs to get done in order for them achieve success.

A well coordinated and efficient plan helps reduce stress by ensuring that every task has been allocated enough time without any conflicts in other activities like meetings or conferences involved.

Self-care kits

Self-care kits are a popular choice when it comes to gifts for interns. A self-care kit could include items such as aromatherapy candles, essential oils, spa sets, bath bombs and facial masks – these thoughtful presents promote relaxation and time for oneself.

gifts for interns

They allow interns to take some time away from work and appreciate the simple things in life. These kits also serve as a reminder that their hard work is being acknowledged by their colleagues or employers who may have taken the extra step to recognize them with a meaningful gift during their internship.

Such gesture reinforces appreciation of intern’s efforts which will motivate them even further and contribute positively towards retention rates of interns at companies.

Assorted chocolates and cookies

Chocolates and cookies are a great gift for interns. They provide an opportunity to recognize and treat them, as well as help create a positive work environment. Chocolate and cookies can be enjoyed during the day – either between classes or in a break from intensive internship tasks.

gifts for interns

A box of assorted chocolates or cookies is also sure to delight any intern with its variety and plentiful sweetness. Popular treats including Levain Bakery’s buttery, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip walnut cookies provide both an indulgent experience that will not disappoint any intern’s sweet tooth!

Assorted chocolates and cookies are affordable yet meaningful gifts that serve up appreciation while brightening up long days at the office or college campus.

Gift cards

Gift cards are a great gift option for interns. They provide them with the freedom to choose an item or experience that best suits their needs and preferences. Gift cards can be used for technology gadgets, custom drinkware such as coffee mugs or tumblers, spa days or wellness experiences and more.

For interns returning to college, gift cards offer financial relief when they need to purchase textbooks, school supplies, dorm furnishings and food. A thoughtful gesture of appreciation would also include a personalized message thanking them for their time and efforts during their internship program.

Whether it’s through purchasing items such as hotel stays or restaurant meals; gifting internships allows recipients to enjoy the perfect balance between flexibility and practicality on how they spend their gifts – resulting in smiles all around!

Food vouchers

Food vouchers are a fun and thoughtful way to show appreciation for interns. They provide flexibility, convenience, and joy to the intern which can be seen as a great gesture from the employer.

With food vouchers, interns can use them in several ways – either enjoy a delicious meal at their favorite joint or treat themselves with something they love like snacks or desserts! Food vouchers can surprise even picky eaters since they come with few choices in terms of what kind of meal/ snack one could get.

This is also an easy option when employers are running short on time but still want to recognize the effort put forth by their employees. On top of that, it doubles up as an economical yet thoughtful gift idea for employers who don’t have much budget allocated towards gifts during internships programs.


Diffusers are becoming an increasingly popular gift option for interns as they help create a relaxing and comfortable environment to work in. Through the use of essential oils, diffusers offer aromatherapy benefits such as reduced stress, improved concentration, and increased energy levels; which makes it useful for those who need that extra focus throughout their internship.

gifts for interns

While choosing this particular gift might initially seem costly or extravagant, it can make a lasting impression about the company which is really what counts when looking to leave a good mark with interns.

In fact, giving something like this could even be seen as an investment due to its practicality – unlike other gifts, they will likely remember your thoughtfulness every time they take advantage of their diffuser’s features! What’s more? Diffusers can also be given as a welcome or thank-you gift at any point during an internship; so make sure yours stands out!.

Tea or coffee

Tea or coffee is a thoughtful gift for any intern, particularly as it allows them to enhance their tasting experience and create positive impressions. With the wide variety of different types of teas and coffees available, an employer can give gifts that cover all kinds of tastes.

gifts for interns

For instance offering green tea packed with energising properties which can be great for maintaining focus during demanding tasks such as studying or project work; black tea boasting potent antioxidant qualities making it popular among those looking for healthier alternatives; and indulgent flavors like caramel frappuccino ensuring everyone from herbal chai lovers to café latte fans discovers something delicious they enjoy drinking.

Tea or coffee gifts help signify appreciation on behalf of the company too, especially when sent along with special personalized notes communicating gratitude accompanied by essential goodies making interns feel respected for dedicating their time and efforts in completing assignments successfully.

