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10 Best Jobs For Low IQ People That Pay Well

There are many jobs for low IQ people that pay well within the United States. Most of these require very little training yet still allow you to make a decent living. Instead of needing a degree, these unique jobs rely more upon a specific set of skills, which you may already possess.

The following is a list of high paying jobs for low IQ people. It includes a description of the job, the skills needed for it, and the average salary you can expect to make. Keep in mind that the actual money you make would depend on your location, education, and experience.

What Jobs Can I Do If I’m Not Smart?

1. Taxi Drivers

A taxi driver is a person who drives passengers in a taxi from their current location to their desired destination. Taxi drivers must have a good knowledge of their city’s main routes, good navigation skills, and be able to interact with a variety of people.

The average salary in the United States for a taxi driver ranges from $26,000 to $54,000 and they do accept tips. You do need a current driver’s license for the state you are working in for this job.

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2. Construction Workers

A construction worker is someone who works with a construction company’s crew and can do a variety of tasks. This includes tearing down buildings, building highways and roads, digging tunnels, laying asphalt or concrete, or removing hazardous materials.

jobs for low iq people that pay well

Construction workers need good mathematical skills, the ability to solve problems, enjoy working outdoors, and have a vast knowledge of tools and materials. The average salary for a construction worker in the United States is $37,770.

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3. Bartenders

Bartenders are people who prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and serve them from behind a bar. They can work in any licensed establishment such as a tavern, a bar, a hotel, a restaurant, or a casino. While bartending classes do exist, many take advantage of on-the-job training.

Bartenders need to be quick thinkers, have a thorough knowledge of drink recipes for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and have excellent customer service skills. They also have to meet their state’s age requirements for this position.

Bartenders in the United States can expect to make $39,000 to $71,000 annually, which is roughly $15.97 per hour.

4. Custodial Workers

Custodial workers are responsible for cleaning, general housekeeping, and maintenance of businesses or buildings. They are commonly referred to as janitors, custodians, and maintenance personnel.

This job requires a variety of skills like problem-solving, organization, and an eye for detail. Custodial workers make an average of $15.23 per hour.

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5. Cashiers

Cashiers are responsible for handling payments and receipts in banks, stores, and other businesses. Depending on who they work for, they may be asked to do other tasks within the establishment such as cleaning or restocking shelves.

No schooling is required, but cashiers do need strong numerical skills, be able to offer excellent customer service, and be quick on their feet. Cashiers make an average of $13.16 per hour in the United States.

jobs for low iq people that pay well

6. Telemarketers

Telemarketers are professionals who talk to potential customers on the phone and either solicit donations or sell products and services. For this job, you need good communication skills and know how to be persuasive. You’ll also need to understand the company’s product details and present the benefits in a convincing way.

Telemarketing is among the highest paying jobs for low IQ people. No special schooling is required, and many people enjoy being able to work from home or in an office setting. Telemarketers make an average of $32.92 per hour, which can add up to $28,910 to $34,480 annually.

7. Fast Food Workers

Fast food workers are people employed by fast food restaurants. They take and prepare orders for the customers at either a counter or drive-through. With this job, you are working in a fast-paced environment where guests expect fast service.

Fast food workers need to be able to handle customers’ orders correctly, maintain hygiene standards, and be good under pressure. No special schooling is required. They make between $12,000 and $51,000 per year in the United States with an average hourly rate of $11.95.

jobs for low iq people that pay well

8. Warehouse Workers

Warehouse workers are responsible for accepting incoming shipments, restocking shelves, packing orders, and processing orders. They may also take inventory and have to ship packages in a timely manner. This has become an in-demand job due to the increase in online ordering.

Warehouse workers require physical strength, organizational skills, and an understanding of safety procedures. They also need to be able to work well with others. The average hourly rate of this job is $16.38 in the United States.

9. Hotel Bellhops

Hotel bellhops help guests with their luggage when they are checking in or checking out. They wear uniforms similar to a doorman. Guests often look to them for help answering their questions or fulfilling their needs.

Hotel bellhops need excellent customer service skills, a good memory, and knowledge of the hotel they’re working in. They make an average of $27,300 per year with an hourly rate of $13.13 per hour plus tips. No special schooling is needed as one receives on-the-job training for this position.

jobs for low iq people that pay well

10. Parking Lot Attendant

Parking lot attendants manage the day-to-day functions of parking facilities. They keep an eye on the area in order to reduce criminal activity and keep the customers’ vehicles safe. They issue tickets for parking spaces to those entering the facility and collect the parking fees.

A parking lot attendant may also be asked to do valet parking in certain situations. The skills required for this job include spatial awareness, an eye for detail, and the ability to understand safety rules. The average parking lot attendant makes $32,263 per year plus tips with the possibility of making top earnings in the 40,000s.

Benefits of Jobs for People with Low IQ

While we have listed these ten roles as jobs for low IQ people that pay well, it doesn’t mean you aren’t smart if you choose one of these as your main job. Not everyone is cut out for a business career or office job that requires several years of college. Never be ashamed of a position that relies on hard work and common sense.

Many of these jobs are entry-level positions and may lead to better opportunities further down the road. Perks such as tips, employee benefits, and paid time off can make any of these jobs even more attractive, but these things are not guaranteed. If any of these perks are offered, it is at the employer’s discretion.

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