Handwritten thank you note

Writing a handwritten thank you note is one of the best ways to show appreciation and gratitude for interns at the end of their tenure. Handwritten thank you notes not only give interns an extra special sense of value, but also make the gesture more meaningful and memorable.

gifts for interns

There’s something special about receiving a personal note from someone thanking them for their hard work that just can’t be found in a generic card or email. For example, during my first summer internship program, our entire team received individual cards from our supervisor which he spent time writing out himself; it made all of us feel appreciated and valued.

Whether given on the last working day after successful internships or networking events, as part of intern appreciation ideas, or even to professors at universities who have been supportive throughout semesters; handwritten thank-you notes will never go unnoticed!

Lunch treat

Show your interns your appreciation by offering them a special lunch or treat when their internship is coming to the end. Having an opportunity to share the last moments of an intern’s term with them through treats can make your interns feel welcomed and excited about what they achieved during their time at work.

gifts for interns 15

You can also host a Pot Luck where each employee brings something to contribute – this will give interns the feeling that their coworkers care and put effort into showing how much they value spending time with them before saying goodbye.

Providing company swag such as pens or t-shirts during these occasions won’t go unnoticed either! Recognizing those who have helped you over the duration of the internship helps create great vibes, and ensures that all employees have taken part in celebrating success.

Coffee tumblers

Coffee tumblers are a popular gift for interns, as they have both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Featuring an insulated material and spill-proof design, tumblers are ideal for bringing drinks to the office or on the go without worrying about spills.

gifts for interns

They can also keep beverages at their desired temperature – hot or cold – which is great for multitasking intern who often need something to drink while they work.

A coffee tumbler has plenty of utility beyond just coffee; it’s also great for tea, smoothies, lattes and more! Whatever beverage your intern prefers, a customized tumbler is sure to please them with its unique style that speaks volumes when given as a token of appreciation.

Portable speakers

Portable speakers are a great gift choice for any office worker, but particularly attractive to interns. They offer an affordable yet sophisticated way of listening to music or podcasts while taking a break from work, making them the perfect piece of equipment inside or outside the office.

gifts for interns 17

Their compact size ensures portability and storage convenience, while their wireless connectivity means they can still be used out in nature away from any power sources. Some popular models come with noise-canceling features which allow for further sound control when needed.

Additionally, portable speakers now often include several built-in functions that make casual use even easier – such as multiple microphone inputs and call answering options. Portable speakers are thus sure to surprise and delight intern employees!

Air Tags

Air Tags are useful gifts for interns with practical and unique features. They allow interns to keep track of their belongings with ease.

gifts for interns 19

This type of gift gives convenience in locating items since it creates an alert if the item goes astray. It’s one of the 30 best gifts for interns that are perfect for recognizing and appreciating their well-deserved accomplishments!

Fitness voucher

Treating interns to a fitness voucher is one of the best appreciation gifts they could receive. Giving them a voucher for physical activity such as gym membership or yoga classes will not only thank them for their work, but also encourage healthier living habits and promote an active lifestyle.

gifts for interns 18

A fitness voucher can potentially impact an intern’s overall well-being and personal development in many ways; by improving both physical and mental health, developing better social skills through workout sessions conducted in groups, increasing motivation towards reaching goals, boosting productivity level at work by staying physically fit etc.

Fitness vouchers offer interns with unlimited opportunities to improve their lifestyles while showing how much you appreciate them for all the hard work they’ve done during the internship program.

Personalized mouse pad

Personalized mouse pads are a popular intern thank you gift. Not only are they practical, helping the intern navigate applications on their computers with ease, but also these mouse pads often come with a wrist rest which can be very useful when mentors need to stay at one spot while navigating their own computers database or working on crucial reports.

gifts for interns 20

The “Best Intern Ever” mouse pad is also a great way to appreciate an intern who has worked hard during his/her internship. This particular item is 8” x 8” x 0.25” in size and made of heavy-duty recycled rubber that will easily fit any computer set up around the office; it is also specially designed for long hours working sessions without fading and peeling off over time.

Ergonomic desk chair cushion

Ergonomic desk chair cushions are an invaluable and essential item for anyone who works in the office all day. These cushions provide proper support when sitting, especially when a chair lacks adjustment around the lumbar area of the spine.

gifts for interns

They help to take pressure off from the lower back muscles as well as promote better posture by helping you keep your spine more aligned while seated. Additionally, they also can have helpful features such as contouring curve designs that help reduce strain on areas like hips and tailbone and even providing air circulation technology that helps reduce heat build-up during prolonged seating periods.

Ergonomic desk chair cushions even minimize discomfort caused by hindering seat bones pain which often happens with hard or rigid chairs joints. With these benefits in mind, it is no surprise why ergonomic deskside cushions have become hugely popular amongst office workers looking for comfort and prevent longterm health issues associated with poor quality seats.

Personalized business card holder

A great way to show your appreciation for an intern’s hard work is with a personalized business card holder. This not only helps the intern make a lasting and professional impression on potential employers but also allows them to establish their own network more easily.

gifts for interns 22

Additionally, this gift is practical – most people in professional settings carry multiple cards and being able to organize them neatly without taking up too much space will come as a relief especially during meetings or conferences.

Personalized luggage tag

A personalized luggage tag is an excellent choice for recognizing and appreciating interns. These tags are stylish, practical, and affordable – making them a popular pick among office workers.

They allow people to easily identify their favorite carry-on bag or suitcase on the carousel at airports or in crowded storage rooms. Personalized luggage tags also make thoughtful gifts for friends and family; they are suitable for both kids and adults alike.

gifts for interns

And those seeking something special might opt-in for monogrammed sewn luggage tags from Northwind that come with gold foil monogramming combined with high-quality leather—certainly not your typical gift item!

So if you’re looking to recognize the hard work of an intern, why not consider a personalize baggage tag —they’ll love it!

Personalized keychain

Customizing keychains is a unique and popular way to show appreciation for interns. By engraving something personal like the intern’s name or initials, it makes the gift feel more special.

gifts for interns

These can be gifted as part of a personalized hamper containing other items such as magnets, stickers, pens and notepads – to make theirs one-of-a-kind!

Personalized keychains are also budget friendly as compared to some extravagant gifts and yet they convey a lot of thoughtfulness from givers – making them just perfect for interns receiving your recognition at the end of their internship.

Personalized phone holder

A personalized phone holder is an excellent gift for interns, as it is practical and thoughtful. It creates a lasting first impression about the company on interns while also adding some fun unique touches to their workplace set up.

gifts for interns 25

This gift is sure to make any intern feel appreciated. There are plenty of customizable options when selecting the personalized phone holders, which makes them great gifts since you can create something special that will be used daily by your interns! Personalized phone holders come in various shapes and sizes with different colors so they can fit any workspace or style preference.

These holders provide convenience and safety for users through secure fits thereby preventing accidental drops off flat surfaces and also keeping away dust particles from entering into devices stored within its pocket area.

Personalized leather wallet

A personalized leather wallet makes the perfect gift for any intern. Leather wallets are made of soft, durable material and look professional and stylish. Personalizing them with a name or initials adds an extra special touch that shows thoughtfulness on the part of the workplace.

gifts for interns

With these unique wallets, interns can remember their internship experience every time they use them. Leather is also very versatile in terms of style so it will work year-round no matter what profession or lifestyle the intern is pursuing after finishing their internship program.

Additionally, leather wallets last much longer than other types of wallets, making this a great long-term investment piece for those just starting out on their career path post-internship.

Benefits of Recognizing and Appreciating Interns

Gifting interns is a great way to show appreciation and support for all their hard work. Thoughtful gifts are often seen as a sign of acknowledgement and respect which can be extremely beneficial in boosting morale and fostering positive relationships between interns and managers.

Not only do these gift ideas increase the chance that interns will keep your organization top-of-mind when choosing where to pursue future employment opportunities but it also shows that you care about their development process as well.

Overall, showing recognition with meaningful gifts conveys the message of gratitude for dedicated internship experiences and strengthens relationships both inside and outside the company walls.

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